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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Electric Tile Cutter Is The Einhell TC-TS 2025/2 U!

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Electric tile cutters are a fantastic time-saving tool. It is important to consider whether you're going to want a versatile cutter, or something, especially for tiles. Wet saws are tile specific, and dry saws can handle tiles, but might produce a worse cut if they're not highly powered, or the tile is too thick.

Some say you can cut tiles without a cutter, but they're arduous means. These electric tile cutters do it far better.

Rubi 55905 – DU-200 Evo UK 230 V-50Hz

The Rubi DU-200 EVO is a standalone electric tile cutter. Resting on fold-out legs with the blade on a rail above the cutting surface, you can easily handle ceramic tiles making this an ideal accompaniment when installing wall and floors in bathrooms, kitchens and elsewhere.

The legs are easy to fix and replace. The body has wheels and a handle to allow you to comfortably transport the tile cutter from room to room and job to job. Weighing a total of 22.5kg you'll be thankful for those little caster wheels and handle.

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Rubi C3 System - 'keep your cool'

When cutting tiles you need some way to keep things cool. Rubi call their cooling system the 'C3 System'. The EVO has an external water tank that is easily cleaned, emptied and refilled, it has a capacity of 8 litres. The chassis is designed with this efficiency in mind. The water collection system collects up to 50% more water than previous Rubi tools.

An 8 watt water pump with added refrigeration and a flow control valve modifies the flow rate to different types of ceramic material.

Rubi's Motor and Cut Capacities

When it comes to cutting, the Rubi DU-200 EVO is certified to cut through BIII type tiles and glazed stoneware tiles of BIIa type. All Rubi cutters come with a 200 mm blade, with a continuous ring of diamond. The blade is of the CEV-SUPERPRO type, the best generalist for cutting ceramic tiles.

It is possible to cut porcelain with this machine, but you'll need a different blade and the cooling capacities are quickly exceeded when doing so - despite the cooling system.

The various breaking capacities do change and vary, they are dependent on the position of the mobile head, the position the special flanges are in and the diameter of the disc you are using.

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The head runs across the top of the cutting surface area and is mounted onto four sliding bearings. You can adjust the bearings and fold the position in order to make mitre cuts when filling in the edges of rooms, or attempting some parquet tiling.  They are able to fold to 45 degrees to perform dazzling mitre cuts. The handle is made from two materials to improve the grip, nice and ergonomic.

There are lateral stops you can set for making repetitive cuts, ensuring you make the right cut every time. And an adjustable square lets you set angles from 0 to 45 degrees.

The direct-drive motor has a thermal protector and insulator. The Rubi DU-EVO range of electric cutters are all equipped with a 1.1 horsepower, or 0.8kW motor. Rubi's motor is rated at 2,915 rpm without any load on it. The re-inforced fixings are very reassuring over time and provide ballast to the sturdiness of the machine overall.

A corrugated tube protects the power cable and the water pipe. This runs above the rail to connect into the motor. You can replace this quite easily should you find it gets worn down. The Rubi DU-200 EVO comes with a power cable, again this can be replaced quite easily.

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Design and Dimensions

In total, the Rubi EVO has a cutting length of 65cm. This is in a straight line, running at a diagonal, mitre cut, you can cut 45cm. On a straight cut, the maximum depth is 40mm, the thickness of the mitre cut is 20mm.

The Rubi also has a built-in ruler, in inches and millimetres, and a visible angular measurement device. There is little aligning to do out of the box.


  • Adjustable mitre cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Comfortable working height of 65cm
  • Comes with quality blade
  • Foldable head
  • S3 cooling system


  • Cannot cut concrete or porcelain
  • Not available in 110 V specification for site usage
  • Legs are slightly flimsy, but are at least a standard tube size for repairs

DU-200 EVO Conclusions

The Rubi is a really nice piece of tile cutting kit, I like the water recycling system very much indeed. The angled head feels sturdy in your hand, and the whole cutting process is rather smooth.

On the downside, the legs feel a little flimsy, this design could have been improved upon but as they're a standard tube diameter, repair shouldn't be too much of an issue.

As for what it cuts, it is a shame the cutter won't consistently handle porcelain, something the larger versions of the cutter do manage.

Rubi's Technical Specifications

  • Cutting length - 65 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length - 45x45 cm
  • Cutting height - 40 mm
  • Mitre Thickness cut - 20 mm
  • Power supply - 230V-50Hz (UK)
  • No load speed - 2915 rpm
  • Outside diameter - 200 mm
  • Overall Dimension (Length, Width, Height) - 117 x 39 x 102 cm
  • Net weight - 22.5 kg

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KATSU Tile Cutting Saw 450W

The Katsu tile cutter is the perfect tile cutter in my opinion. In terms of price, power and size, I don't think anything can beat it. The cutter is essentially cut a body, there are no legs, it sits on some small feet, but stands alone.

The weight of it is reassuring and familiar. The table is cut over a foot in length and width. It sits about ten centimetres deep. You can make straight or chamfer cuts with the Katsu, and it is a wet saw, so it produces no dust.

