Scheppach 590 Sliding Mitre Saw Review 2022 - 2023

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Scheppach 590 Sliding Mitre Saw

Mitre saws are a must-have for any workshop. They are a versatile tool that allows its user to complete a variety of jobs with minimal effort on their behalf. Mitre saws are a tool that allow you to make cuts at angles with the help of a spinning blade, making it perfect for both commercial and casual use. They are commonly used for cutting frames, skirting boards and moulding but can be used for pretty much anything that needs an angled cut.

This Product May Be Currently Unavailable!

Our Recommended Alternative To This Product Is The Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw With Multi-Material Cutting!

  • Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw With Multi-Material Cutting

Why Buy A Sliding Mitre Saw?

A sliding mitre saw has all the features of a normal mitre saw plus a few extra. A sliding mitre saw offers a sliding feature that allows you to move the blade head back and forth during cutting thanks to a built-in sliding rail, which not only increases the length of cut but also provides a more accurate cut. It also allows you to cut thicker materials making it a helpful tool to have around.

What To Consider When Buying A Sliding Mitre Saw?

Like any other workshop tool, there is a wide range of sliding mitre saws on the market. So what should you consider when on the hunt for a new saw? Of course, price is a huge selling point for many sliding mitre saws as it is for anything else, but such a complex tool requires a clear understanding of what makes a good and reliable sliding mitre saw.

Here is a list of characteristics we recommend you bear in mind when shopping for such a power tool:

  • Motor power - The power of the mitre saw's motor reflects how well the blade will cut our material. The power rating of a saw's motor can vary between 1400 and 2000 watts. The power rating will affect the blades rotation speed which can vary between 3000 and 5000 rpm. The higher the blade rotation speed, the faster and more precise your cut will be.
  • Safety features - Of course, a key part of any power tool is it's safety features. Whether you are an amateur and a knowledgable contractor, you could still lose a finger or two if your sliding mitre saw doesn't take enough precautions regarding safety.
    • Blade covers - This covers the blade while it is in an upright position to ensure that nothing can touch the blade or some to any harm while it is not cutting, but it will move out of the way when the blade head is pulled back down for use. The blade cover should be made of heavy-duty materials so it can endure hard use.
    • The handle - Some saws have reviews of their customers coming about the saw's handle breaking during use. This is a vital design flaw and must be avoided. The handle is a key safety feature that is built into the saw for easy use so that the user doesn't have to put themselves in danger to see what they are doing. It is also designed to keep the user's hands away from the moving blade during cutting.
    • Volt safety - While this is something that home users may not have to take into account as much, it is important for site workers to take note of the voltage of a saw. This is because 240-volt power tools and not permitted to be used on building sites as the electric shock it can produce is far greater than that of one a 110-volt power tool can produce.
  • Blades - The quality of the blade will affect the cut of the saw. Blades come in three main sizes: 8", 10" and 12". Depending on how deep of a cut you want to make will determine the size blade that you choose and the thicker the blade, the deeper the cut.

What Are The Key Features Of The Scheppach 590 Sliding Mitre Saw?

This particular make of mitre saw is mostly suited for daily DIY and workshop use, making it the ideal amateur saw. As addressed earlier, the power of a saw's motor will affect the cut of the saw. This module's power is 2000 watts, making it capable of producing a high finish to the cuts you want to make.

The saw can be used for a variety of materials including plastics, processed timber and hard or softwood. These are the three most common materials used by amateurs making it the best first saw to use.

How Reliable Is Scheppach?

Scheppach is a brand that has been in the power tool business for roughly 90 years, making them a knowable brand when it comes to the subject of mitre saws. Due to their long-standing commitment to making tools, they have had years to research and improve their saws, which is probably why the brand is so praised and appreciated amongst both commercial and home workers.

What Is The Cut Of The Saw Like?

The whole point fo using a sliding mitre saw it to get a precise finish that may be unachievable if you used any other tool. While the blade and the motor can provide the saw with an accurate cut, an issue does lie with the built-in laser unit.

Buyers have complained how the laser only works for a short period before either dimming or packing in all together. While some have returned the tool because of this, others have praised it on its accuracy and build and so have overlooked the laser issue.

Should I Buy This Saw?

If you are a new player to the mitre saw game and need a saw that will assist you in learning and developing new skills, then yes this is the saw for you. It pretty much provides you with everything you would need and allows you to work on perfecting your cut.

However, if you are a more experienced worker then this may not be the saw for you. Not only is the voltage 240-volt (making it a dangerous tool for construction sites), but it is also fairly basic and may not provide you with the features needed to make complicated cuts.

This Product May Be Currently Unavailable!

Our Recommended Alternative To This Product Is The Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw With Multi-Material Cutting!

  • Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+ Sliding Mitre Saw With Multi-Material Cutting


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