Einhell TC SM 2131 Double Bevel Mitre Saw Review

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Einhell TC SM 2131 Mitre Saw

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red

Regardless of whether you are a big industrial firm or a small project group work on some big DIY projects, you will need your mitre saw to cut up various materials with precision and be easy to use from the get-go. For those who are new to the world of power tools, here is a website telling you how to use a mitre saw and what you can use one for.  A double bevel saw is one way to make machine handling easier as you are able to move the saw head left and right allowing you to see exactly where you are cutting. This therefore, allows for more intricate and exact sawing. This website gives you a brief rundown of what a bevel is and what it means to have a double bevel saw.

Why Invest In A Mitre Saw?

A mitre saw is a versatile power tool. It is a must-have tool for anyone who works with wood and other materials like it as it is a specialised woodworking tool made to cut up wood at different angles. It is the perfect tool for a range of jobs such as aking baseboards, picture frames and decorative wall panels.

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red

What To Consider?

As with any power tool, there are many things to consider when shopping around. It's particularly important to know what to look out for when deciding what mitre saw to buy as there are so many different kinds with a various amount of features. For a double bevel mitre saw these are the factors you need to think about:

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red

  • How accurate the cut is - Some saws include built-in laser lights for accuracy and others make you rely on your judgement
  • The blade - this includes how long the blade typically lasts and how thick the blade is
  • The depth and width capacity - this will change from saw to saw but is a vital factor to consider if you plan on using the machine for multiple different jobs
  • The voltage - so you know how powerful the saw is
  • The mitre - how adjustable is the saw, how many different angels can you cut?
  • Dust extraction - saws do tend to produce a lot of dust due to the materials being cut up so check and see how the dust can be extracted while sawing
  • Safety - What precautions have the producers taken to make the machine safe to use and how stable is the base?

While that list can seem overwhelming, there is no need to worry. We shall be reviewing a popular double bevel mitre saw to give you a real example on how these factors affect the saw.

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red

What Is This Best Used For?

The Einhell TC SM 2131 double bevel mitre saw can be applied to a whole range of jobs. This makes it perfect for new project goers who want to try their hand with a range of skills as well as big contractors who need a tool to match their advanced skills.

The high-quality precision allows the user to achieve clean-cut lines when using various materials such as wood, plastic and coated panels. All while keeping the user safe with adjustable feet to maximise safety on any surface.

To ensure that this saw is the right one for you, we have listed the pros and cons that consumers and critics have found:

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red


  • A saw head that is tiltable both to the left due to the double bevel feature and to the right allows you to have easier access to the saw itself and avoids manoeuvring too much when you want to get the job done
  • There's plenty of power which allows it to cut through materials with ease
  • The saw is able to cut through a range of materials making it a versatile tool for any occasion
  • The blade itself is designed to be able to cut wood and plastic with ease
  • There is a blade cover that adds extra safety and protection to the saw. The handle to this cover is easy to use and will keep your hands out of harm's way
  • The machine is long-lasting and reliable
  • A transport brace is provided allowing you to easily carry the machine which is ideal for construction sites
  • It is not a very complicated machine so it is perfect for beginners to learn how to cut various materials accurately


  • The instruction book is hard to understand which means that it will take some time to set the saw up when you first receive it
  • The laser is very hard to see in brighter lighting which causes accuracy issues
  • The dust bag does get clogged up very easily causing a mess
  • There have been reported issues with the retraction of the blade after a few uses which could be a safety issue

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red

All in all, this particular mitre saw is perfect for a range of jobs due to several of its features. This makes it an easy saw to use and ideal for both contractors and home workshops. Once the initial set up is complete, the saw's cut is accurate and clean which is vital for any piece of work.

Einhell TC-SM 2131 240 V Double Bevel Crosscut Mitre Saw with Laser, Red
  • For sawing wood, laminated panels and plastics
  • Work table made of die-cast aluminium
  • Integrated laser marks the cutting line. Supports for sawing long workpieces. Cutting width 90° x 90°-310 x 62 mm. Cutting width 90° x 45°-210 x 62 mm. Cutting width 45° x 90°-310 x 36 mm. Cutting width 45° x 45°-210 x 36 mm
  • Saw head is infinitely tiltable to the left and right
  • Double tube-mounted drag function for wide workpieces




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