Best Folding Workbench In The UK In 2022 - 2023

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Best Folding Workbench UK - Official 2021 Guide

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Our Recommended Best Folding Workbench UK Is The Keter Folding Compact Workbench!

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As you may have come across on our other posts on HandyToolsHome, DIY is becoming increasingly popularised since the beginning of the lockdown- and many of us won't have all the necessary tools to make the renovation as easy, clean, and efficient as possible.

In this post, we'll be discussing six different folding workbenches, grading them, and rating them. We will be classifying them in terms of price (value for money), feature-richness, the efficiency of the task (how much work can be done in a specific amount of time), and other factors.

This our top 6 list of the best folding workbench options in the UK for 2020. Read on to learn more!

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Our recommended alternative is The Keter 17182239 Master Pro DIY Folding Work Table!

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1) Keter Folding Compact Workbench Work Table with Clamps

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Our first folding workbench on this list is the Keter Compact portable workbench which comes with clamps.

We believe that the Keter Compact folding workbench is the best choice in terms of value for the money you pay, and it is a well-suited pick for all types of users. Whether you're a professional or you wish to utilise this for personal use, the Keter Compact portable workbench will serve you well.

Below we'll thoroughly review this item, and explain why we classify this as amongst the best portable workbenches this year.

What We Love

Below we discuss the features that make this folding workbench amongst the best portable workbench options out there:

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Clamps Included

The Keter Compact Workbench portable workbench includes quick clamps with the purchase, which is a handy feature- not only because the quick clamps have been designed for this exact work surface, but also because it will save you time spent researching and money spent subsequently on clamps separately.

Easy to Use

The Keter folding workbench includes a unique opening functionality which allows for faster and easier access to the item. This is great for an easy-access feature to the workbench.

In addition to the opening functionality, the Keter folding workbench features a durable steel frame- the steel frame comprising of steel-bodied legs to provide maximum support when completing even the most heavy-duty tasks. We recommend finding a workbench (folding) that has a durable steel frame (make sure they are pure steel, if possible rather than an alloy), as these are designed to ensure maximum stability when using the item.

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Roomy and Strong

The Keter binds two criteria when it comes to folding workbenches- it is both roomy (large work surface area), and has a great maximum load value.

A higher maximum load can provide a means to perform more (and heavier-duty) work. For this portable workbench, the maximum load is 1000 pounds! In addition, it boasts a generous work surface of around 33.46 " x21.65 " (W,D).

Installation and Packing Away

It is worth mentioning separately how conveniently this item has been designed to enable easy installation and packing away of the workbench. The workbench has been designed accordingly, being very easy to carry.

Despite the fact that the Keter work table is able to cater for heavy-duty work tasks, it easily folds flat and compact to make it easy to carry, allow for easy storage, and enable you to handle it with one hand. As mentioned before, the quick-opening functionality works excellently in conjunction with the stow-away design of this workbench.

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What Could Be Better

It would be nice if the Keter portable workbench had grooves or markings on the bench, marking certain measurements, such as a 30 centimetre rule, a metre rule, and a circumference scale.

This would be especially useful when creating projects from scratch.

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Brand: Keter

Colour: Black and Yellow

Weight Capacity: 453.5 Kg (1000 lbs)

Dimensions: 55.1 x 85.1 x 75.4 cm

Weight: 12.2 Kg

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2) Ryobi RWB03 Adjustable Folding Work Bench

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Next on our list, we have the Ryobi RWB03 adjustable folding workbench. This workbench arrives at a higher price point, but it does include better quality materials such as metal, rather than plastic alone.

The Ryobi RWB03 is made of both aluminum and metal alloys while weighing only 13 kilograms!

Read on to learn about our views on the Ryobi RWB03 adjustable folding workbench.

What We Love

Below we discuss the features that make this folding workbench amongst the best portable workbench options out there:

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Tiltable Surface

The Ryobi RWB03 features an innovative, adjustable (swivel pegs mechanism) work surface which can be tilted around to various working angles, via the swivel pegs mechanism. The swivel pegs are designed to enable you to access four different access positions:

  • 0 degree
  • 25 degree
  • 50 degree
  • 80 degree

The range in tilting angles to work from allow you to better perform different tasks, which makes this workbench highly versatile.

More than One Height

This portable workbench table is great, as it allows you to access a variety of different heights (you can get dual height, and multi-height) too, in addition to different tilting angles. Many workbench options usually only offer dual height (dual heigh is a good option for people who don't do many different, specialised tasks, as a dual height enables you to use both short and long cords).

The Ryobi RWB03 table has seventeenths different heights to choose from rather than just being a dual height workbench- making this even better suited to a range of different power tools; shorter cords and longer cords can both be accessed with ease.

