Worx 20V Cordless Hammer Drill Review 2021 - 2022

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The Worx 20V Cordless Hammer Drill is a solid option for those on the hunt for a lightweight, ergonomic and versatile power tool. Capable of drilling and screwing, into stone, wood and metal the Worx is the works. Cordless tools are a wonder, they're getting more and more powerful as batteries get bigger and better, meaning you can have cordless anything really- saws and wrenches. They're not just large screwdrivers anymore! In this case the Worx can hold its own against the bigger drills, without breaking the bank either.

About the Worx

WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries

To start, the hard case. The box is quite bulky, and it has a big ugly sticker on the side. Peel that off, and it looks much less like a migraine. Inside there are pre-moulded spaces for the drill body, two batteries and the charger. You don't get any drill bits beyond the standard double ended one, which clips onto the side of the body.

The drill itself is small and lightweight, weighing only 1.3kg, so you can use this for hours without getting worn down. It has a soft grip handle, which could be prone to wear and tear if you're using it in a rough environment.

Being small, the Worx can fit into narrow gaps - it is only a shade over 10cm in width - and once its in there a small LED light at the base of the body provides good lighting. I liked the position of the LED, some drills have one under the drill bit, I hadn't used one in this position before and preferred it as a position.

WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries

The battery life is long and as there are two, you won't be short on power. We cover the Power Share feature in more detail below, but essentially you can use the battery with other Worx tools.

The Worx is suitable for drilling and screwing. With 30 Newton-Metres of torque you can drive into stone with not much effort - not bad for a little thing. It has 20 different torque settings to choose from. You can choose between two settings of speed, high and low, these are around 350rpm and 1300rpm when unloaded. Of course, like any good hand-held, it runs in forward and in reverse. The chuck is keyless, and fits 10mm bits.

Worx 20V Cordless Hammer Drill Features

  • 2-speed gear box - choose between high-speed and high-torque
  • 30 Newton-Metres of torque
  • 1300rpm no load speed
  • Keyless chuck with 10mm width
  • Suitable for use with masonry, metal and wood
  • Includes two 20V 'Power Share' batteries
  • Built-in LED light
  • Lightweight at only 1.3kg
WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries
  • 10mm keyless chuck
  • 18+1+1 torque settings
  • 2-Speed variable speed
  • Forward and reverse Function
  • Power Share 20V battery is interchangeable with other 20V WORX tools

Professional or DIY?

To be honest, the Worx could be used for either less-intensive tradesmen or a keen DIY-er. In the time of writing this review it is hard to gauge the full durability of the product. However a reviewer on Amazon who is a plumbing engineer said they've used it for two years without any problems. Whilst plumbing might not call for the most rigorous of drilling action, two years is a healthy chunk of time.

Worx are owned by the same parent company as Rockwell drills. These guys generally make contractor grade drills, but this is a move into the consumer market. As such it costs less while still having some professional touches.

You have to provide your own bits, nothing but the standard double ended comes with the Worx. The amount of torque dished out by the Worx is hefty enough to deal with moderate professional needs. Although the trigger can feel a little sluggish to react at times - though this could be due to a low battery life.

WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries

Worx Power Share - the Sharing Economy

As the 'sharing economy' fades into irrelevance it has been picked up by Worx to use as their marketing moniker on the 'universal' battery pack, the Power Share. As long as you have another Worx bit of kit knocking around which uses 20V, you can, assuming it isn't really old either, use one battery for many different tools.

The charge time for batteries is long - around three hours - so you'll get good use out of that spare whilst the other is charging. Wait til you're charging over the air though.

Worx 20V Power Share Pros and Cons

WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries


  • Lightweight and ergonomic with a soft grip
  • Lots of torque for a little size - handles masonry, metal and wood
  • Suitable for home or professional use - excellent resilience
  • Built-in LED with upward facing illumination - perfect for small dark corners


  • No side handle grip attachment
  • No bits included
  • Slow to charge

What's the conclusion on the WORX WX366.5?

Worx have emerged as a strong brand name in the power tools department. They might not have the allure of a beefy Makita, Bosch or DeWalt, the orange colours might seem a bit bargain basement, but it is a good drill.

The strength of the thing is good enough for most projects, it holds its own with any other comparable handheld power drill. The torque is as good as you can get in this price range.

Top perks are the battery life and the LED positioning, combined with the size and the weight. What let's it down is the slow charge speed - though this is negated by the multiple batteries and the Power Share feature. So it seems you would really have to mess up your schedules and forget to charge everything before you're left without any power.

If you're already in the Worx stable, having a couple more of Power Share capable batteries with a decent hand-held cordless drill to boot isn't a bad way of looking at things.

WORX WX366.5 18V (20V Max) Cordless Combi Hammer Drill with x2 Batteries
  • 10mm keyless chuck
  • 18+1+1 torque settings
  • 2-Speed variable speed
  • Forward and reverse Function
  • Power Share 20V battery is interchangeable with other 20V WORX tools


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