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Top Portable Table Saws For Precision On The Move!

Portable table saws allow you to bring the workshop with you. Whilst mitre saws and reciprocating saws could be used in place of a table saw. You're ceding either accuracy or capacity in doing so. In both instances, you are also sacrificing time as they're not very efficient.

Instead, a portable table saw is perfect for working with wider pieces whilst out in the wild. The large rip areas on the table saws covered below are capable of easily laying some decking, modifying doors or altering floors.

Of course, it isn't just professionals who can find use for a portable table saw. If you're a DIY fan, having a table saw is a great addition to your workshop. But we get that you might also have a garage in your workshop, therefore being able to pack away your kit, or move it around to suit needs as they emerge is an important factor in buying something.

Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S Table Saw

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The Evolution Rage 5-S is not only a compact table saw, great for carting around, but a versatile table saw, capable of cutting a range of materials up to and including tiles. This is all down to Evolution’s patented and highly guarded multi-material cutting tech. 

With one blade you can swoop through a cornucopia of pieces, steel pipes, aluminium sheeting, wooden board and plastics. Something that nails the Evolution for DIYers is that you can cut through nails embedded in wood. Because trust me, as a salvager, all I seem to work with are pallets found round the back of Sainsburys, and they’re chock with wildly placed screws and scraps.

You do need to change the blade to unlock tile cutting, but once you do, hellfire, you’ve no reason to bring the tile cutter out with you.


  • Cuts multiple materials with ease at great depth
  • A full-length adjustable parallel fence set up
  • Rip cut through doors and especially wide floors
  • Japanese steel and tungsten tipped blade

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A note on ‘bringing it out with you’. Tradesmen looking at the Evolution and licking their lips need to remember to select the appropriately powered option - there is the 240 V domestique version and the 110 V site safe, hook-me-up-to-a-transformer version. You know what to do.

What makes the Evolution so portable are its wheels. Yes, this table saw comes with its own table. You can attach and remove the legs if you want to place it on a specific bench though. I can’t understate how nice it is to have such a heavy bit of kit on wheels. They’re not wobbly despite the appearance - a bit of a grandmother’s shopping basket.

The cutting capacity is rather good on the Evolution. We’re looking at a 1,800 watt motor, with a full metal gearbox. There’s a lot of torque being put out thanks to the design of the gears.

As mentioned above, the blade supplied is multi-purpose. It’s a tungsten carbide blade, crafted in Japan. The cut depth is 83mm straight through, or 58mm at a 45 degree angle - beefy. Beefier than even the Bosch and DeWalt.

Blade height can be changed to make precise cuts, which is necessary when cutting thin material pieces like metal sheeting. When it comes to mild steel plate or aluminium sheet you can slice through 6mm, no questions asked.

Evolution saws are very good for working metal. The blades are non-abrasive, cutting down on sparks, fumes, and debris - they also produce very little heat.

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You can handle the metal right away. This, taken with the power of the motor, produces a finish on metal that is instantly workable. Get right onto welding.

A word on the tile cutting  - you’ll require a different blade, which then requires a word on blades! Evolution do not use the common 30mm bore, they have the older (American) inch style. So - to cut tiles you’ll require either their segmented rim blade, which is available in 185mm (larger sizes do exist but won’t fit this 255mm table saw anyway). 

The segmented rim is perfect for natural stones, concrete or paving slabs. Unglazed ceramics also work with this type.

The second is the continuous rim - these are available in exactly 255mm - and these are the best for unglazed ceramics, while also handling ornamental stone very well indeed.

Back on the topic of wood, there are really clear angle settings for making bevel cuts. The tilt function lets you make increasingly complex and rigorous cuts to produce stunning moulds or details on furniture making.

The rip capacity on the Evolution is gigantic. At 650mm you can work on doors without having to flip over. 

All the dust - looking at you ceramic tiles - can be sucked away into the extraction system. Evolution even go as far as to include a 1.8m hose. This is a great touch, how many of you lazy readers would bother if they didn’t?

