Ozito Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?

Last Updated On September 17, 2021 By Elliot

Ozito power tool is an Australian brand which was launched in 1993. They pride themselves on their ability to produce tools with a three-year warranty at a very affordable price. Theirs is not an international company which shares its profits hence their friendly prices. This comes at a time when most hand tools and power tools cost an arm and a leg.

In this article, I will review a few of their most popular tools to see how they fair and whether your coins will be well spent. The Ozito tool range is ideal for people who are just starting out their tool collection or home owners looking for a little backup.

In most comparison cases between Ozito and big brands, their productivity levels are less and the quality is substandard; hence why they are good for entry-level users.

Pros of Ozito power tools
  • Very affordable for the quality
  • Well thought of combo and starter kits
  • All tools come with a three to five-year guaranty
  • Tool free adjustments for most tool accessories
Cons of Ozito power tools
  • Most tools have a low torque
  • The battery system takes a long time to recharge
  • Poor customer service.


Individual tool review

If you were planning on purchasing any of their flagship tools, the segment below will be of great help to you.

710W Hammer Drill


This hammer drill comes with a 710W power supply and a speed of 0-2700. This fared well on wood, masonry, and concrete. It comes with two batteries and an LED light to help illuminate your work area. Although the charger they give you charges very slowly (3-5 hours); so you will be better off getting a different one.

The gear box has two-speed options for low and high torque. This allows you to alternate it depending on the surface you are working on.

18V 125mm Brushless Angle Grinder

This device is helps in metal grinding applications such as sharpening blunt blades and removing rust coatings. With a speed of 1800/min and an input of 18v, it will hold on pretty well on the production scale.

You have to buy the guard protector separately but installing it is quick, easy and tool-less. If extra stability is required, then you can attach a side handle which comes free with the main device. They prioritized comfort as the total weight of the grinder is 1.74 kgs. It is also one of their few devices which comes with a five-year replacement warranty; this speaks a lot on quality.

18V Compact Multi-Function Tool Skin

This device is perfect for several sorts of maintenance practices around the house. It comes with a whopping number of 8 accessories which is a good deal for the price. The accessories fit easily on to the magnetic accessory fitment; you don’t even need tools.

You can use it for metal grinding, plunging through plastic/wood/metal amongst other maintenance tasks.  The loading speed stands at 11000-22000/minute and an ability to oscillate at 3.2 degrees. Although pretty low, this device is a total game-changer on convenience.

810W Pendulum Jigsaw

If you need to slice through anything be it timber/plastic /metal, then this device is the one you are looking for. Its main selling point was the pendulum function that will aid you to cut in a straight line. it comes fitted with a blower function to keep your space clean. However, many people have reported that they keep discharging the device faster than normal.

Its T and U shank blade cut through 80mm in timber, 12mm in plastic and 8mm in mild speed with a stroke height of 22mm. These speeds will give you a pretty good output for your general tasks.

18V Cordless LED Work light

This light does well in outdoor activities like camping or during light out emergencies. It has 2000 lumen illumination and a 360 degrees rotting head. Its design allows you to either carry it, lay it down on a surface or hang it by a hook.

You can control the brightness easily using the control knob rather than the tired buttons technique with fixed brightness intensities. With a 5000k light color, the dim place is a thing of the past.


Ozito power tools are not the most productive out there but the will serve the local handyman comfortably. You will get to save a lot of your coins if you choose their brand hence another reason to consider them.

Their customer service is pretty slow .if you want to know anything about their brand, be sure to check out their official website here or visit any Bunnings store. Many customer reviews claim to have bought counterfeit products from random vendors so only get yours from bunnings which is their official distributor.

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I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On HandyToolsHome.com; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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15 comments on “Ozito Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?”

  1. I believe ozito is owned by Einhell. Look at the recip saw, rotohammer, detail sander. They even both call it power x-change

  2. My personal experience with Ozito tools were extremely positive. Both my cordless drills and finishing senders were in my opinion just as good as the top end tools. I've had Ryobi, Makita and Black n decker tools. All good quality tools. In terms of rating I would place Ozito tools from 0 to 10 scale as a 10. My tools never failed me once, and I really put them to the test big time and they passed with flying colors. If Ozito needed tools to be tested and reviewed I would be happy to support with honest feedback. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, it appears Ozito is growing in its product range, quality and popularity with the home-handyman type folk in ANZ region and wider.
    I'd only suggest you proof read the post before posting next time, cheers.

    (Guaranty? ...you meant warranty or guarantee?)
    (Mild speed - instead of mild steel)

  4. The product is cheap. And as general rule of thumb, cheap is crap.
    I have a belt sander which just lost a drive belt for it. I asked Osito for spare replacement, they told me to go to Bunning. Bunnings want 20 Dollars for the belt. I only need one, but I have to buy 2. Why?!!!! I do not know. May be because it is Osito.
    I will stop buying Osito for this very reason.