[amazon fields="B00DJ8SJOO" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

Better Working Space

The Ryobi RWB03 work table has many features that make it the best portable work station to work on. The surface is made of both steel and aluminum, making it highly durable and resistant to damage or breakage.

The workbench also uses quick-release lift boards which are designed to further maximise clamping area. With regard to this area, the clamping mechanism slides, which allows for greater versatility when used with different equipment.

What Could Be Better

Unfortunately, while the claims for this workbench are high, we didn't find it to be as strong in comparison to other workbenches on this list.

The bench didn't perform well with vigorous drilling or hammering tasks, making it better suited to sanding and sawing projects.

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Brand: Ryobi

Model: RWB03

Colour: Black and Yellow

Dimensions: 64.5 x 615 x 110 cm

Weight: 13.2 Kg

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3) Wolfcraft 6906506 Master Cut 1500-Precision Work Station

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Third, on our comprehensive guide is the Wolfcraft 6906506. This workbench is the first Wolfcraft item we'll be discussing today- yes, there's another!

The Master-Cut 1500 is truly a masterpiece of a product- with better-built quality, ergonomic and smart design, qualitative and durable materials, this item comes at a higher price point for valid reasons.

Read on to learn more about our views on this folding work station.

What We Love

Below we discuss the features that make this folding workbench amongst the best portable workbench options out there:

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Multi-functional Workbench

One great thing about the Wolfcraft 6906506 is that it is highly multi-functional. It can be used for a number of tasks, including being used as a circular saw bench, a jigsaw table, or even as a milling table.

In order to use this as a milling table, you'll need the milling guide no. 6901000 and work-station.

High Precision and Safety

The Wolfcraft 6906506 features a reliable safety switch GB/irl for your personal safety

In addition, the aluminum machine plate is adjustable, as well as featuring machine mounting with ease. These features make the workbench great, in addition to having easy storage via the machine mounting.

[amazon fields="B073BGW7RY" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


The Wolfcraft 6906506 is a multifunctional workbench that is compatible with a number of different power tools, equipment, and appliances.

We've tried this workbench out with routers, circular hand saws, as well as jigsaws.

What Could Be Better

An MDF-free version would be an excellent grounds for reinvention, as the working-bench itself is a solid craft for your DIY projects.

The sides of the bench however are MDF, which isn't really ideal- for the price, it would be much better value to have made this alteration.

As a whole, the price of the product is quite high, so it's best suited to professional users- or hobbyists.

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Brand: Wolfcraft

Colour: Black and Yellow/Cyan

Weight Capacity: 200 Kg

Dimensions (FOLDED): 64 x 114.5 x 19.5 cm

Dimensions (MOUNTED): 94 x 64 x 86.5 cm

Weight: 17 Kg

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4) Wolfcraft 6177000 Master 200 Folding Workbench

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Next on our list is another Wolfcraft work station. This time, it's the Master 200- at a cheaper price point and a more compact, storable build.

The Wolfcraft 6177000 Master 200 is priced at around £50-60 and has a maximum load capacity of 180 kilograms. That's pretty great for the overall size of the workbench though, so it's going to be interesting testing the capability of this item.

Read on to learn about our reviews on the Wolfcraft Master 200.

What We Love

Below we discuss the features that make this folding workbench amongst the best portable workbench options out there:

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Adjustable Jaws

The Wolfcraft 6177000 uses two MDF jaws: the front and rear jaw. The frontal jaw is easily adjusted via the carrying handle, which makes it easy to carry and handle.

The Wolfcraft 6177000 Master 200 also includes 4 additional plastic jaws, which are integrated with the purpose of securing a workpiece in a horizontal orientation.

Multifunctional Frame

The Wolfcraft 6177000 is one of the best portable workbenches with an extremely robust, durable, and functional frame/structure. The basal frame easily folds flat to allow for better storage, and also uses an integrated tools rack. The rack is great for mounting drills, spanners, clamps, tapes, wrenches, and many other appliances/power tools.

The tool rack is built into the workbench itself, improving the table storage efficiency as one whole.

[amazon fields="B0001GRVK0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

Splittable Surface

A clever feature of the Wolfcraft 6177000 is that it is able to split in half, via two cranks.

This is really handy for some projects, where it may be inconvenient to reach across the entire table to do something- splitting the workbench allows you to walk in between it, allowing for easier access to all parts of the workbench.

What Could Be Better

One major point that we had to mention about this working bench was the difficulty involved in actually installing it.

If you need a quick purchase (which is likely the case if you choose to buy this item from Amazon- which is where we bought ours from), then be prepared to spend at least an hour assembling the workbench. It is advertised to be a quick, easy-install item, but we did find difficulties trying to understand the assembly guide and finally put it all together.

When the instructions are followed correctly (which I'll get onto in a minute), the bench is generally very very solid. It will withstand many vigorous tasks, which is great for professional use. However, to reach this stage, we had to go over and assemble it twice- because we did it wrong the first time- the manual sure was a pain.

