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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Garden Shredder Is The T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper!

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Garden shredders, or mulching shredders, are excellent ways of efficiently disposing of waste vegetation, debris, and other prunings. Not only does this help in the reduction of garden waste, but it helps you to sustainably dispose of it by either composing it, or chucking the waste and chipping into the tip.

We've tried and tested a lot of garden shredders on our site, and we're now rounding up the 5 best garden shredder options for the UK in 2020- read on to learn more!

1) T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper

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The T-Mech works its way onto our guide as number one- with a HP value 15, and a 420CC engine, the T-Mech Wood Chipper is an excellent choice for your garden.

As mentioned by T-Mech themselves, this wood chipper is designed for professional use- and we can second this. It is incredibly powerful, and has a pretty large body too- making it quite a monument in your lawn.

Read on for our review on the T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper.

What We Love

Below we've listed some of the best features of this wood chipper, so make sure you give it a thorough read to help determine whether it's for you or not.

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Unbeatable Power

Undoubtedly, the T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper features a 420CC engine (powered by Petrol fuel). Additionally, you get to benefit from a powerful 4-stroke engine that has a crazy blade speed of up to 3600rpm!

Having a higher rpm value allows you to achieve a sharp, efficient cut/mulch, as it slices straight through debris- no blunt edges and resistance.

Free Extras

T-Mech have included a number of great extra features when you buy the wood chipper, including:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)- make sure you always keep this on when using the machine, as it is an extremely sharp, powerful, industrial-standard wood chipper
  • Assembly and Maintenance tool kit
  • Depending on where you buy it from, you get free next-day delivery in the UK

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One-time Completion

For most lawns, one completion will be covered entirely without need to empty out the waste. This is thanks to the cutting capacity of 102 millimetres. Most wood chippers (electric garden chippers especially) do not offer such a large cutting capacity.

This enables you to usually finish all of your garden work in one go- while many other garden shredder options / garden wood chipper options do not allow.

In addition, your task will be even quicker with the wheels at the bottom- these allow you to quickly transport the large machine around your garden.

What Could Be Better

The main thing which we think that could improve this garden shredder is if it were slightly smaller- with more compact dimensions.

Not only will this make it more portable and storable, but it would make it easier to clean too.

It would also be nice to have an extended warranty period (greater than the 12 month warranty provided)- as industrial machines are pricier and more heavy-duty.

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Engine: Ducar, 420CC, 4 stroke

Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Capacity: 6.5 litres

Cutting Capacity: 102mm

Blade Speed: 2400-3600 rpm

Dimensions (HWD): 134 x 64 x 88 centimetres

Warranty: 12 months

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is Titan Pro 7HP Petrol Garden Wood Chipper!

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2) Titan Pro TP600B 6.5HP Petrol Garden Wood Chipper

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Second on our list is the Titan Pro (industrial grade) petrol-powered wood chipper (garden, lawns, etc.).

This garden shredder has the largest cutting capacity of all Titan Pro tree shredders/impact shredders; 60 millimetres and 6.5HP. The Titan Pro is easy to maintain, clean, and operate- despite being an industrial grade product.

Read on for our review on the Titan Pro TP600B 6.5HP Petrol Wood Chipper.

What We Love

Below we've listed some of the best features of this wood chipper, so make sure you give it a thorough read to help determine whether it's for you or not.

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Easy Manoeuvrability

We love how smooth and easy this garden waste shredder is to move this around- it features large, pneumatic tyres. These are designed to wheel around in a smooth, non-jerky motion.

Due to it's narrow footprint, it's also well-suited to smaller working areas, which many other garden shredder options (industrial ones especially), can't do. You get power and convenience in one!

Freedom and Versatility

There are many features which contribute to the versatility and freedom aspect of this garden shredder, in addition to the pneumatic tyres.

There's a handy adjustable chute, which allows you to easily control and direct where the waste in the collection box is deposited- your desired location in a hassle-free way.

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Cordless for Safety

This electric garden shredder (electric garden shredder types refer to cordless ones) is powered by petrol.

The elimination of cords makes these impact shredders easier and safer to use. No need to wrangle with any wires and cords, just pour in the fuel and you're ready to go.

Depending on the area of land you wish to cover, you may need to empty out the collection box often.