  5. Ozito WAS an Australian brand. It has been bought out by the German company Einhell. Ozito and Einhell tools are identical in every way, including batteries, except for the name. The Einhell brand is used in ULK an Europe.

  6. I was a bit disappointed with the life of the batteries as they died after about 3 years of light home use.
    I also have a Dewalt brushless drill that is older than the Ozito and is still running on the original batteries (4 years old, 4 Amps).

    The actual tools are ok, they are the Power X tools which were bought in a kit from Bunnings for approximately $229.00 from Bunnings.

    I purchased replacement batteries and think that they are pretty expensive for what they are at $35 for a 2 amp battery when the Aldi tools can run on their home brand tools with a price of just over $30 for a 4 amp battery.

    The Ozito range is pretty good as is the price of their tools which is why I went with them over Ryobi who also have a good range. As for the Aldi tools I just felt that they were too new, but note that their range was 20 volts with Ryobi and Ozito both having 18 volts for sale at the time I was looking.

    I hope I get more than 3 years out of the new battieris

  7. I am looking for a Power washer are Ozito any good. They are a reasonable price and cheap is not always best. Thanks.

  8. I have 2 sets of Ozito battery tools, an older drill and an impact driver + torch which I bought from Bunnings (came in a carry bag) for $100. I have flogged the impact driver relentlessly and it still performs like new. I've built large decks from scratch and used it around the home every couple of days. It came with two 2AH batteries which still seem to be as good as new and I can charge the dead battery before the current one goes flat.
    My second set came with a drill, an impact driver, a grinder and a sabre saw. Two 4AH batteries and a charger. This set was $200 from Bunnings, I bought it a year ago because I thought that my first set would be lucky to last much longer with the use it gets but I have only used the cordless grinder (which feels very rugged and works well). My original set is still performing like new (now 5 or 6 years old). If you are not a tradie these battery tools are for you! Unbeatable pricing and very reliable! I have had other battery drills and impact drivers which were similarly priced but their battery performance degraded quite quickly.

    1. Totally agree with you, I’m a handyman project inspired, and have had my 7 different types of Ozito cordless power tools for over 3 years now and they’re still doing there job, I think they’re under estimated

  9. I have several of their PXC (battery tools) incl. of the above battery options. I am not a tradie and it simply does not matter to me if something takes a bit longer versus some best in class tradie option.
    With that in mind I rate their PXC line highly. Do your research though as choices exist. The one real downside is that much off the real popular tools path / thus popular and asked for replacement part you are into "special orders" real quick . Suddenly the overall tool may then not be quite the bargain it seemed. Now to add balance the chances of most DIYers even needing to use that route is slim in the extreme.
    Every tool I have in the line comes with an instore 5 year warranty (every one). Sure motor brushes will not be covered and the tools I have don't look as if that would be easy to solve (thus not cheap to replace), but sometimes brushless options exist for those that will use things a bit more / want a bit better power and happy to pay the extra. The power part is not worth chasing for me. I have also never worn out a brush in any tool ever owned. I understand 40 - 50 hours is expected usage for a brush (perhaps a bit less on these PXC tools??). That's way loads of overhead for my personal usage and claim to be only suitable for DIY (for a reason).
    From my limited knowledge of Ozitos corded line up they are not always as go to as the PXC (battery line). I have no complaints from the two I have but that's with price in mind. They feel more last gen in a not good way. I went that route just because they were dirt cheap and such limited in / near house usage it would have felt ridiculous paying more. FWIW the file sander feels cheap but did the task asked easily and the mitre (drop) saw feels very acceptable quality............
    Battery wise I have no complaints. Less expensive than other options and always available. I have not noticed any overt tailing off as they reduce in power save maybe the chainsaw when felling a dead cedar type tree.....Popped another in and off I went..........

  10. Just bought an Ozito 165mm cordless circular saw from Bunnings. Very disappointed that it doesn't cut straight and veers away from the track/guide. I used a combination square and found out that the blade is not parallel with the shoe. Their Cordless hammer drill is ok though. It just sucks that I now have to pick up another brand and have another set of batteries and charger!

  11. I have just bought a chainsaw. And I am very very disappointed that the batteries do not fit the other tools. Very bad decision by Ozito

  12. I have been buying ozito tools for years.
    I have no real complaints as they do what they are purchased for and just keep going.
    I bought an ozito cement mixer 10 years ago for one quick job.
    It's still going strong except that I had to replace the drive belt and ozito didn't supply spares. I got one on eBay and it's now back to full operational use. Done a lot of cementing on a tool purchased for one job.
    I have multiple other ozito tools, cordless and corded.
    No matter how hard I push them, they just keep going.
    Cheap alternative? Not really, I have a few "brand name" tools that have died.
    One particular well known brand I'll never buy again after the drill burnt out, the angle grinder switch burnt out and the jig saw broke an internal component and became unusable.
    All the ozito are still going strong.

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