Best Drill Bits For Your Money - Reviewed In 2022 - 2023

Last Updated On August 19, 2021 By Elliot

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Drill Bit Is The Bosch 2607017195 91-Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set!

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The Best Drill Bits Reviews & Buying Guide

Having the right drill bit for your standard drill is essential for you to be able to drill through various materials such as sheet metal or holes in wood. 

Using the wrong drill bit timer after time will increase the chances of ruining the material you are drilling or damaging the drill itself, it is also important to get the right size range of drill bits for your drill which is determined by your drill's chuck. 

So to help your narrow down the best drill bits set for your power drills model, we have rounded up and reviewed some of the best drill bit set out there that can drill through a variety of material to ensure you never stuck without the right drill bit for you DIY project again. 

Our Favourite Drill Bit Set -

The Bosch 2607017195 91-Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set (Editor's Choice!)

This Bosch titanium drill and screwdriver bit set are great for drilling on all kinds of material such as wood, masonry and metal. 

Included within the set is; 11 metal drill bits measuring between 2-8mm, 11 masonry drill bits measuring between 3-10mm and 8 wood drill bits which can be used of softwood, hardwood and plastic. 

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Along with the clean drill bits, there is also a size range of screwdriver bits included ranging between 50mm and 25mm to use on both handheld and stationary drills. Extra accessories inside the package of drill bits are a universal holder and countersink as well as a magnetic rod and countersink. 

All of the titanium nitride drill bits are said to have up to 40% faster drilling than typical brands of drill bits thanks to their nitride coating and are all stored inside the Bosch plastic casing. 


To conclude, this Bosch titanium drill set and screwdriver bit set contains an excellent size range and variety of drill bits for drilling into brick, wood or metal with no issues thanks to its titanium coating which has a long lifespan. 

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This kit is also great value for money due to the screwdriver and metal magnet included. 

Negatives of this Bosch titanium drill and screwdriver set have to be the ratchet screwdriver included which is reported to break easily, it has also been stated some of the titanium drill bits are wonky. 


  • Metal, masonry and wood drill bits included with great size range. 
  • Screwdriver bits ranging between 25mm and 50mm. 
  • Magnetic rod for finding bits. 
  • Ratchet screwdriver included. 
  • Fast drilling. 
  • Titanium nitride coating to prevent heat buildup.

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  • Poor quality screwdriver included.
  • Some titanium drill bits are reported to be wonky.

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Our Compact Runner Up - The Makita D-47173 18Pc Mixed Drill Set Metal Box

If you are looking for a compact-sized and affordable mixed drill set to carry around with you on DIY jobs, this Makita drill bit set might be worth checking out. 

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Included within this drill set is an 18 mixed piece drill set which has the following; 6 drill bits for wood, 6 drill bits for metal and 6 drill bits for masonry, all drill bits have a size range between 4mm and 10mm. 

The Makita drill bits are stored inside their metal storage box which has dimensions of 38x111x155 mm. 


For people who want a simple basic drill bit set for wood, masonry and metal, this affordable small kit by Makita is a perfect choice. 

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Although small, the main drill bits are of very high quality and don't snap easily, allowing them to work well with heavy-duty drills for hardcore drilling. 

Downfalls of this small mixed drill set by Makita has to be the lack of size range which does not include useful 2mm and 1mm drill bits, the case for the drill bits is additionally said to be hard to open. 


  • Excellent durability. 
  • Compact portable case. 
  • Size range between 4mm and 6mm. 
  • For metal, masonry and wood. 

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  • Case can be hard to open. 
  • Size range does not include 1mm and 2mm drill bits. 

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Terratek 246pc Combination Drill Bit Set

The highly-rated Terratek 246 piece combination drill bit set is perfect for all kinds of power drills and comes at a very affordable price. 

Specs-wise, the combination set features drill bits containing; 57pc titanium steel HSS twist drill bits, 30pc HSS black oxide drill twist bits, 17pc wood drill bits, 4pc flat wood drill bits and 21pc masonry drill bits for all your woodworking needs. 

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This Terratek drill bit set also contains 66 pieces of screwdriver bits measuring 25mm and 30 pieces of 50mm screwdriver bits. For the hex pieces, six pieces are included, and all the bits are stored in a hard plastic case. 