What Could Be Better

We were pleasantly surprised with this Titan Pro (most Titan tools garden related are very impressive anyway). There is one major aspect which could be improved, however- and that is the appearance.

It's non-conventional, but quite ugly. It does feature ergonomic design to allow the user to enjoy an easy and comfortable shredder experience, but a little extra design improvement would be nice on this appliance.

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Engine: Lifan, 6.5HP

Fuel Type: Petrol

Fuel Volume: 3.6L

Cutting Capacity: 35-60mm (standard); 2-35mm (reversed)

Blade Speed: 2880 rpm

Dimensions (WLH): 55 x 165 x 110 centimetres

Weight: 70 kilograms

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3) Bosch Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 

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Third on our list of the best garden shredder options for the UK in 2020 is the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 garden shredder.

Priced at around £200, Bosch always delivers on the quality of their products, which is visible in the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200. There's another buying option- the Bosch Pro Tools AXT 25 TC, which is double the price, but comes at much more features.

Read on for our review on the Bosch Pro Tools AXT 2200 Wood Chipper.

What We Love

Below we've listed some of the best features of this wood chipper, so make sure you give it a thorough read to help determine whether it's for you or not.

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Optimal Shredder

The Bosch AXT has two main features which improve the shredding quality.

Firstly, it features a twin-edged blade- this is designed to equally shred waste and debris in one go- no chunks. This blade is also reversible, meaning it essentially has twice the regular lifespan- just reverse it when you need a new one. The cutting capacity is 40 millimetres too, to offer high precision and sharp shreds.

Additionally, there's a plunger included to increase the total material throughput.

Large Collection Box

The AXT 25 TC (Bosch AXT 25 is pricier, and has a stronger motor) and the 2200 are both fitted with a Bosch PowerDrive motor. The AXT 2200 uses a 2200W motor.

The Bosch 2200 shredders also feature a large, patented collection box which allows for both a quick and easy feed.

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Comfortable to Use

In addition to the small body of this garden shredder, the Bosch best garden shredder weighs as little as 11.5 kilograms- which is light for an industrial/professional grade machine.

In addition, the fast-feed hopper and tamper allow you to easily fill and empty the garden shredder collection box. The material throughput of this garden shredder is around 90 kilograms/h.

The last feature we've not spoken about is the wheel design, which is great for easy manoeuvring of the garden shredder. This makes it optimal and comfortable to use in all types of gardens.

Maintenance Features

We're extremely pleased with all the additional care and maintenance offered with the Bosch 2200 shredders. There's a number of inclusive features including:

  • Certified Frustration-free packaging
  • Motor overload and restart protection
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee

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What Could Be Better

For the Bosch AXT range, we would be happier with a mid-range option between the £200 and £500 option. This would be suitable for many users, as not many individuals other than professionals would need to spend as much money as that for an appliance.

In addition, we would appreciate a great cutting capacity for the price paid- Bosch products usually do not fall short here, but this product seems to be lacking in that sense.

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Engine: Bosch PowerDrive Motor, 6.5HP

Power: 2200W

Cutting Capacity: 40 millimetres

Blade Speed: 3650 rpm

Dimensions: 7.54 x 4.34 x 3.71 cm

Weight: 12 kilograms

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4) Qualcast SDS2810 Garden Shredder

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Next on this handy guide to the best garden shredders is the Qualcast SDS2810. This garden shredder is also a heavy-duty work handler, with the ability to cut through around 42 millimetres in diameter!

We don't often talk about Qualcast products, so it's quite interesting to have had such a pleasant experience with one of their machines.

Read on for our review on the Qualcast SDS2810 Garden Shredders.

What We Love

Below we've listed some of the best features of this garden shredder, so make sure you give it a thorough read to help determine whether it's for you or not.

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Quick and Efficient

The Qualcast is an extremely powerful garden shredder that is able to perform shredding tasks in a fraction of the time other garden shredders would take. This is all down to the powerful, mighty 2800 watt motor packed in its body.

Like the Bosch we mentioned earlier, you benefit from a great deal of power, so ensure you always wear protective gear and know what you're doing- always keep children and pets away from these heavy, industrial machines.

