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Mitre saws are immensely useful tools. If you're in need of something to rapidly cut and process a load of timber. If you're fitting a kitchen or installing a staircase the range of cuts you can make with a mitre makes it an essential tool. Cordless tools are getting more and more popular, with battery technology booming and intelligent chips helping to get the most out of the motor they're increasingly an option for professional carpenters as well as those who like to tinker at home.

Years ago it would have been unthinkable that a mitre saw, with all its power, could be cordless. Yet today we've got a - growing - range for you to peruse.

Some important things to consider when going cordless are battery life and battery style - for instance, does the saw have a battery that is compatible with other tools for instance? As well as weight, size, and whether it has the potential to plug into the mains.

Dewalt DCS365N-XJ

DeWalt's DCS365N XJ is an 18 V compounding mitre saw perfect for fitting interiors, making furniture and you can take it anywhere! Weighing only 12kg and designed with integrated carry handles this attractive and practical saw is replete with features.

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This saw is highly compact, it has a footprint when open of 49cm by 59cm. Despite weighing 12kg the base is still made from solid, reassuring aluminium - some saws opt for a hard plastic table. Not the case here. The saw has two carry handles, that once unfolded extend the area for supporting your material.

The DeWalt has a wide-angled mitre, which runs in both left and right directions - 0 and 60° to the right and 0 and 50° to the left. The mitre and bevel adjustments have built-in 'detents' to quickly shift to commonly used angles. 

Instead of a laser, the DeWalt uses the company's patented XPS cutting line - this technology uses ultra-bright LEDs to cast a shadow cutting line. This doe snot need calibration like a laser does, and it tends to stand out better in daylight conditions. The LEDs show the drop shadow of the blade and illuminate the working area.

When the battery is getting low on the saw, the LEDs of the XPS Shadow System will start to flash, indicating you need to get to a charger. In terms of cutting time the battery lasts, generally, for about 250 cuts. There's no real compromise on cut quality on the mitre saw, even though it is battery powered, the motor can crank of 3750 rpm when unloaded and cut through timber and metals (with the correct blade).

The DeWalt takes blades which are 184mm in diameter, with a 16mm arbour. Included is a 40-Tooth HM saw blade.

What's disappointing is that there isn't a depth stop on the saw. This seems like a minor addition which would have been nice to have for ensuring consistency over a large number of cuts. One could argue that if you're making a lot of cuts, maybe you'd be using a corded, installed mitre saw somewhere - but that's a bit of a cop-out. DeWalt missed a simple trick there.

In terms of cutting depth, I'm pretty impressed. A straight 90-degree cut will go through 50mm, a fully maxed out 45-degree mitre cut will manage 35.3mm. As I say, this is a tool ideal for shop fitting and interior work, less of the heavy and thick stuff. If you do need to do some chunkier cuts, I just flip the piece over, job done.

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Dewalt DCS365N-XJ Features

  • XPS Shadow Line cutting technology works outside in the light
  • Excellent battery technology with interchangeable components
  • Bidirectional, wide-angled mitre range
  • Portable design with practical extensions

One can hook up the DeWalt to a bag or extraction system. This is done through the guise of DeWalt's AirLock adapter, sold separately. DeWalt, like Festool and Bosch, tend to have better extraction systems than the lesser-known brand names. Just big R&D budgets in action.

Dewalt DCS365N-XJ Technical Specifications

  • Voltage - 18 V
  • No-Load Speed - 3750 rpm
  • Battery Type - Li-Ion
  • Blade Size - 185 mm
  • Blade Arbour - 16 mm
  • Weight - 12kg
  • Cutting Depth (Straight) - 90 mm
  • Cutting Mitre Depth - 35.3 mm

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Ryobi R18MS216-0 One Plus

The Ryobi R18MS216 ONE+ is a cordless mitre saw with a great footprint and cutting capacity. It's made from quality materials, has a good cutting width as well as depth and a lovely lime green colour scheme - classic Ryobi.

