What Is The Difference Between Red And Green Laser Levels?

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A laser level has two different uses. The first is to measure distance. It does this using a beam of light. A laser level also measures angles.

When used for measuring distances, a laser level is known as a rangefinder. Laser ranges are measured in feet and inches.

For example, if you want to measure the length of an object, you would use a laser level.

When used for angle measurement, a laser level is called an inclinometer. An inclinometer is used to measure vertical angles.

The main difference between green laser level and red laser product is that they have different wavelength. Green lasers emit at 532nm while Red lasers emits at 650 nm.

Green laser products can be more expensive than red ones because it requires special equipment to produce them.

However, there are many advantages with having a green laser over a red one. For instance, green lasers do not require any filters or lenses which makes them easier to maintain.

Green vs red beam laser level

The laser beam today have many uses and functions. They are widely used by professionals who need accuracy when doing their work.

There are several types of laser beams available on the market today. Some of these include:

  • Laser Levels – These devices help us determine how far away something is from our position. This device helps us find out where we stand relative to other objects around us.
  • Inclination Meter – Inclination meter allows us to know whether an object is upright or upside down.

On the other hand this green and red laser level are very useful tools especially for those people who works outdoors.

They will allow you to see your surroundings clearly without being blinded by sunlight. You don’t even need to wear glasses since the laser beam doesn’t affect human eyesight.

This type of laser level is ideal for outdoor activities such as construction sites, landscaping projects, home improvement jobs, etc.

Green and red laser beam are both equal when it come to power output. Their output power are same but only differ in color.

Red laser beam is usually preferred by most users due to its high visibility compared to green laser beam. However, some people prefer green laser beam because it produces less heat.

If you are looking for a good quality laser level then I suggest buying a green laser level instead of a red one.

The green laser beam

Green beam lasers are very popular among homeowners due to its affordability. However, some may prefer the red laser beam instead.

If you choose to buy a green laser level, make sure that it comes with a battery backup system so that you won’t lose power during long hours of operation.

You should also consider buying a model that has a large display screen so that you can easily read the measurements displayed on it.

Green laser light : Battery strength and battery life

The battery capacity of a green laser level are much more powerful over the red laser level. Due to it's high-powered batteries, most models come with rechargeable batteries.

Some manufacturers offer replacement batteries for free but others charge extra fees for replacing the batteries.

Battery life depends on the size of the battery pack. If you plan to operate the laser level continuously for longer periods of time, then opt for larger batteries.

It is recommended that you replace the batteries every 6 months depending on usage.

The difference in performance between green and red laser beam is quite obvious. The former produces brighter lights compared to the latter.

The red laser beam

A red laser beam is usually preferred by professional users. It provides better visibility and contrast against dark backgrounds.

Most of the red laser levels use infrared technology unlike the green laser beam which uses visible wavelengths.

Infrared rays cannot penetrate through solid materials like wood, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, etc.

The extended visibility range makes them perfect for indoor applications.

Red laser levels are generally cheaper than green ones. But they do not provide any additional features except for color variations.

However, if you want to get one that offers multiple colors, then go ahead and purchase one.

Red laser light : Battery strength & battery life

The red laser level also have enormous battery life span and big battery voltage. Most of these types of laser levels require only two AA batteries to work properly.

But there are still some models available that requires four AAA batteries.

As mentioned earlier, the battery life varies based on the size of the batteries used. So, if you plan to operate the device for long durations, then opt for bigger batteries.

Also, keep in mind that the smaller the battery, the faster it drains.

Which has more high levelling accuracy?

The green and red laser beam has almost the same in providing exact accuracy and leveling results. Both produce accurate readings even when placed at different heights from each other.

So, both will be suitable for your needs.

For outdoor visibility range both green and red laser level can perform well as their beams pass through trees, bushes, grasses, etc.

In case of an emergency situation where you need to measure something quickly without wasting too much time, then a green or red laser level would be ideal.

Both lasers are equally effective in measuring distances up to 100 feet. However, the red laser beam tends to fade away after reaching this distance.

This means that you may miss out on certain measurement details while using the red laser beam.

And for indoor visibility range, the green laser beam performs better because its wavelength does not affect objects made of non-transparent material such as walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, etc.

Also, the green laser beam penetrates deeper into surfaces making it easier to read measurements accurately.

What are the other types of green and red laser beam?

  • 20-30 ft and green lasers
  • Green cross line laser
  • lower-cost red line laser
  • Professional red line laser


Both green and red laser levels are great choices for both residential and commercial purposes. But there are certain factors that you must take into consideration before making your decision.

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