Ryobi RWSL1801M ONE + Cordless Circular Saw

The Ryobi brand is very popular among tradesmen around the globe these days thanks to the quality and long lasting products they provide their users. Should you currently be on the lookout for a cordless circular saw, the Ryobi RWSL1801M Cordless Circular Saw (VIEW PRICE HERE!) could be the answer to your cutting requirements as it provides a lot of features to make the experience a lot quicker and much more precise. This Ryobi circular saw is perfect for those looking to cut through floorboards or wood decking planks as it has a 45mm cutting depth which is plentiful for cutting through thick wooden materials.

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Circular Saw Review 2015 - 2016This Ryobi circular saw has an 18V powered motor so you can be sure that it can cut through some of the toughest assignments you throw its way and along with the many benefits this product provides its users makes sure it’s done quickly and precisely. There aren’t many other circular saws out there that can provide as much power and accurate cutting technology as this particular Ryobi circular saw and with the price tag it comes at makes it excellent value for money. One of the best features this circular saw provides its users is the thin blade technology that is presented with it, it makes cutting a lot quicker and easier and it doesn’t use as much power or drain the battery as much as a lot of the other circular saws on the market.

Have a look at some of the other features the Ryobi RWSL1801M Cordless Circular Saw provides its users and you will quickly see why it’s one of the best circular saws on the market:

  • Spindle lock – The spindle lock is a common feature among circular saws these days and that’s because they provide users with the ability to quickly and safely change blades without the use of additional tools.
  • Large cutting depth – A large cutting depth of 45mm at 90 degrees and 32mm at 45 degrees ensure users are able to cut straight through floorboards and decking planks with no fuss.
  • Bevel cutting – Cutting bevels is achievable with this circular saw thanks to its adjustable cutting angle. Users are able to cut bevel edges up to 50 degrees which is a lot more than most standard cordless circular saws in its market.
  • Laser technology – The laser technology introduced into this circular saw will let users cut much more accurately and provides much cleaner cuts.
  • Ergonomic handle – An ergonomic designed handle is integrated with this design to make sure users are comfortable during use and are in complete control of any application.
  • Compact & lightweight – All of these features are jam packed into a compact design that is lightweight and only weighs 2.5kg, which is a lot lighter than some of its bigger competitors! You can be sure of a comfortable experience that isn’t going to strain your joints or make you feel fatigued during long periods of use.
  • Dust bag attachable – Users will be able to attach a dust bag of their choosing to this circular saw that will suck up all of the dust and create a cleaner and safer working environment.

This Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw will provide anyone using it with one of the best cutting experiences thanks to its powerful motor and thin blade technology. It provides a lot of power for something that is so compact and lightweight and it can go head to head with some of the toughest materials out there. With all of the features this Ryobi product provides makes it one of the best circular saws out there and with the integration of laser technology makes this circular saw fantastic value for money. There aren’t many circular saws out there that can provide as much power in such a lightweight design and if you are looking for an affordable cutter that isn’t going to strain your joints during long uses, then this affordable Ryobi cordless circular saw will provide you with that exact experience. You aren’t just paying for a great circular saw either, you are also paying for the great brand in Ryobi so you know you are going to get a product that is going to last.


Features: Laser technology – Ergonomic handle – 50 degree bevel

Pricing: Affordable