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The Ryobi is a ONE+ model, meaning it fits into the battery stable of hundreds of Ryobi products. Most tools Ryobi sell in the ONE+ range are body-only, meaning you'ln need to look out for their starter kit, of a battery (or two) charger and the tool.

This 18 V version is compatible with everything from drills and reciprocating saws, to screwdrivers and hedge trimmers. When it comes to battery options, Ryobi recommends using a 4.0Ah battery to achieve the highest power and longest run time with the R18MS215-0 model.

The cordless sliding mitre can handle cuts of up to 270mm wide and 70mm deep, when running at a 90-degree, aka straight cut, this is ideal for floorboards or decking, just about any way. You might have to flip over some of the wider floorboards.

Ryobi have plugged into some commonly used mitre and bevel angles, which you can quickly switch through quickly to find your setting. The motor can whizz up to 3200 rpm when unloaded.

The saw takes a 216mm blade, it ships with a 48 tooth, tungsten carbide tipped - perfect for wood cutting. The thin kerf is ideal for tear-free cuts. If you're after cutting metal you'll need to find something with an arbour of 30mm.

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Ryobi R18MS216-0 One Plus Features

  • Part of the ONE+ range, the batteries are compatible with hundreds of other tools
  • Wide cutting ability - 270 mm - is perfect for floorboards and decking
  • Cuts deep - up to 70 mm - on a full mitre of 45 degrees
  • Weighs only 14kg
  • Has an awkward, but classic, mitre saw storage profile

On the sides are some extendable material supports. I'm not super keen on the rails themselves, but I do like that they slide away into the body for compact carrying. Although unlike the previously reviewed DeWalt the overall size and design of the Ryobi there is little to fold away. It sort of sits like an awkward mountain at times.

Weighing only 14kg, you'll be able to move it about quite easily, even if it does have a less-than-perfect storage profile. At least the cutting surface is top-notch. Made from premium die-cast aluminium, the base is nicely aligned and perfect for accurate work.

Ryobi have an integrated laser for cutting guidance. Lasers are not my favoured way of ensuring accurate cuts. I like the DeWalt XPS Shadow more, but they're patented it! How can you pattern 'making a shadow'?

The Ryobi has excellent extraction abilities. The high-speed nozzle can crank out an airflow of 245 kilometres an hour - that's 150mph, almost as fast as a Category 5 hurricane. This goes into a bag or an extraction system.

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Ryobi R18MS216-0 ONE+ Conclusions

Ryobi's cordless sliding mitre is a powerful battery-powered beast. It can handle deep cuts, mitre and straight, not many mitre, even corded, can boast that they retain the depth whatever the angle.

Ryobi's ONE+ system is extensive, and their batteries are well regarded. Ryobi is a company which are generally considered consumer, but increasingly they're being used on sites and professionally. For the price tag, and the capabilities, they're definitely going in on the professional market here. As a shopfitting tool or kitchen installation aid, the Ryobi is ideal. But for DIY it works a treat too.

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Ryobi R18MS216-0 ONE+ Technical Specifications

  • Power - 18 V
  • Bevel Capacity Right - 45 degrees
  • Blade Diameter - 216 mm
  • Blade Arbour - 30 mm
  • Maximum cut capacity (45-degree bevel) - 48 mm x 270 mm
  • Maximum cut capacity (45 degree mitre) - 70 mm x 185 mm
  • Mitre capacity (left / right) - 50° - 50°
  • No-Load Speed - 3200 rpm
  • Weight - 14.8kg

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Makita DLS110PT2

Makita is a true leader in the power tool game. Their tools come in a distinctive teal-y blue, and are highly south after. For extreme cutting power, torque and durability a Makita cordless mitre saw is near unbeatable. One should be on everyone's (Christmas, birthday, wedding, divorce) wish list.

