Lumberjack SCMS254DB Mitre Saw

Mitre saws are a versatile power tool that allows you to cut different materials at angles due to a spinning blade. They come in handy when you want to make quick and accurate cuts, for example, 45 degrees angled cuts for skirting boards. This makes it the perfect tool for making crosscuts, mitre cuts and bevel cuts which are helpful when working on both home projects and contracted work.

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10' Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V

What To Consider When Buying A Mitre Saw?

When it comes to the ever-growing market of mitre saws, manufactures use any selling point they can to convince their consumers to buy their saw. However, how can you know what mitre saw is right for you? First, it is important to understand that there are three different types of mitre saws. There is a standard mitre saw as already addressed, a compound mitre saw and also a sliding mitre saw.

A compound mitre saw will not only cut in a variety of angles like a mitre saw but will also tilt left. This allows the user to cut at two different angles, expanding the number of jobs your saw is capable of doing. This function is carried on in a sliding mitre saw. A sliding mitre saw also allows you move the blade head forwards and backwards, widening the length of wood you are able to cut.

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10' Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V

Although there are a couple of different types of mitre saw, there are a few key features to look out for regardless of what saw you are going to buy. We have put together an easy to follow list of things to keep an eye out for.

  • Safety features – Of course, the number one priority when planning to buy a mitre saw is safety. What precautions have the manufacturers taken in order to keep the user safe and how reliable are they?
    • Dust extraction – This is a big factor that will affect how safe the saw is to use. Like any other type of saw, a mitre saw will generate a lot of dust. As most people will be using their saw in a workshop or an enclosed space, it is very likely that the dust produced may get into your eyes, nose, ears or mouth. Check how the saw extracts dust to reduce this risk and also look at how reliable that method may be.
    • Saw guard – Most if not all mitre saws will have some type of saw guard that protects you from the blade while it is in an upright position. This will most likely be made form a heavy-duty material and will ensure that you have no reason to put your hand near the blade while turned on.
    • Handle – While this is a standard feature of a mitre saw, it is also a vital one. The handle is most likely to be locationed on the blade head so that the user can easily lower the saw without having to put their hands in danger. If possible, go into a shop and check how sturdy the handle of a mitre saw is as some companies are known to use cheap material on this feature that breaks after a few uses. which causes more danger than it solves.

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10' Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V

  • Blade – Blade size and what the blade is made out of it an important thing to consider.
    • Mitre saw blades will usually come in 8″, 10″ and 12″ so double-check and see what blade size is compatible with your mitre saw. Bear in mind that larger blades are more likely to wobble cand cause problems. The most popular size of blade is10″ as they are cheaper and are also stocked by many more companies making them easier to find.
    • Just like any part of a tool, if the blade you are using is made out of cheap material then it will break. As this is a high-powered machine and the blade will be spinning at a very fast pace, this could be very hazardous. So make sure to buy a blade that is long-lasting and will not break after the first use, even if it means splurging a bit more money.
  • Lasers – LED laser beans is a commonly used method that helps the precision of your cut. If the saw’s laser is a little off centre or has too little power to see then when you go to line up the angle of your cut, it may not be to the exact measurement that you need. Check reviews and see for yourself how reliable the LED laser of a particular saw is.

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10' Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V

Is This The Saw For You?

The Lumberjack SCMS254DB mitre saw has several impressive features that maybe prove that it is the perfect saw for you. The main selling point of the saw is that it has double bevel action. This means that you can tilt the saw head both left and right, giving easier access to your work. It also offers precision and accuracy as it helps you to match cuts in either direction.

Another praise for this saw is the large cutting capacity making it the ideal starter saw but also a well equipped and reliable professional saw. These cuts are matched with prefect and clean cutting action allowing you to achieve a perfect finish every time.

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10' Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V

More About The Brand

Lumberjack is a lesser-known brand than other big names such as Dewalt, however it is not to be overlooked. This family-run company knows what their customers want as they themselves use the tools, making them knowledgeable about what makes a good mitre saw and what just won’t cut.


Common Problems?

While there is a countless amount of praise for this product, there are also a few issues. For example, while the LED laser may be accurate, it does tend to dim pretty quickly which will cause issues with the accuracy of your cut. There are also comments on how the default blade is not up to scratch. This can be easily fixed by investing in a more reliable blade but it can be irritating if you want to use the saw from the get-go

Lumberjack SCMS254DB 10" Double Bevel Mitre Saw, 2000 W, 230 V
  • Country of origin:- United Kingdom
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Model Number: SCMS254DB



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