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Evolution is a strange company, they’re quite brash and to be honest you can see why. They make powerful tools and sell them at reasonable prices. They want your business. A study, they conducted, found that their multi-material cutting technology was appreciated by 93% of tradesmen. 

The fact you can buy the Rage in a 110 V or 240 V is a very good move. And lastly, on portability, those wheels. Scoot scoot, cutting to do.

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Technical Specifications

  • Power - 1800 Watts
  • Supply - 110 V or 240 V
  • Table Surface Area - 1200 mm by 640 mm
  • Cutting Capacity
    • Sheet Metal - 6 mm
    • Wood (90 degrees) - 83 mm
    • Wood (45 degrees) - 58 mm
  • Rip Capacity
    • Left - 305 mm
    • Right - 650 mm
  • Blade
    • Diameter - 255 mm
    • Bore - 25.4 mm (1")
  • Includes
    • Dust Hose, TCT Multipurpose Blade, Mitre Gauge, Anti-Bounce Device, Adjustable Rip-Fence, Push Stick, Blade Change Tool

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DEWALT DW745-GB Heavy Duty Table Saw

DeWalt have two similar table saws in our collection of portable machines. This is the corded version of their impressively cordless XR FlexVolt table saw. At first glance, you're hard pushed to see the difference, then you notice the power cable.

Weighing in at 22kg and wrapped in a steel roll cage, the DW745 is a sturdy beast. I had no difficulty pushing my pieces through, as it just sits where you put it. Thanks gravity.

That roll cage is really useful protection, Bosch have a similarly aimed table saw, and it looks a little more exposed. I think a mobile table saw must have some protection from the elements. And by elements, I mean a plank carrying a plank and smacking your very expensive saw in its 'face'.

Inside that face is an 1850 watt motor, vibe check. Did you know that DeWalt make this in a site-safe 110 V and a domestic safe 240 V version? Now you do.

The 110 V version is only available in the UK, and has a smaller motor - 1300 W. The 1850 watt version is for all those plugging into 240 V.

When cutting, you have a 610mm rip capacity. The table extends along a rack and pinion system. This is much more sturdy and solid than some nonsensical grips or clamps.


  • Large rip capacity of 610 mm
  • Rip and pinion extender system
  • Adjustable fence
  • Fast motors in the 110 V (UK only) and 240 V versions

The blade which comes with the saw is a twenty-four toothed tungsten carbide tipped affair. Suitable for wood and plastic. You can get through sheet metal with the DeWalt too though.

With an adjustable blade, the ability for making mitre cuts and bevel cuts is there. The cutting capacity at a 45 degree angle is 57mm, which will see you through standard 2" pieces. On a straight cut, you can saw through a maximum of 77mm.

There is a front and rear fence locking system, which is guided by some scales (measured in metric and imperial). All this gives you the ability to cut confidently and cleanly.

Speaking of clean - you can fit a dust extraction system onto the model. To keep away the dust.

A riving knife sits above the blade, as part of the guard. This can be removed, or you can use it to add those lovely slots and fine carvings on furniture and cabinets.


As far a power and precision goes, this is a great tool. This DeWalt has a superior cutting depth over the cordless version we trial below. However, the cable, does it really affect portability to the point we'd recommend the cordless version? No. We're used to cables, and this way you get a more powerful saw. We're not quite in battery world yet when it comes to power tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Power  - 1850 W (1300 W on 110 V model)
  • No-load Speed - 1,300 RPM
  • Blade
    • Diameter - 250 mm
    • Arbour - 30 mm
  • Bevel Range - -3 to +48 degrees
  • Maximum Rip Capacity
    • Left - 610 mm
    • Right - 315 mm
  • Maximum Cut Depth
    • 90 Degrees - 77 mm
    • 45 Degrees - 57 mm
  • Table Area  - 630 mm x 570 mm
  • Weight - 22kg
  • Dimensions
    • W / L / D - 742 mm / 577 mm / 425 mm
  • Includes; Mitre fence, parallel fence, dust extraction port reducer, a push stick, Series 30 24 tooth saw blade, blade changing tools


Bosch Professional GTS 10 J Corded 240 V Table Saw

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The Bosch GTS 10 J is a superb table saw. It ticks our boxes for being portable and powerful. The 1,800 watt motor has a supreme cutting capacity of 79mm. Its design is sturdy and easy to carry with integrated handles.