If you don't mind spending a little time assembling it, you'll find yourself with a very reliable item.

[amazon fields="B0001GRVK0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


Brand: Wolfcraft

Colour: Black and Yellow/Cyan

Weight Capacity: 180 Kg

Dimensions: 636.5 x 80 x 64.5 cm

Weight: 4.54 Kg

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5) Sealey FWB1 Folding Workbench 

[amazon fields="B000R9ZIFG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Lastly, on our list of the best workbench options for the UK in 2020, we have the Sealey FWB1. This workbench is a multi-functional, compact, yet sturdy item.

The assembly is surprisingly easy, and the size makes the storage efficiency particularly impressive, in addition to being a functional, strong, and reliable bench as a whole.

What We Love

Below we discuss the features that make this folding workbench amongst the best portable workbench options out there:

[amazon fields="B000R9ZIFG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Compact Storage

One of the main, most noticeable features of the Sealey FWB1 is that it has excellent storage efficiency thanks to the modest dimensions. When expanded and assembled, the working height of the bench is about 78.5 centimetres, with a width of 60.5 centimetres.

The legs are designed to fold flat too, with integrated tool storage on-board. This bench is great for people who are limited on storage space, or want their bench to take up as minimal space as possible- this bench will do both of those things, and double up as an all in one on-board tool storage.

Enhanced Grip

The main reason why this one is perfectly suited for sawing, vigorous sanding, and planning purposes is that it is very sturdily built, despite having modest dimensions and light-weighted form.

The surface is made of hard-wearing MDF and features pre-drilled jaw-grip anchorages.

[amazon fields="B000R9ZIFG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

What Could Be Better

While there was a generous amount of features and a high level of quality maintained throughout the design of this one, we didn't find that it held impact very well.

If you're going to do an awful lot of hammering on some hefty projects, this workbench will not suit you. It's better suited to sawing, sanding, and most drilling tasks. Hammering tasks rarely spawned success on this workbench- as the surface was simply not strong enough to hold on.

[amazon fields="B000R9ZIFG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


Brand: Sealey

Model: FWB1

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 89 x 12.5 x 14.5 cm

Weight: 5.16 Kg

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6) Brüder Mannesmann Foldable Workbench

[amazon fields="B000K2LK7K" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Lastly on our list of the best workbench options in the UK is the Brüder Mannesmann folding workbench. This workbench is highly affordable and offers modest dimensions- making it optimal for storage purposes.

Despite its small footprint, the maximum load weight for this workbench is a hefty 100 kilograms, making it ideal for even vigorous and professional projects.

What We Love

[amazon fields="B000K2LK7K" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Quality Working Surface

The German brand has developed a very durable, quality working surface for you to perform your DIY tasks on. The working table surface is made free of distortion MDF and has dog holes punched for extended the versatility of the item.

The working surface can be folded in half, which makes it extremely compact for storability, yet wide enough to carry out extensive tasks when it's unfolded.

Tool Tray

Across the base of the workbench, Brüder Mannesmann has included a handy tool tray, which is essential during tasks. This is especially useful when dealing with various screwdrivers, Allen keys, and screws- as they are minute objects that are easy to confuse, easy to lose, and also require quick and easy access to them when in the middle of a task.

[amazon fields="B000K2LK7K" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

Compact Yet Spacious

Two contradictory terms meet well in the middle through the Mannesmann folding bench.

While this bench weighs only 6 kilograms, with dimensions 88 x 9 x 15.5 centimetres, it has a mighty maximum weight capacity of 100 kilograms and a working height of 79 centimetres. This is in extended form, it folds down to a much more compact size- which makes it great for those who have limited storage space.

What Could Be Better

While the Brüder Mannesmann folding bench is an excellent option for most homeowners (compact, lightweight, versatile, and has a large weight limit), it is still relatively small in terms of the working surface.

The working surface of this one is quite small compared to other options, despite having such a heavy capacity limit for how much weight it can take.

A greater surface area to work on would be a great addition to this workbench.

Another useful addition/point of improvement would be the inclusion of clamps, which would make it much easier to perform certain tasks- given that the weight limit for this item is so high.

[amazon fields="B000K2LK7K" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


Brand: Brüder Mannesmann

Colour: Black and Red

Weight Capacity: 100 Kg

Working height: 79 cm

Dimensions: 88 x 9 x 15.5 cm

Weight: 6 Kg

[amazon fields="B000K2LK7K" value="button"]

If you enjoyed our comprehensive guide to the best folding workbenches in the United Kingdom for 2020, you need to check out our other posts.

We test and provide extensive guides on garden ware, appliances, toolkits, tools, and much more on our site, and we get some of our qualified and accredited testers to try them out.


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