What Is The Advantage Of A Green Laser Over A Red Laser? Read Here!

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A green laser level has a longer wavelength than a red laser, which means it can be used for more accurate measurements.

A green laser also produces less heat and therefore does not damage materials as much as a red laser.

Why Use a Laser Level?

Laser levels are very useful tools that help you measure angles accurately. They come in many different sizes to suit your needs.

You may need one if you're working on construction projects or laying out new flooring. If you have an existing project where you want to make sure everything lines up perfectly, then you'll definitely benefit from using a laser level.

Furthermore, they work well with other measuring devices such as tape measures and protractors. This makes them great multipurpose tools!

In addition, laser levels allow you to see exactly what's going on at any given moment without having to move around too much. It allows you to get a better view of things while keeping yourself safe.

Hence, when choosing between a red laser level and a green laser level, go for the latter because it will give you levelling accuracy and safety.

What are some advantages to using a green laser instead of a red one?

The main reason why you would use a green laser option in place of a red one is that they produce less heat when compared with their respective wavelengths. This allows them to work on different types of material without damaging or melting them.

  • It can be used in any light conditions.
  • It has a longer range than the red ones.
  • They are less expensive than the red ones.

When to Use a Green Laser

If you plan on doing a lot of woodworking, carpentry, or home improvement projects, then you should consider investing in a green laser level. These kinds of jobs usually involve cutting through hard surfaces like concrete, tile, stone, brick, etc., so you'd do best by getting a green laser level. 

You could also use this tool to check whether something is straight before installing it on another surface. For example, if you were building shelves, you might find it easier to install them correctly if you first checked how straight they were.

You Could Also Use It To Measure Angles:

Another good application for a green laser level is checking the angle of walls and ceilings. When you build homes, offices, or even furniture, you often need to know the exact height of certain objects. By using a laser product, you can easily determine the correct heights of these items.

This way, you won't waste time trying to figure out the right measurement manually. Instead, you can just take a quick look at the laser level and quickly calculate the required dimensions.

How To Choose Between Green And Red Lasers

Choosing between green and red lasers requires careful thought. Both models perform differently depending on various factors.

Below, we've listed several important considerations so that you can decide whether a green laser or a red laser would suit your needs best.

Output Power: This refers to the amount of light produced by the laser. In general, green lasers produce less light than red lasers do. But there are exceptions like the Nitecore G3S which emits 3W of power.

Range: How far away does the laser reach? Some lasers cover large areas whereas others focus on pinpointing objects.

Battery Life: What happens after all those hours of usage? Do you need to recharge every day? Or can you just plug it into a wall socket once in a while? You need to consider the battery strength and battery run time.

Price: Does the cost difference matter to you? If yes, then consider buying a cheap green laser pointer. However, keep in mind that low prices often mean poor-quality products. You may end up with a product that doesn't function properly.

Safety Features: Safety comes at a premium these days. Make sure that the laser has safety measures such as auto shut-offs and beam shaping technology. These features ensure that no harm comes to anyone who gets too close to the laser.

Which Laser Is Better - Green vs Red

The answer to this question will depend on what kind of use you plan to put the laser through.

Here are some examples of when one type of laser shines above another:

When using a laser pointer indoors, green laser light is preferable since it won’t cause damage to anything around you. A red laser temperature could potentially burn someone nearby.

A green beam laser is ideal for outdoor activities. Since it only covers small distance measurement, people wouldn’t be able to see it from afar unless they use a laser detector. On the other hand, a red laser would have wider distance requirements and a brighter laser. So, if you were playing sports outdoors, you'd probably prefer a red laser.

In case you're planning to play laser tag games, both types of lasers work well. They'll allow you to aim accurately even though you're wearing protective gear.

The disadvantage of Green laser level vs Red laser level

Green color laser don't emit much light. Therefore, they require more battery capacity compared to their counterparts. Also, they aren't very bright light. Hence, you might not notice them unless you get really close to them or use a laser detector.

Furthermore, most green laser beams come equipped with infrared laser sights. It's designed to block any visible light emitted by the laser. As a result, you won't be able to spot the laser while looking directly at it.

Plus, green laser technology tends to cost more than red ones. The reason behind this is because manufacturers make more money selling high-end equipment.

So, before making a purchase, think about how many times you intend to use the laser. Will you be using it frequently? Are you going to take it outside regularly? Would you want something portable? All these questions should help you determine which model suits your needs better.


If you want to buy a laser level, make sure that you choose wisely based on the aforementioned criteria. The most suitable model depends on how you intend to use it. For example, if you plan to use it for indoor visibility range, go for a green laser. If you want something powerful but compact, choose a green laser. Otherwise, go for a red laser because it offers better visibility. The choice depends entirely on how you intend to use the device.

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