Black And Decker Pivot Cordless Screwdriver

There isn’t a lot to say about the Black and Decker brand other than the fact they have been a reliable source for tools in the construction industry by many trades and continue to produce top quality products for their consumers. The Black and Decker Pivot Cordless Screwdriver (VIEW PRICE HERE!) has been around for a fair few years now and has received numerous positive reviews thanks to not only its compact design and ease of use, but also its ability to last. Tools often get battered about when they are taken on site so it’s always important to have tools that can take most of the impacts, and this Black and Decker Cordless Screwdriver can do just that.

Black & Decker Pivot Cordless Screwdriver Review 2015 - 2016The unique pivot this cordless screwdriver is able to provide its users means they have 3 different positions they can adjust it to so it will easily be able to operate around corners and other objects when most of the other cordless screwdrivers don’t stand a chance. There are many cordless screwdrivers to choose from in the industry and they all claim to be able to do their job, but when some of them only last a couple of months because they have overheated or have broken because of slight damage it makes users really wonder if there are any affordable cordless screwdrivers that will last, and the Black and Decker Pivot Cordless Screwdriver is the answer.

If you are looking for a compact device that still has the ability to power in some of the longest nails in the toughest of materials, you should definitely consider this Black and Decker product. Have a look at some of the other features this cordless screwdriver provides:

  • Cordless screwdriver – You will always be able to concentrate on the job in hand without any wires getting in your way thanks to this cordless screwdriver. It relies solely on its lithium battery that can be quickly charged with an adaptor and that is all it needs to get going.
  • 3 different pivot positions – You will be able to use this device in some of the hard to reach places and where space is very limited thanks to the adjustable pivot system this cordless screwdriver is based upon. You have 3 different positions to choose from to suit your needs so you will be able to work around a variety of objects and continue operating without anything getting in your way.
  • Forward & Reverse switch – The forward & reverse switch is a simple switch that can be adjusted during use so you will easily be able to undo any screws that have gone amiss.
  • Multiple accessories included – The cordless screwdriver comes with the lithium battery already fitted, and also comes with the charger adaptor that will quickly charge the screwdriver for quick use. You will also be presented with a couple of extra screwdriver bits to make your life easier.
  • Lithium battery included – The 3.6 V Lithium Ion battery comes already fitted so you’ll not need to worry about anything other than charging it before its first use. Once taken out the packaging you will be able to use in just an hour thanks to its quick charging capabilities.
  • Spindle lock – The spindle lock is used to provide users with greater control when starting to screw and when removing screws.
  • Compact and easy to use – This Black and Decker product prides itself on ease of use and the fact it is compact and small enough to be used in all the places where normal cordless screwdrivers don’t have a chance.
  • Long lasting charge – The lithium ion battery will ensure long lasting charge after only a few hours of charging so you can be sure there will always be juice when you need it most.

This Black and Decker Pivot Cordless Screwdriver is one of the cheapest products money can buy, and with all the features it comes with and the amount of positive reviews it has received from hundreds of buyers worldwide just goes to show what another quality product Black and Decker have manufactured. You will never find another cordless screwdriver that is able to offer such convenience when screwing and this Black and Decker product should definitely be considered for anyone looking for an affordable cordless screwdriver.


Features: Spindle lock – Lithium Battery – 3 pivot positions

Pricing: Affordable