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This machine is based on the LS1019 mains powered mitre saw, it uses similar blades - the blade is 260 mm, putting it on the larger side of average for a cordless mitre saw, similar dimensions and a similar motor. For the record, the blade is 260 mm in diameter, and it has the common arbour size of 30 mm - so you won't be pushed for choice in that department.

The power comes from not one, but two 18 V lithium-ion batteries. So this is a 36 V tool, not really an 18 V baby. These power a brushless motor - which dishes out excellent revolutions per minute, but not as many revolutions as in 2019 ha-ha. With all that power the Makita has a soft start system, you don't want this thing to go from 0 - 4400 rpm.

Those brushless motors will keep spinning for as long as the batteries keep going. There's no excessive heat to dissipate and the power is relentless. Thankfully there is an electrical brake to keep this spinning wheel reined in.

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Makita DLS110PT2 Features

  • Easily adjustable bevel and mitre locks
  • Deep cuts all the way through the angle range
  • A super-powerful, cordless 36 V mitre saw
  • Large working base
  • Intelligent features to prevent unnecessary wear and tear

Automatic Torque Drive Technology is used to intelligently alter cutting speed in relation to the load you're working with. These features are premium and reflect the quality of this machine. Plenty of cheap mitre saws will let you have at it until the safety threshold is reached, but the Makita goes a bit further - like DeWalt and Bosch tend to - in making sure the machine won't get overworked or overloaded.

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There's a really wide mitre range on the Makita. One of the widest we've ever reviewed. A full 60-degrees in both left and right directions. The bevel range is impressive too, at 48 degrees in both directions. These wide angles are backed up by consistently deep and wide cuts - no disappointments here.

You're able to hook up the DLS110 to a provided dust bag or your preferred dust extraction system of choice.

Using the bevel and mitre is very simple. There are preset angles ready for you to lock into, and the one-touch sliding lock is very precise. The front knob is perfectly placed for fast bevel adjustments.

On the side of the Makita are some rails for holding workpieces. The position of their deployment, and the design of the sliding compound arm, mean you can place the Makita very close to wall - ideal for saving space. Keep in mind, that although this is a cordless mitre saw, this is a very heavy bit of kit.

Weighing in at 27.3kg, you won't be throwing this about as easily as the DeWalt or Ryobi.

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Makita DLS110PT2 Conclusions

The DLS110 is a superb cordless mitre saw. The combined power of two 18 V batteries unleash a hell of a lot of power - and they do it in a safe, controlled manner thanks to Makita's internal computational workings. The slow start feature will preserve the mechanism, the automatic torque drive will help you cut through anything and the electric brake is there to keep your fingers on.

The downside is the weight, at least you'll get even stronger if you have to carry this thing about.

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Makita DLS110PT2 Technical Specifications

  • Voltage - 36 V (2 x 18 V)
  • Blade Size - 260 mm
  • Blade Arbour - 30 mm
  • No Load Speed - 4400 rpm
  • Maximum Mitre Range - 60-degrees left and right
  • Maximum Bevel Range - 48-degrees left and right
  • Weight - 27.3kg

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Dewalt DCS365N

Dewalt's DCS365N is an 18V 184mm cordless mitre saw with two 4.0Ah DCB182 batteries and a multi-battery charger.

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The DCS365N is an older member of the DCS range. Although older, the mitre is still highly sought after and well up for tackling any job you can through at it. Ideal for shop-fitting, kitchen installations, laying flooring or rigging up some decking, the DCS365N has a swingeing bevel and mitre which will happily run for over 250 cuts.

The DCS365N is one of DeWalt's finest mitre saws. And it is cordless. The DCS365N is extremely hardy and durable. The maximum no-load speed of the saw is 3750 rpm, it runs best through a 4.0Ah battery, as is provided.

DeWalt have double insulated the motor, and fan-cooled it. This might seem like overkill, but brush motors exert forces other than the rotational, they need keeping in position to keep turning properly. Hence the heat control measures.