Bosch have some excellent technology under the hood in their Professional range of tools - like their compound mitre saw - which includes Soft Start for handling all that power. They also have overload protection for when things get too spicy.

The design includes specific carrying handles, because this thing does weigh 27kg. You have a table area that is 642mm by 634mm. The cutting area is 635mm on the right hand side, and 255mm on the left.

The rip area can be expanded by up to 455mm when you pull out the table. Giving you a meter in total to work with. that's a decent rip zone, and larger than the DeWalt versions covered in this guide.

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  • 1800 watt motor will buzz through anything
  • Weighs a stonking 27kg but has dedicated handles to take the weight
  • 79mm cutting capacity
  • Extendable working area, and it is large to begin with

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When cutting the last thing you want is to have extra tools for adjusting things. Bosch have tool-less features to combat this, especially notable is the height adjusting riving knife, which is great for cutting ventilation slots.

Where there are tools, such as the mitre gauge, rip fence and guard, these are tucked under the table in a satisfactory manner.

The wheels and knobs used for adjusting bevels and depths are well designed and durable. They sit next to the big red stop button.

The base design isn't as robust as the DeWalt, the roll cage is less pronounced, but all in all the build quality is palpable. Especially on the extending rails, which a lesser manufacturer might have skimped on.

Buying with Bosch is great because they are very thorough with their accessories and parts. Should you need to find a replacement, all order codes are given on their website, along with a dedicated help page for such eventualities.

There's also a dust extraction port, which I think is essential for anyone doing some prolonged work.


Bosch know how to make a good tool. This table saw is portable, though it is heavy, and it has power that won't let you down. The design overall is outstanding, although perhaps a bit less rugged than DeWalt's comparable machines.

I like the dust extraction system and the technology involved in protecting the motor and your body parts.

[amazon fields="B00CLO8VZO" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Technical Specifications

  • Power - 1800 Watts
  • No-load Speed - 3650 rpm
  • Blade
    • Diameter - 254 mm
    • Bore - 30 mm
  • Cutting Depth - 79mm
  • Weight - 27kg
  • Maximum Cutting Capacity
    • Left - 635 mm
    • Right 255 mm
  • Table Size - 642 mm by 634 mm
    • Extends by - 455 mm
  • Dimensions
    • (L, W, H) - 635 mm, 705 mm, 325 mm

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DeWalt XR Flex Volt Table Saw

[amazon fields="B01HRYN30U" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Introducing a world-first, da da, it's a cordless table saw. DeWalt have put batteries in a table saw, what's more, they're XR batteries, so you can be looking at your XR drill driver and XR plunge saw with some power-sharing eyes.

We all know DeWalt make a tool that can take a bit of a beating. This table saw is no exception, perfectly sized and equipped for journies too and from the site, it has a massive 54 V brushless motor which can process fifty meters of material on a single charge.


  • A 22kg weight and compact size footprint
  • The roll cage is steel and will protect the saw from any knocks, drops and scrapes
  • Advanced features on the fence make for highly precise cuts
  • The 54 volt brushless motor is insanely high powered

[amazon fields="B01HRYN30U" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

If you're doing some flooring, sizing up panels, creating forms or laying decking the DeWalt Flex can show its muscles and get the job done.

Built to last with a solid steel roll cage, you can 'safely' drop the saw, without having too much of a heart attack. Although of course we suggest you don't go about dropping a saw the price of a old second hand Ford Fiesta.

With a rip capacity of 610mm, you'll be comfortable processing even large panels. The cutting depth is a hefty 65mm when making straight cuts. And you can angle the blade to 45 degrees, and still get through 45mm of material. That's not quite enough to bevel or mitre a piece of 2" timber in one go though, damn it DeWalt.

The fence is based on a rack and pinion gear system, very smooth, very accurate. There are locks on the front and rear of the fence for extra security, plus some large scales allow you to easily see your measurements. I'm just surprised they haven't bunged a laser on it.