Additionally, the blade (which is made of top-grade steel) speed is about 45 rpm, which isn't much at first, but it's well paired with the torque and power that drives this machine.


The steel blade rotates at 45 rpm with a 2800 watt motor- which is pretty powerful in itself.

Now when tested, this garden shredder was able to chip through branches around 45 millimetres in diameter- and this exceeds Qualcasts claim of 42 millimetres. We're highly impressed; this is the best garden shredder option for professional use simply because of the power that it packs.

There is an automatic feed function for additional safety and ease when using this powerful best garden shredder.

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Easy to Use

The collection box capacity of the Qualcast SDS2810 is exactly 60 litres. This allows you to efficiently cover vast areas of land without having to continuously empty out the collection box.

In addition to the expanded collection box, the cable length is also of a good length; 3 metres. This enables most users to circulate their lawn easily, however, for professional use, this may not be ideal. Professional who wish to use this product for parks and gardens may need to buy an extension cord.

There's also handy wheels which enable smooth and fast movement of the garden shredder around the area you're covering.

What Could Be Better

Although this shredder packs a punch of speed with the powerful motor it exhibits, we would love a higher rpm value. This would make the motor work to its full potential.

For professional use, it's best to go for a shredder (or any tools garden related) that has a high revolution rate, as this makes your work progress faster.

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Model: B00UGE9MSQ

Power: 2800W

Collection Capacity: 60 litres

Blade Speed: 45 rpm

Dimensions (HWD): 96.1 x 49.6 x 60.1 cm

Weight: 24 kilograms

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5) Ryobi RSH2845T Garden Shredders

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Finally on our list of the best garden shredders of 2020 in the UK is the Ryobi RSH2845T. These garden shredders come in a stunning lime-green hue on the body, as well as a robust metal frame.

Like the last product we mentioned, the Ryobi has a hefty 2800 watt motor too, which leaves you lawn with a clean, sharp razored effect.

Read on for our review on the Ryobi RSH2845T Garden Shredders.

What We Love

Below we've listed some of the best features of this garden shredder, so make sure you give it a thorough read to help determine whether it's for you or not.

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Silent Branch Chopper

One of the best, most noticeable features about the Ryobi RSH2845T is that it is so quiet- despite packing a mighty 2800-watt motor, you can barely hear it. This makes it especially great for early morning work.

The Ryobi uses a 2800-watt silencer motor which can even cut branches up to 45mm in diameter (we tried it successfully on a 46.5mm diameter branch).

The Ryobi RSH2845T is designed to incorporate cylindrical blades too, for accurate yet super-silent cutting. This is by far one of this garden shredder pick's standout features.

Robust Build

The Ryobi RSH2845T is designed to have a sturdy, resistant metal frame in addition to the sized up wheels- to give a more robust build to the machine.

This is again, great for professional use where the machine will be dealing with tough waste.

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Blockage Remedy

One handy feature that we appreciated about the Ryobi RSH2845T is the feature it includes to remedy blockages!

This shredder allows for reversal of rotational direction, which in return efficiently undos blockages which may be serving as a hindrance during your work.

Large Capacity

Lastly, another useful integration in the Ryobi RSH2845T is the massive waste tank fitted into it. The capacity of the shredders collection area is about 55 litres, making it ideal for professional use in gardens and parks, or even more multiple rounds in one's personal garden.

Having a large capacity for waste saves an awful lot of time when the shredders perform their task.

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What Could Be Better

There is one thing that we'd like here- a faster rate of rotations/revolutions. This would really optimise the 2800 watt motor power.

An increased rpm value would enable you to finish your lawn or area in a shorter amount of time, while ensuring your machine leaves a clean, crisp finish.

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Model: RSH2845T

Power: 2800W

Collection Capacity: 55 litres

Cutting Capacity: 4.5cm

Dimensions: 49 x 35 x 77 cm

Weight: 4 kilograms

We hope you enjoyed our review on the best shredders in the UK 2020. This comprehensive guide was written in hope that it leaves the reader with greater clarity on what they're looking for in shredders, as well as which shredder will suit them best.

Got time for two? Check out our site for loads of other DIY tools guides, How-to guides, individual product reviews, and much more. We update our content constantly, so you're getting the latest from us!

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