This is a brushed motor, and it comes with a set of replacements for when you've laid your many floorings. You can get up to, sometimes over, 250 cuts per charge of the battery.

he integrated XPS Shadow Line technology will ensure you're cutting straight. Instead of a laser guiding the blade, LEDs cast a shadow. This is preferable to a laser in many conditions that aren't darkness. The XPS system never needs adjusting, unlike a laser.

The LEDs will also flash as a low battery warning. Time to plug one into the included Quick Multi-Charger device and keep cutting.

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Dewalt DCS365N Features

  • Cuts hundreds of times per charge
  • Wide bevel and mitre capacity that doesn't compromise cutting depth
  • Dust extraction sucks like a whirlpool
  • Fan-cooled and insulated motor casing
  • XPS shadow cutline never needs calibrating

About those bevels and mitres- the angles are preset for super-fast changing between the grades. You can dial in specifics if you're cutting something non-standard, but 90% of the time you're going to be happy with the detents.

If you're going refined - the mitre adjusts between 0 and 60-degrees to the right and 0 to 50-degrees to the left.

Dust extraction is taken care of through the AirLock port, you can stick a bag on this or plug it into your vacuum cleaner, we didn't have any issues with this feature on softwood or hardwood.

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Dewalt DCS365N Conclusions

The DCS365N is an older model, but no less powerful or capable than its descendants and relatives in the DeWalt range. This is a brushed motor, which should be considered before purchasing. You'll be able to replace parts easier, but you will be running more heat through the machine as a whole.

I really liked the cutting power and the cutting capacity, this wasn't significantly reduced when using the full range of the bevel or combinations of the mitre and the bevel. This isn't great for large jobs, but for interiors, I can't see much work that cannot be completed with the DCS365N.

Dewalt DCS365N Technical Specifications

  • Cuts per charge:
    • Softwood 75 x 50mm - 200
    • MDF skirting 18 x 119 mm - 320
  • Cutting Capacity at 90°/90° (W x H): 250 x 50 mm
  • Cutting Capacity at 45°/90° (W x H): 176 x 50 mm
  • Cutting Capacity at 90°/45° (W x H): 250 x 35 mm
  • Max. Cutting Capacity at 45° / 45°: 176 x 35 mm
  • Dust bag
  • Saw blade
  • 2 x 4.0 Ah DCB182 Batteries
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Charger Multi-Voltage

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Dewalt DCS365M2

A slightly older version of the DCS365 is the M2 iteration. This 18V mitre saw is built around a 65mm fan-colour brush motor. There's a lot of power being dished out, this mitre is perfect for any and all shop fitting or interior carpentry needs, like skirting boards and floorboards cutting and processing.

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The brush motor is easily replaced and repaired, it can put out 3750 rpm when unloaded, and swing around through a wide bevel and mitre. This is a very similar mitre saw to the other models we've covered in this guide. There is a 0 to 48-degree mitre on the left and the right and a bevel of 0 to 60 degrees on the left and 0 to 50 degrees on the left.

There are a range of preset angles, or detents, which are easily switched between.

The blade on the DCS365M2 is 184mm in diameter. You can cut accurately with DeWalt's XPS Shadowline system, LED lights cast a shadow on the blade and show the drop line. These lights also do a good job of illuminating the work area itself - as a bonus, they flash to tell you when you should change and charge the battery.

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Dewalt DCS365M2 Features

  • Beefy 3750 rpm no load speed
  • 250 cuts per charge - more when cutting thinner materials
  • Wide angled bevels and mitres with preset detents
  • Dust control through an AirLock system

The dual fence gives great support when working with large pieces, and the horizontal rails will keep things steady as they get processed. DeWalt's base is made from die-cast aluminium and is accurate to the millimetre- unlike cheaper, less rigorously made machines.

A dust control AirLock port lets you attach a bag or vacuum to the back of the mitre saw, keeping away any airborne nasties.