This saw offers complete freedom of movement around the worksite. The battery life is sufficient for cutting 50 meters of 18mm boards. As part of the FlexVolt range, you can all the power of a corded tool but the flexibility (yes) of a cordless when you need it.

Surprisingly, there is no way to fit a dust extraction system into proceedings. Bosch have done so, but then they have a corded machine. Adding a dust port would bump this saw up even higher in my rankings.

[amazon fields="B01HRYN30U" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


A cordless table saw is pretty futuristic, and just wait for wireless charging, thankfully DeWalt have the sense to let you plug the 7845 into the mains too. When it comes to portability, it cannot really be beaten, despite the 21kg weight. Batteries edge it any day when we start talking about portability.

In terms of cutting capacity, this saw is a professional beast. Though all in all it is probably overpowered and over-spec'd for a DIY buyer. Although we have a range of budget table saws which are likely to be of interest there.

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Technical Specifications

  • No-load Speed - 5,800 rpm
  • Blade
    • Diameter - 210 mm
    • Bore - 30 mm
  • Bevel Range - -3 to +48 degrees
  • Maximum Rip Capacity
    • Right - 610 mm
    • Left - 318 mm
  • Maximum Cut Depth
    • 90 Degrees - 65 mm
    • 45 Degrees -45 mm
  • Weight - 21kg
  • Dimensions
    • W, L, H - 605 mm, 605 mm, 330 mm
  • Sound
    • Power - 100 dB
    • Pressure - 86 dB

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Dirty Pro Tools Table Saw

The Dirty Pro Tools table saw is a base unit you can place on a work table or workbench. It has an 8” blade and an extendable work table. For DIY and hobbyists, this portable table saw is an ideal accompaniment and addition to a growing workshop.

[amazon fields="B07F8WNJ3C" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

The height of the unit itself is about 30cm. When placed on a workbench this gives a very amenable working position. The working area measures 525mm by 400mm, this is extended by another 200mm when you slide out the extra panels.


  • Extendable table size for easy cutting
  • The 1200 watt motor clocks 4,800 rpm
  • Attach and secure the fence at both ends for safety

[amazon fields="B07F8WNJ3C" value="button"]


Being that the Dirty Pro Tool has a 240 V connection, this is not actually suitable for a pro, who would need something suitable for 110 V on-site or in many workshops.

When cutting you can adjust the height of the blade, and the angle. This is set at either 90 degrees for straight cuts, or 45 degrees so you can start to make some mitre and bevels, without the need for a full-on mitre saw. Although DIY fans might be interested in a good, yet affordable mitre saw too.

The maximum cutting depth is 60mm, and you'll find it takes blades with a 30mm bore. The motor is 1200 watts and has a no-load RPM of 4,800.

There are the usual safety features, the nice big safety button is located on the side, under the surface of the table. Weighing only 15kg, this is a nice and portable table saw. The weight also helps the saw to feel sturdy on the side when cutting.

You can adjust the fence and anchor it at both sides, which is very secure and perfect for simple DIY jobs.

Unfortunately, there is no way to attach a dust extraction system, so things get a little dusty when cutting.

Even though the Dirty Pro is portable in size, it does not have a battery system. You do require mains power, which makes it not fully portable.


The Dirty Pro Tools 8" table saw is a great choice for amateurs, DIY fans and hobbyists. The blade can cut through some 60mm of material, and you have the option to alter the angle. This little machine is very competitively priced and has a decent amount of power considering this fact.

For a portable table saw you don't always expect dust extraction, again the cost is a factor here, this feature is not essential but nice to have, especially these days when we're all becoming more aware of the health implications surrounding airborne particles.

[amazon fields="B07F8WNJ3C" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Technical Specifications

  • Power - 1200 Watts
  • Mains - 230-240 Volts
  • Frequency - 50 Hertz (Hz)
  • No-load Speed - 4,800 rpm
  • Blade Angle - 0 - 45 degrees
  • Blade
    • Diameter - 202 mm
    • Arbour - 30 mm
    • Kerf - 2.8 mm
  • Table Area - 525 x 400 mm
  • Weight - 15kg

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I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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