How Many Watts Does A Circular Saw Use? Find Out Here..

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Do Circular Saws Consume A Lot Of Power?

When choosing your best types of power tools, checking the electrical consumption is one of the first things you should do, this allows you to work out the powered requirements you need to run your circular saw, how much it will cost to run and its power in amps. 

On average, a circular saw using around 1,200 watts of electrical power as its running wattage power requirements and 2,400 watts to start up with, small circular saws however use around 900 watts for running electrical power. 

To find out more about the power usage of a circular saw and its requirements we have composed a short article below with all the details you need to know.

How Many Amps Does a Circular Saw Use? 

As well the amount of watts a circular saw uses you should consider the amperage of your model too, amperage refers to the amount of power supply the motor draws during use when the type of power system is switched on. 

On average for most circular saws this ranges between 13-15 amps of power.

Does RPM Affect a Circular Saws Power? 

RPM is very important as it shows how many rotations your circular saw blade can perform per minute, this is the greatest indicator of power for popular power tools like circular saws. 

Typically most circular saws have an RPM rating of around 5,600 rpm, but some models can go even higher to 9000 rpm, indicating the saw is more powerful.

How Powerful Should My Circular Saw Be? 

This all comes down to what you will be using your circular saw for, if you are using your saw for average DIY then a small circular saw the power of 900 watts should be sufficient, but for more heavy-duty tasks such as cutting concrete materials you need a higher wattage of around 1,700 watts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Circular Saws & Wattage

How does a cordless circular saw power system work? 

Cordless circular saws run with battery power to allow you to have more freedom when working, this is great for when you do not have a suitable power supply.

Can I reduce the power consumption of my circular saw? 

Lubricating and clean the blade of your circular saw can help reduce power consumption as it stops so much friction from building up which draws more motor power.

What inverter size do I need to run my circular saw?

Inverter size power consumption will depend on the power of your circular saw but on average a 2500 watt inverter should be enough for this job with extra reserved in case of a power surge.

Can I run a circular saw with solar power?

It is possible to use a solar generator to generate power for running your power tools but this all comes down to battery power inside of the generator.

Why is my circular saw experiencing power loss?

You might be having power loss in your circular saw if the motor is malfunctioning or the blade is damaged, these can all cause your machine to slow down and cut inaccurately with less power.

Final Words 

To conclude, circulars saws use around 1,200 watts of electricity on average but this differs according to the size of the saw and its motor, the higher the wattage, then the more powerful saw you have. You should additionally consider the amperage and RPM of your saw too so as you can get a clear idea of how much power the saw can deliver.


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