Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Plunge Saw Review 2020 - 2021

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Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Plunge Saw

A plunge saw, also know as a track saw, is designed to make straight cuts following a track or guide. In a sense, they aren't much different to circular saws but they provide a better finish as plunge saws are built for accurate and smooth cuts, which is probably why they are increasing in popularity compared to circular saws. Another key difference between a plunge saw and a circular saw is the lack of a blade guard which in turn reduces the amount of kickback which is why it can get such a smooth finish.

Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Flex Volt Cordless Brushless Plunge Saw with 2 DCB546 Batteries, 54 V, Yellow/Black, 2 x 18 Volt 6.0Ah Li-Ion, Set of 6 Pieces

What Are The Key Benefits Of A Plunge Saw?

As stated, plunge saws are soaring in popularity which can be credited to a few reasons. With how quick and how exact the cut of a plunge saw is, users are able to save a heap of time by simply lining up the edge of the track so they know exactly where the blade will cut. This means fewer mistakes and less wasted work.

A plunge saw is also typically smaller than regular saws as they do not need any space to feed in materials. This makes it an easy saw to carry around and takes up less space in your workshop, which could be a vital selling point if you have only a few storage places.

What To Look For?

Shopping around for a plunge saw is much like looking for any other kind of saw. There are countless things to consider and it can be very overwhelming, especially considering the surge of plunge saws that have found themselves on the market lately. If you have invested in any kind of saw before, then you may have some idea of what kind of factors to look for, but for those of you who have here is some indication:

Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Flex Volt Cordless Brushless Plunge Saw with 2 DCB546 Batteries, 54 V, Yellow/Black, 2 x 18 Volt 6.0Ah Li-Ion, Set of 6 Pieces

  • Cut capacity - The cutting capacity of a saw will determine how big of a material you can cut. While this may be a common limitation with every other saw, plunge saws play by different rules. As you place the plunge saw on top of the material you are cutting, there is really no limits to the size of material you can cut. However, even though there are usually no boundaries with these types of saws, it is advised to only use them on bigger boards rather than for smaller cuts for safety and prime accuracy,
  • Battery power - To produce their well known smooth cut, plunge saws need power and lots of it. This is why most of these saws are corded. With the rapid incline in technological advances, plunge saws have been able to go wireless in recent years. This increases both the cutting capacity as there is no cord to hold you back. It also increases how easily you can move the tool around.
  • Anti-kickback system - As previously addressed, one of the main adavantaged of the plunge saw is that there is minimal kickback due to the lack of a blade guard, resulting in a smoother cut. But to ensure that you do get the accurate and professional cut that you are looking for, you should also lookout for any anti-kickback systems that the manufacturers have implemented.
  • Speed controls - Having a variety of speeds offered to you from your plunge saw gives you a better chance of controlling the saw on a range of materials.
  • Riving knife - A riving knife is a safety feature added to plunge saws intended to equal the distance the two cut sides and stops them from getting in the way of the blade once they are cut. If a plunge saw does not have a riving knife then it may kickback more which defeats the purpose of a plunge saw.

Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Flex Volt Cordless Brushless Plunge Saw with 2 DCB546 Batteries, 54 V, Yellow/Black, 2 x 18 Volt 6.0Ah Li-Ion, Set of 6 Pieces

Why Pick The Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Plunge Saw?

Dewalt is one of the most well-known tool manufacturers, at least in the UK. With reliable and safe performances from every tool they produce, they have a hefty amount of loyal customers who rely solely on Dewalt tools to guide them through whatever job they have to complete. This is why people had high hopes for their DCS520T2-GB XR plunger saw. And Dewalt delivered.

A well designed parallel plunge means that the user can produce smooth and consistent cuts, resulting in a professional finish. Something that everyone wants to achieve. This consistency is matched by the lightweight saw. As the saw weighs only 4.7 kilograms, the tool is easier to handle and control as you aren't having to fight against a heavy machine to gain the cut you want.

Dewalt as a brand and prone to be innovative, which is no different for this saw. With world-class battery technology, this cordless plunge saw is able to produce a high level of power for a longer period of time meaning you can crack on with the job.

Should I Buy This Saw?

In short, yes. Even if you were not on the hunt for a plunge saw, this is a widely diverse tool that is compatible with a whole range of cutting capacities. Something that other saws simply do not provide. Because of this, it is an essential tool to own. The fact that this particular model is manufactured by Dewalt is only another reason to buy this saw. They are yet to provide a plunge saw that doesn't do what it is supposed to and this is not going to be the saw to change that.

Dewalt DCS520T2-GB XR Flex Volt Cordless Brushless Plunge Saw with 2 DCB546 Batteries, 54 V, Yellow/Black, 2 x 18 Volt 6.0Ah Li-Ion, Set of 6 Pieces
  • Parallel plunge allows the user to maintain a smooth and constant hand position while cutting
  • 48 tooth blade gives a fine and accurate finish with very little breakout in laminates
  • Rail adjustment allows the saw to be adjusted accurately to the DE Walt guide rail system (sold separately)


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