Best Cordless Mitre Saws – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Makita DLS714Z LED panel – Lightweight – Dust collection LED panel – Lightweight – Dust collection Lowest Price Here!

Dewalt DCS365N 18V XPS cutting system – Angle adjustable – 3750RPM Mid range Lowest Price Here!

Metabo KGS Sliding feature – Headlock handle – Laser cutter Affordable Lowest Price Here!

Top 3 Cordless Mitre Saws On The Market Compared

We’re heading towards that time when everything that used to only run on electricity can now be battery powered, and todays cordless mitre saws are no different. Mitre saws have been around for a while now and they are getting more powerful and much more feature rich with every new manufacturer release. There are many cordless mitre saws to choose from and they all offer their users a good cutting experience, but there are those out there that aren’t up to scratch and do not last long.

There are many points to consider before purchasing a cordless mitre saw, does it have sufficient warranty in case it breaks? Is the manufacturer an established company? Does it have all the features that will benefit me? Have a look at the following cordless mitre saws to see if any of them tickle your fancy, and have a look at the features they provide before making your decision.

Makita DLS714Z Review – Our Number 1

Makita DLS714Z ReviewMakita will always provide top quality products to their consumers so when you are looking at a product manufactured by Makita, you always know you are going to get something special to start with. Of course, buying a Makita product doesn’t come cheap but you always get what you pay for. If you have the funds to purchase a mitre saw from Makita, you may look towards the Makita DLS714Z Cordless Mitre Saw (lowest price here!). Have a look at the following features this mitre saw provides:

  • Highly powered – This Makita mitre saw has a 36V DC brushless motor which gives it the same amount of power a corded mitre saw would.
  • Dust collection – This mitre saw comes with a bag attachment that will collect a lot of the dust it expels which will keep the working area a lot clearer.
  • Easy to transport – This product is very lightweight when compared with other mitre saws and only weighs 20kg, so it can easily be transported.
  • LED panel – The LED panel will let the user see how much battery is left.

In conclusion this Makita Mitre Saw is the perfect mate if you are looking to cut materials throughout the day and on a daily basis. The battery lasts a long time so you can get on with what matters, work. It certainly isn’t the cheapest mitre saw product on the market but with the many features it comes with and the fact it’s a Makita product would make it a great buy for anyone serious about their tools.


Features: LED panel – Lightweight – Dust collection

Pricing: High-End

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Dewalt DCS365N 18V Review – Number 2

Dewalt DCS365N 18V ReviewThis mitre saw from Dewalt will ensure your materials are cut to perfection thanks to the XPS cutting system this product possesses. With 3750RPM you can be sure your materials are cut quickly and perfectly. If you are looking for a reliable cordless mitre saw to get on with your all important work, you may consider this product by Dewalt. Have a look at some of the features this mitre saw provides:

  • XPS cutting system – The XPS cutting technology will place a shadow line over the material you are cutting inline perfectly with the blade so you know exactly where you are going to cut without having to push the cutter down too much.
  • Low battery signals – You will be signalled by a flashing light when the battery is running low, but with over 250 cuts per battery charge you can be sure you are going to get a long use out of it before that happens.
  • Mitre angle adjustable – You will easily be able to adjust the mitre angle from left to right to ensure you are able to cut all the angles you need to.
  • 3750RPM – The 3750RPM is very quick for a battery powered mitre saw and it will provide just as much power as a corded one.

Dewalt has always had a good name for providing some of the best tools in the construction industry and this Dewalt Mitre Saw is carrying on that tradition. If you are looking for a reliable mitre saw that is going to do everything you need it to then this product should be considered.


Features: XPS cutting system – Angle adjustable – 3750RPM

Pricing: Mid range

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Metabo KGS Review – Number 3

Metabo KGS ReviewThe Metabo brand isn’t the most popular brand in the world when compared with Makita and Dewalt, but this cordless mitre saw has had many positive reviews thanks to its robustness and great cutting experience it provides. Have a look at some of the features this mitre saw provides:

  • Saw headlock handle – The saw is able to lock its head in the middle so it can be carried around with ease with one hand.
  • Laser cutter – This mitre saw has a laser which makes cutting not only a lot easier but also precise.
  • Lithium-Ion battery – This cordless mitre saw possesses a lithum-Ion battery which will provide battery power longer.
  • Sliding feature – This mitre saw is able to slide which makes it a lot easier to handle larger work areas.

This mitre saw by Metabo is quite expensive seeing as the brand isn’t that popular but it still does everything on the tin. If you are looking for a handy chop saw that is going to provide you with precise cutting on a daily basis, this mitre saw may be the one for you.


Features: Sliding feature – Headlock handle – Laser cutter

Pricing: Affordable

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The Makita DLS714Z Cordless Mitre Saw doesn’t come cheap and you are more or less paying for the name of the brand, but when you look at the features this product provides you will quickly see why it’s high-end and top of this list.

The other two mitre saws all have the quality to provide an excellent cutting experience but the Makita brand seem to be able to offer a much more reliable product, and one that is going to do all the things it says it will.

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