A two-year warranty is included with this combination drill set for buyers confidence. 


Overall, this drill bit set by Terratek is great for people who are looking for light-duty drills bits for wood or soft metal as it includes all the common sizes needed. 

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We also like this drill bit set thanks to the case included which keeps all the package of drill bits organised and easy to carry around. 

Drawbacks of this drill bit set by Terratek have to be the overall flute durability which is said to be poor, with many users reporting the drill bits to break easily after a couple of uses and not hold up to heavy-duty drilling. 


  • Great value for money. 
  • Screwdriver and titanium bits with hex pieces included. 
  • Great size range of 50mm and 25mm screwdriver bits. 
  • Plastic casing. 
  • Two-year warranty.

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  • Poor quality is said to not be durable for a time after time drilling.

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VonHaus 246pc Drill Bit Set & Carry Case 

VonHaus are well known for their reliable design of tools, and this drill bit set is a great long-lasting tool accessory to consider investing in.

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In terms of specs, the drill bit set has 246 pieces in total for masonry, wood, plastic and metal and all the drill bits universal can fit on any kind of tool. Total for each type of drill bit is; 87 HSS twist drill bits, 22x wood drill bits, 21x masonry drill bits, 2x hex shank keys, 4x drill stops and more. 

For design, all of the drill bits are made out of chrome vanadium and the set includes extras such as hole saws, a countersink and wood flat drill bits. This set comes in an orange and black durable VonHaus carry case. 


To conclude, this VonHaus drill bit set and carry case is one of the best options on our list if you are looking to make all sizes of drill holes possible thanks to the large variety of sizes including making it possible to drill any kind of project. 

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Negatives of this drill bit set by VonHaus has to be the durability of the bits, many have reported the bits to snap easily and drill through material very slowly. 


  • 246 piece set with masonry bits, wood drill bits and twist drill bits. 
  • Chrome vanadium material. 
  • Orange and black carry case. 
  • Includes hex shank keys and countersink. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Variety of sizes.

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  • Low durability and slow drilling. 

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Dewalt DT7935B-QZ Hammer drill bit-Set 

The Dewalt hammer drill bit set features an SDS-plus heavy-duty shank design on all its bits for a corded/cordless hammer drill.

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Ten pieces of drill bits are included each with a maximised central core for better energy transmission, for storage, these drill bits are stored in the Dewalt tough case too which has adjustable dividers and additional storage capacity. 


If your after high-quality drill bits for your hammer drill then this Dewalt drill bit set is worth it, the drill bits are made with a quality tip design for easy and fast drilling and despite being quite expensive for the small amount, they are worth it for the durability. 

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Drawbacks of this hammer drill bit set by Dewalt has to be size range with some drill bits being repeated, it is also worth noting that these drill bits do not work with standard drill chucks. 


  • SDS- plus heavy-duty shank design. 
  • Maximised central core. 
  • Tough durable case. 
  • Ten pieces of hammer drill bits.

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  • Little size range. 
  • Does not work with standard drill chucks. 

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Which Are The Best Drill Bits For All Round Use?

To conclude our top drill bit reviews, the best drill bit set on our list for all-around use with a great size range and durability is the Bosch 2607017195 91-Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set. 

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We rate this Bosch drill bit and screwdriver set as our top model thanks to its huge variety of drill bits and screwdriver bits as well as great size range, making the kit excellent value for money compared to other brands of drill bits. 

For a more compact second choice, we would suggest checking out the Makita D-47173 18Pc Mixed Drill Set Metal Box, this 18 piece mixed drill bit set not only has a masonry drill bit set but also for wood and metal and are made to withstand heavy-duty use. 

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We didn't place this Makita set as our number one due to its lack of size range which does not include smaller sized drill bits. 

What To Look For In The Best Drill Bits (Our Buying Guide)

Choosing the right kind of drill bits for individual tools, materials and hole sizes is not as simple as it seems, which is why you can end up using the wrong drill bit and damaging your material. 

We have put together a small buying guide below that will cover the main types of drill bits out there, the types of coatings they come with and what to look for in your best drill bit set. 

