How To Adjust Laser Level?

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Laser levels are used for measuring objects, such as walls, floors, ceilings, pipes, etc. They are usually installed on a tripod stand and adjusted using a bubble level.

If they are not properly aligned, then they could be off by several degrees which would affect accuracy.

The first step is to ensure that the tripod is level.

Next, check that the bubble level is perpendicular to the surface that needs to be measured.

Finally, zero out the bubble level by adjusting the "zero" mark. This process should only take a few minutes.

When adjusting laser level do it carefully so you don't damage anything or yourself.

For self-leveling model all you have to do is set up your tripod in an area where there's no obstructions and use the leveling feature of the software.

How can I get my laser level working?

You need to make sure that the laser beam from the laser pointer hits the target at right angles. If this isn’t happening, then the laser will bounce around inside the room instead of hitting the wall directly.

The type of wall and wall tile may also cause problems with the laser. For example, if the wall has a lot of texture then the laser won’t hit straight down but rather bounces around.

To fix this problem, try placing some tape over the spot where the laser beams come through the window.

The tape shouldn’t interfere with the light coming through the window itself. It just makes the laser more visible when looking into the room.

How to calibrate laser level?

Laser levels are used for measuring verticality, horizontality and depth. The first step is to set up the laser level on a flat surface.

Then, place a piece of wood, brick or metal on the laser level. Make sure the laser level is perpendicular to the wall and the wood, brick or metal is parallel to the floor.

Finally, use the laser level to measure the height of the wood, brick or metallic object.

And for framing walls, ceiling and other surfaces, follow these steps:

Step 1. Place the laser level on a horizontal surface.

Step 2. Adjust the laser level until its indicator line touches the top edge of the frame.

Step 3. Measure the distance between the bottom edge of the frame and the laser level.

Step 4. Repeat Steps 1–3 for each side of the frame.

Step 5. Add together the measurements taken along both sides of the frame.

For self-calibrating models, simply align the laser level with the centerline of the camera lens. Then, move the laser level back and forth across the image plane while taking pictures.

This way, the images will show how far away the laser level is from the centerline of the lens. You'll know exactly what adjustment needs to be made before proceeding any further.

Why you need to calibrate laser level?

Laser levels are used to measure the height of objects and create accurate drawings. The accuracy of the measurements is based on the calibration of the instrument.

Calibrating a laser level requires measuring the level from different distances, heights, and angles. A laser level should be calibrated at least once a year.

If you laser level is not calibrated, it could give inaccurate results. This means that you might end up building something taller than expected or using too much material.

What happens if I don't calibrate my laser level?

It depends on which kind of laser level you're using. Some lasers require frequent recalibration because they aren't very stable. Others work fine without being calibrated.

However, even though most laser pointers are designed to last several years, we recommend checking them every few months.

Some laser levels have an auto-recalibration feature. If your laser pointer doesn't automatically do so, check out our article about how to recalibrate a laser level.

You can find instructions in the manual or online.

In addition, there's no harm in doing it yourself. Just make sure you've got all the tools needed and take good care of the device.

Can you calibrate a laser level by yourself?

Yes, you can calibrate a laser level yourself using the laser level calibration tool from

All you need to do is enter an existing laser level into the software, and then click "calibrate". The software will analyze the level and tell you how to adjust it for accuracy.

How often does a laser level need to be calibrated?

The frequency of calibration varies depending on the type of laser level. For example, some laser levels come pre-calibrated. However, others may only need to be checked periodically.

We suggest checking your laser level monthly. It's also important to keep track of when you did this particular calibration. That way, you won't forget to perform another one later.

Laser level calibration service

There are many companies offering laser level calibration services. They usually charge around 50 pounds per hour.

Here are two examples:

1. Caliper Services offers free laser level calibration as well as other types of precision instruments such as micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, etc. Their website has more information.

2. Precision Instruments Incorporated, provides professional laser leveling equipment calibration services.

They offer three options:

  • Free Leveling Service - includes a full set of accessories including a tripod stand, bubble vial, spirit level, protractor, ruler, and a digital camera with a built-in flash unit.

You'll receive a certificate showing the exact adjustment required to bring your laser level back within tolerance.

  • Professional Leveling Service - includes everything listed above plus a certified technician who performs the adjustments.
  • Customized Leveling Service - allows you to choose any combination of accessories, technicians, and locations. 

How do you know if a laser level is accurate?

The best way to test if a laser level is working accurately is to place it on a flat surface and level it. If the laser beam remains horizontal when the leveling device is removed from the level, then the laser level is functioning properly.

If your laser level doesn't work correctly, try adjusting its settings until it works again. You might want to start at the lowest setting first.

Then move up through each setting until you reach the highest.

Can you tilt a laser level?

Yes, you can use a laser level to tilt a long beam of light to aim at a target. A laser level works by using an infrared laser diode, which emits light in the infrared range.

This means the laser level works well in dark conditions. Laser levels also come with a built-in bubble vial, which allows for accurate measurement of liquid volumes.

However, there are several drawbacks to using a laser level to measure liquids. First, most lasers have a maximum operating temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So they cannot operate in hot or cold environments. Second, because the laser operates in the infrared spectrum, it requires line of sight between the laser source and the detector.

In addition, the laser must remain stationary while measuring.

What determines the brightness of a laser?

A laser beam is made up of multiple wavelengths (colors) of light. Each wavelength has a specific frequency (or color), and the frequencies are separated from each other by a certain distance.

If you mix different wavelengths together, they will cancel out, resulting in a dimmer or darker beam.

For example, red light contains all the colors that make up white light. When mixed with blue light, the result is green light. The same thing happens when mixing yellow light with violet light.

When these colored lights are combined, their individual frequencies combine into one bright white light. This is why we see white light coming from a flashlight bulb.

Laser diodes emit only one single wavelength of light.

Laser level calibration cost

In UK, laser level calibration can cost you £50-£100 depending upon how much time you spend calibrating it.

There are some cheap services available but we don’t recommend them. We only recommend those that provide quality products and services.

Other pages if you're reading up on laser levels..


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