It has a double insulated motor, reassuring when you're working with a wet saw. And a 1.5m long cable, this could be a little longer in my opinion, but then you start to get into compactness problems.

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  • Slim body and design makes it easy to store and move
  • Table extends by up to 10cm
  • Offers straight cuts and chamfer cuts
  • A wet saw produces no dust

The compact size of the Katsu really endears me, you might not be able to make the sophisticated range of cuts the RUBI can make, but it has a simplicity that reminds me of renovating houses with my father. The small square which can accomplish so much. Ah happy days.

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Katsu Conclusions

For the price, you will be unlikely to find a better tool for the job. Being electric means you're saving your arms when laying a kitchen or bathroom floor. The chamfer cut works a treat and produces a nice finish. All in all this tile cutter has a lot of strengths and not many weaknesses. Buy!

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Katsu Tile Cutter Technical Specifications

  • Power - 450 W
  • Mains - 230 V (50 Hz gear motor)
  • No-load Speed - 5400 rpm
  • Blade Size - Φ110 x Φ 22.23 x 1.8mm
  • 90° Max. Cut Height - 23 mm
  • 45° Max. Cut Height - 16 mm
  • Max Cut Height - 23 cmm
  • Saw Blade Angle - 0 - 45°
  • Work Area Size - 305 mm x 330 mm
    • Extended Size - 305 mm x 395 mm
  • Total Table Depth - 100 mm

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Einhell TC-TS 2025/2 U!

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Einhell TC-TS 2025/1 Table Saw

Quality German engineering strikes again. The Einhell TC-TS table saw is a large, sturdy table saw perfect for cutting through not only ceramic tiles, but MDF boards, wood and plastics - different blades may be necessary to ensure the cleanest cuts.

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Einhell have a great range of power tools and are one of our low key favourites at, this table saw has excellent angle adjustments and power.

This is an ideal tool for the ambitious DIY worker, or handyman. The motor is 1800 W and clocks around 5000 rpm. The blade can be adjusted in two ways in terms of height and at a mitred angle of 0 to 45°. This range of adjustment makes this a multi-material table saw.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro - Cuts a range of versatile materials and angles
  • Con - This is a dry saw, not a wet saw
  • Pro - Incredibly sturdy
  • Con - Requires different blades for tile cutting

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Extending boards fold out on the left and right of the work surface area. The standard area is already ample, at 64cm by 48cm, but you can add a further 20cm on each side through the panels. Perfect for dealing with wide workpieces, or somewhere to put your tea.

As the table surface is anodised it has impressively frictionless sliding properties. You can really get a flow going and do some precise, rapid sawing.

Einhell's Features

  • Comes with a professional tungsten-carbide tipped saw blade
  • Quickly clamp the rip fence in place for optimum cut performance
  • The cross stop has an angle scale running from -60° to + 60°
  • Sturdy base frame for reassuring cutting

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The blade has a curved guard which reduces the chances of any shrapnel, it connects into an extraction system, with a 36mm port, for sucking away any chips or dust that accumulates.

For measuring and easy processing of cuts, the parallel stop is controlled with a robust eccentric clamp. I like the feel of this, as opposed to the levers found elsewhere. The cross stop is controlled with another suitably robust mechanism, the wheel on the underside of the table.

Einhell's construction quality is another thing to like, the base frame is highly stable, more so than the RUBI mentioned above. It also has a holder for tools, making it a compact and organising piece of equipment - 'everything in the Einhell'. This goes for the power cable too, sometimes overlooked, but you can neatly stash it so it is free from damage.

For safety reasons, there is an overload switch which will kick in when you need it. The push stick, another safety must-have, has its own holder so it won't get lost and is right there when you need it.

A Summary of the TC-TS

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The Einhell TC-TS is a really adept table saw. As a table saw it isn't especially suited to tiles, cutting dry means you will likely create more chips than if you were using a wet saw. For the DIY enthusiast, this table saw is very appealing.

Einhell's TC-TS has a build quality that is very robust. The designers haven't skimped just because it isn't a heavy-duty power tool. If you're looking for an electric saw, for cutting tiles, but also a range of materials, the Einhell is worth considering.

Those looking to process a lot of tiles would do better looking elsewhere, a dry saw just won't handle the volume. Perhaps a manual tile cutter if you're on a budget or maybe the Katsu also mentioned in this article would suit these readers better.

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Einhell's Technical Specifications

  • Mains supply - 220-240 V  @ 50 HZ
  • Power  - 1800 W
  • Maximum Power (S6 / S6%) - 2000 W / 25%
  • Idle Speed - 5000 rpm
  • Blade Diameter - 250 mm
  • Blade Arbour - 30 mm
  • No. Saw Teeth - 24
  • Swivel range of blade - 45 degrees
  • Max. Cut Height at 45° - 65 mm
  • Max. Cut Height at 90° - 85 mm
  • Height adjustment - 0 - 85 mm
  • Diameter of extraction adapter - 36 mm
  • Working Height - 850 mm
  • Size of Work Table - 640 mm x 487 mm
  • Table Extender Left - 640 mm x 200 mm
  • Table Extender Right - 640 mm x 200 mm

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