Guild Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?

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Guild power tools is a brand that allows you to get perfect finishes at a low price. Their best selling point remains that they use materials that don't age to build the body of their tools. This increases durability and replacement costs down the line. Also, they made sure the parts are easy to assemble and dismantle for the beginners to have it easy.

In the article below, i have analyzed reviews for some of their most popular products. After all, you get what you pay for, and their products might be of low quality. However, this is highly unlikely as they have a two-year warranty and a three-month satisfaction guarantee. This review will help you decide on whether the brand is the right fit for your needs

Pros of Guild tools
  • very affordable according to market standards
  • Easy to assemble, dismantle and use.
  • Highly durable thanks to their materials
  • cheap to maintain
Cons of Guild power tools
  • suited for simple tasks
  • low torque

Tool analysis

Since its launch, Guild has almost 100 tools, and accessories under its belt.most of them receive pretty decent reviews. Before you go spending your hard-earned money on the brand, below is a detailed guide on their flagship pieces and their production capacity.

1.Guild 18V,1.5Ah Cordless Combi Drill

This device is your go-to answer to either drilling or screw-driving. Despite coming with a 1,5Ah lithium-ion batteries, it only takes a maximum of five hours to recharge. You get to choose a torque-speed of your choice from the 21 options depending on the particular job.

This cordless drill has an 18V motor maximum. It produces an output of 1450rpm and can drill at a capacity of; wood 25mm, steel 10mm, and masonry 10mm. It comes complete with 100 drilling and screw driving accessories that you can easily adjust to give you desired outlook,

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2. Guild 185mm Circular Saw - 1400W

Albeit bulky, this 1400 watts circular saw is one of the best out there. It can produce straight cuts up to 65mm deep or bevel cuts up to 45mm deep at an angle of up to 45 degrees. You do not even need a working table to get your clean finish. It cuts at a maximum speed of 5500 strokes per minute, meaning your work will be done in a short time.

Its Tct blade comes already attached; it has a 185 mm diameter and 20mm bore hence the clean cuts. While you are working. The vacuum adaptor will ensure your space remains spotless for the ultimate professional tool experience. Like all their products, it will last you a long time, and all you will need to keep replacing is the blade.

3.Guild Orbital Sander - 400W

Guild orbital sander is ideal for both fine and coarse finishes on large pieces of wood. it comes complete with a dust ox to collect all the mess you will make. With its 400watt power output and maximum load speed of 12000 rpm, you are guaranteed a seamless sanding experience. The cord was made at 2.5 meters so that you might need an extension.

The package comes with three sandpapers, but you will need to buy more as they wear quickly. The manufacturers made sure any 125mm sandpapers can fit onto its sheet ligament for convenience. If you intend to use for long sessions, then you are well taken care of as the handle has a comfortable, rubberized grip and ergonomic design.

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4.Guild 115mm Angle Grinder - 750W

This device is ideal for removing rust from metal, polishing, grinding, and cutting. It is compatible with all disc sizes(metal or stone) 115mm, which you will need to buy separately. It is equipped with a maximum speed of 12000rpm and a weight of 1,8kg only; You will have easy and fast working experience.

5.Guild Fastcharge Twist Li-ion Screwdriver – 3.6V

This device is perfect for those hard to reach corners; It has a flexible rubberized handle that can alternate between straight and curved. It runs on a 3.6V Li-Ion rechargeable battery and a fast charger, which only needs one hour of charging time.

it only has a one-speed setting and a maximum torque of 4Nm, which is all you need for basic house maintenance. Though slightly overpriced, its quality is to die for,

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Guild tools have consistently lived up to expectations since its launch. You receive total value for your money hence why it is highly recommended if you do not need a lot of output. Their products are sold exclusively at and Feel free to visit their stores for more information.



I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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18 comments on “Guild Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?”

  1. Had a guild 18b combi drill just over 18months it has now decided to call it a day .I am a home diy man so it didn't get used that much at all . Will be buying from Lidl or Aldi in future borrowed my mates combi he had for 5 years he can remember was not as expensive as guild either . Don't bother with guild very disappointed .

  2. I bought a Guild1:8 1.3 Ah Lithium drill from Argos 9 monthis ago.I've used it twice during this time, needed to do a job today, charged the battery up,tried to do some simple drilling in timber, battery died after drilling 4 small holes. REPEATED charging for 8 hours..same result. Either battery not holding charge or charger faulty. Advise please.... remembering present situation.

    1. Guild products are crap I have a set and they are all faulty (codeless drill small angle grinder, sander) nobody does the parts for repairs for them got it from HomeBase even they don't want to know, best not to buy any unknown power tools from Guild.

      I thought I'll buy a set looks good but i didn't know i was buying new plastic crap.

    1. Guild products are crap I have a set and they are all faulty (codeless drill small angle grinder, sander) nobody does the parts for repairs for them got it from HomeBase even they don't want to know, best not to buy any unknown power tools from Guild.

      I thought I'll buy a set looks good but i didn't know i was buying new plastic crap.

      1. I've had mine for a while and use it constantly up the farm. I've not had an issue with the drills or batteries as of yet. its a good starter kit.

  3. Hi,

    Where can you buy Guild power tools accesories? I have a Guild bms210G mitre saw and I am looking for a tile cutting blade. I have googled it, but I can't find anywhere where you can buy any Guild blades? How is that possible? Do you know where you can buy the blades for this machine?

    Thanks Vincent

    1. Guild products are crap I have a set and they are all faulty (codeless drill small angle grinder, sander) nobody does the parts for repairs for them got it from HomeBase even they don't want to know, best not to buy any unknown power tools from Guild.

      I thought I'll buy a set looks good but i didn't know i was buying new plastic crap.

      Nobody sells any parts for it bin it cut your losses and buy something branded and new.

    1. I'm trying to find out where I can get a replacement guild charger unit for a cordless drill/driver JLH1220037081 battery 18v

  4. I personally like guild tools. They are affordable and good quality. I personally used a cordless drill for a couple of months, and it gave a great service then I switched to Dewalt. I like the brief details of every tool in this post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Forget Guild tools. No back up whatever. I tried to locate blades for their electric planes but discovered it is impossible to get any parts or accessories from this maker.
    Blades are a standard disposable replacement for electric planes.
    This service is rubbish.

  6. I have. Guild lithium-ion hammer drill, 18v 1.3ah and lost my charger, do you sell them ? If so how much?
    Kind regards
    J Davis

  7. Sanders and grinders are completely waste of money, the sanders break down so easy Thts why they only cheap to buy total throw away tools
    Not worth a penny and to get any sort of decent customer service it’s a joke

  8. I have used Guild tools for years, never broken down and always got the job done.
    So affordable that if they ever broke, would replace instead of repair

  9. I bought a guild 18v cordless drill a few years ago it was on the lower end of the other mid ranged priced drills.

    I didn't want to just buy the cheapest i use it for diy jobs around the house and it works great. The only downside is that there is no warning that the battery is running low it just stops dead. I couldn't find my original charger so i tried using any charger i could find which was 12v 1amp and i left it charging for days and it didn't charge at all so i thought the battery was dead until i remembered when the original charger was and i dug it out. The original charger is 22v 370ma after plugging it i checked with a DMM and it finally started charging i was about to throw it in the bin and buy a new one.

    if anyone is having problems charging their battery make sure you are using the original charger it should have "guild" written on it in green ( the color on mine is green ) or one that is rated 22v 370ma.

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