How To Drill A Door Knob Hole? Learn It Here!

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Do You Need A Drill To Install A Door Knob?

Doors are an integral part of home design. They allow people in and out of their homes easily, and if you want to keep your doors looking new, there are several ways you can get the job done.

One way to improve the appearance of your door knobs is to install them correctly. While this may sound intimidating, there are tools you can use to make the process easier.

Yes, you will need a drill to install and make a door knob hole. Door handles are installed on the inside, which requires a drill to open the door.

In this article, I’ll show you the steps on how to drill a door knob hole and advantages of using a drill to make it.

How to Drill New Door Knob Holes?

For those who want to drill a hole in a door knob jig or specialty item such as a mason jar or bottle opener, the m2 dia. bit is the preferred solution.

Its small diameter makes it very versatile and you’ll want to purchase the best quality, high-quality m2 dia bit you can afford.

Steps to drill a door knob hole jig:

Step 1: Prep work before drilling

Before beginning any project, make sure everything is clean and dry. Use cleaning products specifically designed for surfaces made of steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

To drill a door knob hole, you will need:

  • A Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Drill bit holder
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill bit holder
  • Screw
  • Door knob,
  • An edge
  • Hammer,
  • Pencil

Step 2: Using a drill, make sure you are in an area with enough stability to prevent the drill head from wobbling during the process. 

Step 3: Turn the handle so that the back side faces up. Using a pencil mark where the centerline should be placed. This helps when installing the screw later on.

Step 4: Place the tip of the drill into the hole at the top of the beautiful door knob. Slowly turn the dial until the bottom of the drill center bit touches the floor.

Step 5: Holding the drill firmly against the surface, slowly rotate the drill to create a smooth circular opening.

If you have trouble creating a perfect circle, try using different sized holes for knobs first. Once you find one size works well, continue making additional holes around the perimeter.

Step 6: Once finished, remove the drill and reattach the handle. Add more screws to secure the gorgeous glass knob assembly.

You now have a perfectly drilled door knob!

Advantages of using a Drill to make Door Knob Hole

A Drill is a powerful tool with a variety of uses; it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as changing locks and making door knobs and handles.

Drill bits and drill sets come with different bits and distinct sets of drill bits.

The benefits of using a drill for this type of work are:

  • The hole is pre-punched to make it easy to drill.
  • The hole is aligned with the door jamb as it is being drilled.
  • Drill does not require a substantial amount of force.
  • The hole is larger than a Saw, which could break the wood.
  • Drill will not leave a hole in the jamb as it is being drilled.

What to consider?

If you’re thinking about installing or replacing doorknobs for your front entryway, it’s important that you understand what holes those knobs have before doing any drilling work.

The holes vary based on whether they’re mounted on interior or exterior doors; they also depend on where the handle goes.

When choosing between different styles of doorknob hardware, such as mortise locks versus lever style locks, consider these factors:

  • Whether you prefer traditional-style, antique-look keys or modern keyless technology.
  • How much space you have available for mounting the hardware.
  • Your preference for security features like deadbolt functionality or pull-type levers.

Final Thoughts

The drill really does a great job on those wood door handles, as well as those metal cabinet handles.

I would recommend this to those who want their drill to perform those tough drilling jobs, as well as those who just want a convenient tool to have at their disposal.


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