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Dewalt DCS365M2 Conclusions

DeWalt's DCS365M2 is a great choice for professional shopfitters or kitchen makers. The power and capacity are large enough to deal with skirting boards and cabinet-thickness materials. Although you might wish for more cutting yawn, the other option is to flip over pieces and work in reverse. This is easily done on the DeWalt as it has a sturdy, stable base and long supporting fences, arms and rails.

Dewalt DCS365M2 Technical Specifications

  • Cuts per charge:
    • Softwood 75 x 50 mm - 200
    • MDF skirting 18 x 119 mm - 320
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity at 90° / 90° (W x H): 250 x 50 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity at 45° / 90° (W x H): 176 x 50 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity at 90° / 45° (W x H): 250 x 35 mm
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity at 45° / 45°: 176 x 35 mm
  • Blade speed: 3750 rpm
  • Blade diameter 184 mm
  • Blade bore: 16 mm
  • Bevel capacity: 48 degrees
  • Mitre capacity (right/left): 45 / 45 degrees
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Depth: 590mm
  • Length: 490mm
  • Height: 590mm

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Makita DLS713RFE

Another one of Makita's cordless sliding mitre saws is the DLS713RFE, sometimes you do wish for a catching name like Evolution give out to their tools. But then you remember how good a Makita tool is and all is forgotten.

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The DLS is an extremely portable and compact mitre saw, perfect for taking to the site or working in homes which might be on the smaller side. The 18 V lithium-ion battery powers a 190mm diameter blade through woods up to 52mm thick and 300mm wide.

The motor will push out 2200 rpm, not the fastest revs we've encountered, but it does have some excellent torque management. This is still within the ideal parameters for laying flooring or installing staircases.

The compounding mitre and bevel angles are very wide and they do not lose their cutting depth when at full tilt. The mitre goes up to 57 degrees in both left and right directions, and the bevelling runs up to 45 degrees. This convenient tool is not only flexible, but it is safe and strong.

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Makita DLS713RFE Features

  • Highly portable design and weight for job and site conditions
  • Length support railings
  • Accurate cutting range through the mitre and bevel angles
  • Deep, fast cuts of hard and softwood
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Lightning-quick charge times

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There is an electrical brake system, which slows down when you're giving it too much welly. There are anti-vibration mechanisms at play too. Four short steel poles with ball bearings make up the arm, which is connected to a durable aluminium cutting table. The multiple arms reduce vibration quite noticeably, letting you focus on making cuts and keeping your hands safe from strains.

Makita's batteries charge up in 22 minutes, which is about the right amount of time required for a brew and a biscuit.

Makita DLS713RFE Conclusions

Makita tools are well known for their power and performance. This cordless mitre saw might have a hefty price tag, but it will last for years and years. The range of cut stays strong through all the bevel and mitre angles - I especially like the anti-vibration technologies in the arm, and most of all the insanely quick charge times.

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Makita DLS713RFE Technical Specifications

  • Blade Diameter  - 190 mm (7 1/2")
  • Bore Diameter -  20 mm
  • Max Mitre Range - 45° to 57°
  • Max Bevel Range - 45° to 5°
    • at 90° 52 x 300 mm
    • at 45° 52 x 212 mm
  • No-load Speed - 2200 rpm
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 655 mm x 430 mm x 454 mm
  • Net Weight - 12.7kg
  • Voltage-  18V

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Cord or no cord? Battery farmed or plugged in?

If you're looking for cordless tools, you've got to consider buying within the same brand. The range of cross-compatible batteries and tools is growing. It's one reason to buy a more recently released tool, as they're the ones taking advantage of the leaps in battery technology. However for those reticent to adopt early, there are still plenty of corded tools out there. Their power and performance, and sheer reliability is unlikely to be surpassed by cordless tools just yet, so they're worth keeping in mind as a practicality.


I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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