Bosch GKS 190 240V Circular Saw Review 2022 - 2023

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Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw

A circular saw, much like a mitre saw, uses a spinning blade to cut through materials. They can cut through wood, masonry, plastic and metal making it one of the most basic but must-have tools for any engineering profession. They can be both left-handed or right-handed depending entirely on where the motor is placed making it a diverse tool. A circular saw is the perfect tool for cutting clean and straight lines either across a board or along a board's length, again just justifying why this tool is so important to have in your arson.

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Corded Or Cordless?

A corded circular saw is able to provide more power as they do not need to be charged and so the power will not start to fade once the battery is low. In the long run, these will be cheaper as you will not need to replace the battery etc. They are also the more traditional of the two and have seen a vast improvement over the year thanks to new technology and innovations.

However, cordless circular saws have had a design rethink in recent years and are useful if you are working in an area with no power sauce so it really depends on where you are most likely to work as to whether or not you buy a cordless circular saw.

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What To Consider When Buying A Circular Saw?

Seeing as this is such a detrimental item to have in your arson, whether a professional engineer or a newbie, it is important that you are aware of what to look out for when on the hunt for a circular saw. Of course, like every other type of power tool, certain features are expected of every circular saw. For example, a blade guard helps to cover the blade when you aren't using the saw and is expected to be a natural part of a circular saw. However, some features will vary depending on the make and quality of the product.

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  • Speed - The higher the power of the motor, the quicker the blade can spin. This, in turn, will allow you to have more control over the handling of the saw which will then allow you to make more professional and accurate cuts to your material. The thing to look out for here is RPM (revolutions per minutes). The higher this number, the better.
  • Blades - As with any type of saw, the type of blade you use will have a detrimental effect on the quality and outcome of your work. The typical blade size for a circular saw is of 7.25", so keep an eye out for what size blade your saw requires as blades that vary from this size will be harder to find when they eventually need replacing.
  • LED laser - Handheld circular saws, while accurate, do need that extra guidance. This is why many saws are now equipped with a LED laser guide as allow for a straight cut. Check and see how well received the laser is for the circular saw you are planning on buying as this could be the key to precision.
  • Dust handling - Sawdust is an instant safety hazard when using circular saws as it has the potential to block your vision. here are two ways that manufacturers may choose to deal with the amount of sawdust that will be produced when cutting up materials:
    • Dust port - This is usually a tube that can connect to a vacuum hose to suck up all the dust that is produced by your saw in order to keep your line of vision clear.
    • Dust blower - The alternative is an attached dust blower that will blow away any sawdust that is disturbing your view.
  • Bevel adjustments - This is used to make the saw move to a range of angels to maximise the variety of jobs you can do with your circular saw

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Key Features Of This Circular Saw?

Bosch is a well-established company known for manufacturing and selling reliable and professional standard power tools. They are a global brand and are known to have standards matching Dewalt and Metabo, allowing them to have many trusted and loyal customers.

Their Professional GKS 190 circular saw is exactly what it says on the tin. Professional. With a cutting depth of 70mm and a bevel adjustment of 56 degrees, this really is a circular saw that allows you to push your hand-held cutting skills to the limit. Its compact tool design and fairly lightweight (998 grams) makes it easily accessible and enjoyable to use.

As discussed previously, the blade is the heart of any saw. The default blade that is supplied with this product is a 16 tooth TCT blade and one that would suffice until you felt the need to change it. However, if you are already supplied with a better more appropriate blade for your work, then Bosch makes it easy to interchange blades tool-free.

When you are not using your circular saw, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged. Bosch has you covered with a robust, highly enduring case that is easy to carry around making it perfect if you mover from job to job often.

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Any Common Issues?

For some who may not feel confident or comfortable handling a handheld circular saw quite yet, this may not be the saw for you. As stated, this is a professional tool and requires professional handling. This may be an issue for someone with no past experience and / or someone who lacks the strength to use such a powerful tool.

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