How To Fix Scroll Saw Vibration? Find Out Here!

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Why Is My Scroll Saw Vibrating Too Much? - Our Solutions!

One of the main drawbacks to a scroll saw is its vibration during use, it is common to have a vibration in scroll saws due to many factors, however. 

The most common reason for vibration in a scroll saw is because of their reciprocating movement, as the blades go up and down fast, it causes the machine to shake too. If your scroll saw is vibrating too much, however, there could be a bigger problem on hand. 

In our guide below, we will cover how scrolls saws create vibration as well as some tips for reducing the amount of vibration from your scroll saw. 

Let's get into it!

Why Do Scroll Saws Vibrate? 

First of all, let's talk about why scroll saws vibrate, to begin with. Even if you invest in the highest quality scroll saw it will still vibrate as this is how they cut materials. 

A scroll saw is mainly used for woodworking but can also cut of materials such as metal and plastic, they cut through scroll saw projects by rotating their scroll saw blade up and down which causes a smooth vibration, this can happen at a speed up to 2000rpm, which means 2000 times a minute. 

The vibration level of a scroll saw is moderate is mostly felt through the table rather than your scroll sawers hands, but if you have intense vibrations then you need to take so measures to reduce the vibration issue. 

Top Ways To Reduce Vibration In Your Scroll Saw 

If the vibration level of your scroll saw is high then it's a good idea to try and reduce the excessive vibration through some different methods. 

We will list a few ways to try out below. 

Bolt The Saw 

One of the best ways to eliminate excessive vibration from your type of scroll saw is by making sure it is bolted well to a table, you should also ensure that the surface you choose for your scroll saw is not wobbly as this can cause unnecessary vibration.

Use a Counterweight 

Most scroll saws will have a counterweight included with their design to keep vibration under control, first check that this is balanced and working then adjust to try and solve the excess vibration.

You can also try to get rid of incessant vibration by using a counterweight on the base of the saw, this could be a sandbag for example. Make sure that your handmade counterweight does not stop the scroll saw from cutting properly.

Try a Shock Absorber 

It could be worth buying some shock absorbers to place underneath your table, this comes with a thin foam-like material and can be glued easily underneath your table to reduce vibration while cutting. 

Look At The Saw 

For people who have tried the methods above, the last way to fix vibration is by looking at the saw in action itself. You can do this by turning on the saw and watching how it cuts, if the saw is not moving up and down how it should be then you might need to adjust the blade tension, this will be found in the manual of your saw.

It should be noted that cheaper scroll saws will often have more vibrations too as their bodies have more plastic parts than higher-quality models. 

Technique Tips For Stopping Vibration In Your Scroll Saw 

Another cause for excess vibration in your scroll saw could be down to how you are using the machine, if you are using it incorrectly then this could be causing more vibration than normal. 

Below we have listed three points to remember when functioning your scroll saw to reduce vibration. 

  • Hold it firm - Always make sure you are holding your wood firmly against the saw and keeping it flat.
  • Use steady pressure - You should always maintain constant pressure on your wood when cutting but avoid pressing too hard on the material, instead let the blade do most of the work and never turn your material to the side, always try and guide it through straight. 
  • Make use of the variable speed - Avoid having the speed of your scroll saw too high or too low, too low will cause the teeth of your blade to grab onto the material while too high can cause you to lose control of your grip.

Additional Tips For Reducing Vibration From Your Scroll Saw 

Using a scroll saw as a beginner is not easy, we have listed a few additional tips below to help you to use your scroll saw properly and get the best results out of your work, as well as ensure your comfort while woodworking. 

  • Choose softwood - Harder and thicker wood is much more challenging to cut than thinner wood, bear this in mind when you are starting. 
  • Practice makes perfect - Try practising with your scroll saw at a lower speed for cutting through the wood till you get the hang of your technique. 
  • Use a faster speed for hardwood - Hardwood will need a faster speed to cut through the dense material.
  • Try a different blade - Make sure you are using the right blade according to the material you are cutting, this could be contributing to vibration if you are using the wrong blade. 

Final Words 

To conclude, no matter the scroll saw you choose, they will always have a mild level of vibration due to the ways these power tools cut in a reciprocating motion. You can try our methods above to reduce vibration and always ensure you are cutting with the right technique to reduce vibration and increase comfort. 

We also suggest checking your blade tension and the type of blade you are using, incorrect blades on the material can be a cause for vibration as well as a safety hazard.


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