How To Use Bosch Rotary Laser Level? Learn Here!

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What Is Bosch Rotary Laser Level?

A Bosch rotary laser level is an indispensable tool for anyone who works with their hands. It’s also known as a “handyman’s tool” because it helps you measure angles and heights quickly and easily.

A rotary laser level is a device that is used for measuring the slope of various surfaces. This can make horizontal and vertical measurements.

While they are most commonly used to make levels, they can also measure distance, find centers of circles, and lay out circular objects.

Bosch rotary laser levels are used to make straight lines on the surface you’re working on. The laser vertical beam displays on the receiver, on the same plane as the laser.

An additional mirror on the receiver allows the laser beam to be reflected along the length of the receiver.

In this article, we’ll talk about what exactly a rotary laser level is, its pros, cons, and uses.

Here’s how to use Bosch's rotary laser level

Bosch self leveling rotary laser level is great for many tasks requiring a straight line. The cross beam comprises a tiny red dot laser and a crosshair.

The crosshair is a small laser plane. The size of the layout beam is around a centimeter.

To use a Bosch rotary laser level, you need to adjust the height. First, set the base of the rotary laser level on a plane or level surface, then adjust the height of the instrument.

Normally, the laser plane is positioned on the highest emission area of the laser beam.

The Bosch rotary laser level can install a baseboard or a blind slat, to set a picture or a mirror, or to level a TV or a piece of furniture.

The laser beam emitted by the Bosch laser level is visible at night (up to 50 m) and during the day (up to 30 m).

How do you set up a Bosch rotating laser level?

Setting up a wired version:

The first step in setting up your level will depend on which type of system you have. If you’re using a wired version of the product, then follow these steps:

1. Connect the power cord from the wall or battery pack into the base unit via the AC plug. The red wire goes into the positive pole while the black wire connects to ground.

2. Plug one end of the leveling cable into the connector at the top right corner of the base unit.

Note: Some models may require two different connectors depending on how many cables you connect at once. Be sure to read the manual before connecting any wires.

3. Plug the other end of the leveling rotary laser kit cable into the second connector near the middle of the bottom edge of the base unit.

4. Turn on the unit by pressing the Power button until the green light turns orange. Once it presses OK to confirm.

Setting up a wireless version:

If you’ve purchased a wireless model, then follow these simple steps instead:

Connect the transmitter to the charging dock station, and then insert the laser receiver into the base unit, following the same directions above. 

Plug the transmitter into the USB port on the rear panel of the base unit, while leaving the receiver plugged into the charger. Pressing the POWER button should turn on the transmitter.

Once the LED indicator turns blue, remove the transmitter from the computer and place it next to the receiver.

Turn off the base unit by holding down the ON/OFF switch. After turning it back on, wait for the LED indicators to show it is ready. When all LEDs are lit, press OK to complete setup.

To change between modes, simply hold down the Mode Switch button and select the desired mode.

You can access more information on each function through the user’s guide provided when purchasing the item.

Are Bosch Rotary laser levels any good?

Bosch Rotary laser levels feature a durable and lightweight housing that is resistant to water and dust. The lens is scratch- and dust-resistant and is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery.

Yes, they are very popular because they provide instances accuracy results with minimal effort. You don’t even need to measure out every inch.

Just point and shoot. They also come in handy when measuring odd angles and corners, as well as cutting lines across walls and ceilings.

They work best if there’s no obstruction that blocks the path of the self leveling laser beam. So keep away from windows, doors and anything else that could block the vertical laser path.

Also, make sure not to stand too close to the device. This would cause multiple beams rather than just one beam.

And finally always check the guidelines posted on the packaging. It’ll tell you where to position them so you won’t damage them.

Benefits of Bosch quality rotary laser level 

  • An impressive range of applications, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, painting & drywall installation.
  • Portable units that weigh less than 5 lbs make them easy to carry anywhere–even with rotary laser tool.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display shows current measurement and elevation angle.
  • Automatic shutoff feature prevents accidental operation.
  • Battery operated systems provide reliable performance without cords or external power sources.
  • No special skills required - just point and shoot!
  • Compatible with most standard drill bits.
  • Operates easily under tough conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and debris.
  • Lightweight design makes them ideal for outdoor projects.


  • Bosch Rotary lasers use batteries so if there’s no electricity available, they won’t operate. Make sure you know where you’ll be installing the device before ordering this part.
  • They don’t come cheap. Depending on what features you want, prices start around $200. You might find cheaper ones, but remember you get what you pay for.
  • Some people argue their laser doesn’t always work straight out of the box because it takes time to calibrate properly.
  • There are also some complaints about quality control issues with certain models. Read reviews carefully to see if this affects you too.
  • The best way to avoid problems is to buy your green lasers from allowed dealers like Amazon. But if you’re not happy with what you bought online, return within 30 days for an exchange or refund.
  • If you bought one from another retailer, contact customer service first to resolve any issue.


There are several reasons to buy a Bosch rotary level, including good quality, durability and consistent leveling accuracy. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to get a warranty for problems that occur within two years.

The Bosch rotary leveling laser level can be used for both inside and outside projects, and is perfect for the do-it-yourself person.

If you want an impressive rotary laser level from a more trusted brand, you can get a more expensive Bosch product.

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