What Is A Scroll Saw Used For? Our List Of The Top Uses!

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Our Ultimate Guide To What You Can Use A Scroll Saw For

Scroll saws are popular tools for many DIY woodworkers, they allow you to cut all kinds of wood with ease thanks to their motor-powered reciprocating blade and variable speed. 

Scroll saws are mostly used as a speciality tool for making intricate curves and patterns in a piece of material due to their thin blades, they can also be used to make excellent patterns in metal and plastic DIY projects too by using different flat blades.

To help you understand more about scroll saws and what you can use them for, we have composed an informative guide below which will take you through how these power tools work, the different kinds to consider and some common uses for them. 

How Does a Scroll Saw Work? 

If it's your first time using a scroll saw or you are considering investing in one then it's a good idea to get to know how these tools work before using them. 

Scroll saws operate with a reciprocating motor that pushes the scroll saw blade up and down for cutting, they have blade holders in between their parallel arms for holding your regular blade that locks into place. 

Your workpiece is then either clamped into place for cutting or you can make a starting hole in the type of material and insert the thinner blades through it, clamping into place to make inlay patterns that require interior cutting. 

What are The Different Types Of Scroll Saw? 

All kinds of scroll saws are useful for DIY woodworking projects but they differ slightly in some of the features that they come with. 

We have listed the different kinds of scrolls saws you can use below. 

  • Throat size - The throat size is the distance between the rear end of your saw and the blade, a common design for this distance is around 16-18-inches but they can range between as little as 12-inches to 30-inches. 
  • Arm style - Different scroll saws also come with a variety of arms, most have a parallel type arm but you can additionally find C-arm where the two arms are joined at the back. There are also parallel link type arms that reciprocate with a pulley system, these saws often have little vibration but are the most expensive. 

Popular Uses For a Scroll Saw 

Scroll saws are an excellent speciality tool that can be used for a variety of patterns, they can cut nearly any type of material as long as you have the right blade, we have listed some popular uses for scroll saws down below. 

  • Toys - Toys are a great project to make with your scroll saw as they often have patterns with curves, the thin blade of a scroll saw can fit into these tiny holes and produce detail.
  • Cabinetry - Scroll saws are excellent for making dovetail joints in carpentry and can be used to make inlay pieces too.
  • Musical instruments - For making musical instruments scroll saws have a huge amount of accuracy which is needed especially when making sound boxes for stringed instruments.
  • Home items - You can make coasters, hangers, bowls and even more general home items with your saw, there is a huge range of patterns on the internet to follow for this kind of woodworking. 
  • Decor - A decent scroll saw can make excellent inlays for furniture as well as brackets for shelves. 
  • Soft metals - You can indeed use a scroll saw for cutting soft metals as well as wood, some to name are aluminium or brass, just ensure you are using metal cutting blades.

Do I Need a Scroll Saw?

Many people wonder if they can use another woodworking tool as a substitute for a scroll saw but these types of saws are the best for the kind of detailed pattern cutting they can achieve. 

We would recommend investing in a scroll saw if you are looking to cut patterns and make woodworking objects such as toys, but for general woodwork projects, they are not essential.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Scroll Saw 

How much do scroll saws cost? 

Scrolls saws typically cost around £70-£100 but the price depends on the size and quality of the model.

What kind of blades are used with a scroll saw? 

There are many different kinds of blades to use with a scroll saw, some to name are a double-tooth blade, standard blade, skip-tooth blade and crown-tooth blade. These blades are suited for different materials such as softwood and hardwood according to their size and TPI.

Why is my scroll saw vibrating when I use it? 

If your scroll saw is vibrating then you might need to bolt it down to a table for it to remain stable, you can also try using a counterweight on the base such as a sandbag which will help to reduce the vibration.

Last Words 

Overall a scroll saw is used for making detailed pattern cuts in woodwork, it has been used for making toys to dovetail joints in carpentry. You can even use a scroll saw for cutting metals and other materials as long as you use the right kind of blade. 


I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On HandyToolsHome.com; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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