Metabo BS12PRO Cordless Drill

The Metabo brand isn’t the most popular of brands out there but with the release of their BS12PRO Cordless Drill (VIEW PRICE HERE!) will certainly make them more popular among tradesmen. The Metabo BS12PRO Cordless Drill offers users a powerful experience that not only gets the job done efficiently, but it gets it done professionally. The inner two stage gearbox can deliver up to 28Nm of hard torque at speeds of 1300RPM, which will easily screw in the longest of screws into the toughest of materials. This Metabo BS12PRO is one of the most powerful drills on the market today and is quickly becoming a popular power tool among thousands of tradesmen worldwide.

Metabo Cordless Drill Review 2015 - 2016This cordless drill provides users with not only a lot of power to get the job done quickly, but it also has many other features such as the removable 10mm chuck and the quick change angle attachment that lets users drill in areas where space is limited. The Metabo battery packs are well-known to last thanks to their electronic single cell protection and overload prevention so if you are looking for a cordless drill that is going to last for hours upon hours this Metabo BS12PRO could be the one you’re looking for.

This cordless drill has received numerous positive reviews about its compact design and lightweight structure which makes handling much more comfortable. You can be sure you are going to be in full control of any application thanks to the easy grip this drill design provides and along with the long battery life and other features this drill has makes it a contender for one of the most powerful and lightweight cordless drills around. Have a look at some of the features this drill provides its users:

  • Quick change angle attachment – The quick angle attachment supplied with this drill makes drilling in areas where space is limited much easier. A lot of people that have purchased this drill have said they wouldn’t have been able to complete multiple projects without the additional angle attachment this drill provides.
  • Compact and lightweight – This compact drill is packed with many features but it is still very lightweight and only weighs 3.7kg.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries – This drill provides users with the lithium-ion battery technology which makes the overall structure light and compact. It also means users are able to go about their jobs for hours upon hours thanks to the amazing charge these batteries are able to hold.
  • LED light – The LED light integrated into this model will ensure working in darker areas is possible thanks to its bright features.
  • Electronic single cell protection – The electronic single cell protection technology ensures the drill doesn’t overload during its use for prolonged periods. It also has a handy shut off feature that will come into play if the drill starts to overheat.
  • Two stage gearbox – The powerful two stage gearbox component inside of this drill ensures maximum torque power at 28Nm and maximum speeds of 1300RPM.
  • Removable chuck – The removable 10mm chuck will allow users to drill up to 22mm in soft wood which is much more than its competitors.
  • Smaller battery packs – This Metabo product is well-known for the size of its batteries because they are very small when compared with the likes of Makita. This makes the whole design a lot lighter and it still holds as much charge as any other model in its market.
  • Drive hundreds of screws in one charge – The battery charge this product provides is amazing and can provide users with the ability to drive up to 500 screws in one charge.

The Metabo brand is definitely becoming more and more popular in the power tools industry thanks to the overall design of products such as the BS12PRO Cordless Drill. They know a thing or two when it comes to cordless drills and with their battery technology that is lightweight and longer lasting means this cordless drill is very hard to compete with in the current market. This product was available to buy in 2012 and is still one of the most powerful drills around which just goes to show its excellent technology. Consumers are still adding this cordless drill to their own toolboxes to this day and if you are looking for a cordless drill that isn’t going to bow down to any drilling challenge in front of it, consider adding the Metabo BS120PRO Cordless Drill to your toolbox.


Features: Long lasting battery life – 10mm removable chuck – LED light

Pricing: Mid-Range