Let's get into it. 

Types Of Drill Bits 

Before we get into how to choose the best drill bits for your tool, we need to cover the different types that are on the market so as you can be sure you are buying the right type of drill bit set for your DIY use. 

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  • Twist drill bits - Twist drill set bits are the most common types of drill bits on the market and are best for all purposes use on light metals, wood or plastic.
  • Masonry drill bits - These are a larger drill bit type and are perfect for heavy-duty use on a dedicated masonry drill for bricks and cement holes.
  • Countersink drill bits - Countersink drill bits are used to make pilot holes on surfaces to enable smoother drilling.
  • Glass drill bits - Drilling into the glass is pretty impossible without the right glass drill bits that will not shatter the material around. 
  • Tile drill bits - Great for drilling through ceramic tile without cracking or shattering it.
  • Forstner drill bits - Perfect for creating those flat drill holes in wood that don't go all the way through.
  • Auger drill bits - This looks like an extra-long twist drill set and has a sharp point making the bit useful to get through materials such as wood quickly due to its screw-like shape.

Types Of Drill Bit Coatings 

As well as there being different types of drill bits on the market there is also a range of bit coatings to be aware of too, drill bit coatings can impact how quickly your drill bit drives through the material, heat buildup and the overall durability of the bit. 

We have listed the common types of coatings below. 

  • Black oxide drill coating - This type of black oxide drill coating is perfect for plastics, wood, metals and composites, the coating prevents corrosion and stops friction when drilling. These are however not great for heavy-duty use as the coating wears down quickly meaning you are left with dull drill bits which cannot be sharpened.
  • Titanium nitride drill coating - These types of titanium coating drill bits are a little more heavy-duty than black oxide bits and can heat buildup much better, they do not however work well for drilling concrete.
  • Colbat drill coating - Colbat drill bits are fairly old school and can be sharpened as the coating never wears off, they can typically be used on any kind of material and are a little higher priced than other bits with the coatings above. 

Top Specs To Consider The Best Drill Bit Set 

Other than the types of bit and coatings that come with your drill bit set, you should consider some other specs such as the size range and extras included. 

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We have listed the essential features to be watching out for in your best drill bit set below. 

  • Material - Typically, most drill bits are made of carbides which are great for sharpness but are typically more brittle, you can also find expensive drill bits made of HSS (high-speed steel) which is very durable. Along with these two types of material, soft carbon steel and high carbon steel is also used but you have to be careful not to overheat the drill bit here. 
  • Coating - Titanium nitride as we mentioned above is the best type of durable coating you can look for on your drill bit set, black oxide tends to be used on lower quality drill bits and won't last as long.
  • Size range - The set you choose must have a large range of sizes for different drilling uses, the more variety, the better as you never know what hole diameter you may need to drill.
  • Use - Consider what material you are most likely going to be using your drill bits on and get the right set accordingly, for example, if you are going to be mainly drilling wood, don't bother investing in masonry bits, or if you are not sure what you will be drilling, get a versatile bit that can be used on anything.
  • Casing - You want to ensure that you carry your drill bits around in a heavy-duty case so as you can keep them organised and in the best condition possible when you need them.

FAQs About The Best Drill Bits 

What is a left-handed drill bit?

In the old times, some drills did not have a reverse switch function, therefore they used bits that turned counterclockwise rather than the traditional clockwise.

Is it possible to damage a drill bit? 

Yes, it is very possible to damage a drill bit if it overheats, this often happens if you are drilling a hard material such as masonry at a high speed, hence why you should always drill these types of materials slowly. 

Are all drill bits universal to use? 

Drill bits can be used on any drill as long as the drill bit fits the drills chuck, this tends to be between sizes of 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch, if the bit shank is larger than the chuck then it will not clamp and fit.

Our #1 Drill Bit Set For All Rounder Use 

Our number one drill bit set Bosch 2607017195 91-Piece Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set due to its huge variety of drill bits and screwdriver bits, durable coating and additional tools included for the price, making it great value for money. 

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As a second choice, we recommended the Makita D-47173 18Pc Mixed Drill Set Metal Box too because of its high durability which can be used time after time whether you have a cordless drill driver or a standard drill.

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