Wolf Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?

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Wolf Tools were the best of the best during the early 1960s. It was a European brand that competed with the likes of Desouttter and Skil that also manufactured lots of DIY hand tools. However, the brand disappeared for a while during the 90s and re-emerged with a revamped yellow-black finish. So, what happened to them? Are the current Wolf Power Tools any good? Check out our review

History of Wolf Tools

According to a British History Archive, Wolf Electric Tools was founded in 1900 and based its operations in Hanger Lane, District W1. During its initial phase run, most of its tools were sprayed with a green Hammerite finish. Years later, it made its first DIY drill in the year 1949. They later rebranded their tools with a silver-gray and red finish during the late 60s and again switched to aqua blue in the ’70s.

In 1980, the company went under receivership and Kango Tools Ltd bought them. A few years later, Atlas-Copco AB bought Kango Ltd and for a time, the Wolf brand disappeared. As we speak, an Indian factory obtained a manufacturing license and now produces the tools in yellow black and green finish.

Individual Tool Analysis.

Whether you’re just starting out in DIY or want to add on to your collection of tools, then this Wolf Power Tools Combo pack should suffice to all your needs. It comes with a 20V 1 Hr fast charger and a Wolf Professional Accessory carry bag for easy portability.

  1. Wolf Pro 20V Combi Drill

This impressive power drill comes with 16 different torque settings easily accessible through a gearbox selector switch. It also comes with a 35NM and 2 Speed range for your drilling, driving and impacting needs. Moreover, it also has keyless stainless steel 13mm locking grip chuck and a typical rotational selector for screw driving and unscrewing.

This drill handles heavy work like a champ with a 3 Amp/Hr 20V Lithium-Ion battery. If that’s not enough, then you can quickly juice it up with its included 1-hour fast charger. The Combi drill also comes with a belt clip for portability.

  1. Wolf Pro 20V Circular Saw with Laser

This cordless 150mm Circular Saw splices through timber with clear accurate cuts. It is compact, comfortable and highly portable due to its balanced weight. Should you get it, the Circular saw comes fitted with a parallel guide and a base plate that can handle up to 45 degrees of tuning.

Moreover, the saw also comes with a built-in laser and a dust outlet connection to a vacuum cleaner. Other features include the typical electronic brake, spindle lock, trigger switch, lock-off switch, safety guide, and a Lithium-Ion battery.

  1. Wolf Pro 20v Angle Grinder

This sleek professional grinder comes with a metal adjustable guard and a quality motor that doesn’t succumb to gyroscopic interference. Holding it feels natural on both hands with its 2-position side handles both on the left and right.

Working with the drill feels compact as it comes with a spindle lock, and a pin-spanner to easily change the blade. Other features are typical in most angle grinders that it also has included a trigger switch, electronic brake, lock-off switch, a metallic gearbox and a fan-cooled motor.

  1. Wolf Lighting Cordless 10W LED Work Light

Why not illuminate your working area with the Wolf Cordless 10W Work light? It light, charges via Micro USB with its 3.7V 4400mAh Li-Ion Battery. The work light also comes a 5-function toggle for Bright, Ultra Bright, SOS, Strobe and 5V Charging Facility modes. Only one of these is enough to give you a 120-degree beam angle and can last you from 3-6 hours depending on which mode you choose from.

Wolf Tools Pros

  • Their tools are of high quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Wolf tools are cheaper than most brands offering the same workforce
  • Performance is better than most brands


  • Spares are difficult to come by especially after their new acquisitions
  • No support or website for inquiries
  • Battery life is about average.


Despite their hiatus from the market, Wolf Tools and the company, in general, left a long-lasting impression on its users based on its performance. With a few marketing strategies, the Indian factory currently overseeing their manufacturing could receive a boost in sales should they play their cards right. You can get great discounts off their merchandise on sites like Amazon and eBay. Or check out some of our other reviews here.


I'm Elliot Higgins the Founder of multiple hardware stores around the UK. I love wood and wood working. Watching a fine piece of pine or cedar turn into a work of art is extremely satisfying. The one thing I love more than woodworking is the toys that we use! On HandyToolsHome.com; we bring you information and reviews on all kinds of tools.

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12 comments on “Wolf Power Tools Review - Are They Any Good?”

  1. Wolf power tools , UK had technical colaboration with Rallis India Ltd and formed RalliWolf to manufactuure and market Wolf tools in India. I have worked With RalliWolf for 20 years. Later in the year 1989 Rallis Sold the company to HMP group , Kolkata (India) , are still manufacturing and marketing Wolf tools in India.

  2. The précis done for wolf tools here has got nothing to do with wolf electric tool company of the uk

    Somebody has partially copy and pasted British archive sites on the assumption that there is an association with the original company. There is zero relationship between this company producing cordless tools an the wolf electric tool company.

    In addition the copy and paste of the british industry and museum archives is incomplete - ultimately it’s irrelevant anyway but it doesn’t help. Further info can be yielded from wolf electric tool company threads in various machinery and woodworking forums such as Woodworking Australia’s Woodwork forums. Wolf had a strong presence in Australia as they were also locally manufactured

  3. I need a dust bag for a Wolf planer model No.PH5/B . Any Ideas?It is a very old but excellent machine

  4. Six months go I bought a Wolf Professional 20v 3amp cordless drill and saw. It would now appear that original batteries for these tools are no longer available and resellers including Amazon have no idea whether they ever become available again.
    Impossible to find any contact details for the manufacture so I’m completely unable to find out what’s going on.
    Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

  5. I personally like wolves tools. I have a couple of their tools in my possession. the tools are reasonably priced and are of very good quality. I have used almost all the known brands for power tools over the year. And wolves are definitely not the worst ones. Although it is not the best either. I agree with a post that shows the con side of these tools. All the points are very true. This post is very informative and helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I still have my wolf sapphire drill (50yrs old) working perfectly, brushes in motor replaced aprox 5yrs ago! When I needed to replace my current cordless(focus , mckeller) . I was imediately interested when I saw wolf tools!
    Looked good online so I shopped around online to purchase one. They dont appear available on retail. (Now made in India) .
    It arrived prompt looked good ,felt ok, I was pleased with it. Although it felt like a toy whether it would last as well as my sapphire time would tell?
    Pleased with it I ordered a spare battery . 3months on (now) it has developed a wobble in chuck. Now told it is out of warrantee 2wks, tool now scrap! ☹️
    Beware if you are unlucky , there is really no back up or warrantee, this tool has had hardly any use it is still like brand new inbox , and unfortunately I have bought a spare battery for it. Noting the online shop is in Redditch (local to me)has not helped they just quote 2wks return . No documents ,warrantee when tool arrived.

  7. I do like to work with WOLF's power tools.
    I own a power drill that I bought some 20 years ago still in 100% use and it help me move to new apartment for 4 times (I am doing it all alone with no outer service) and maintain what ever I need including when I build furniture as a hobby.
    I also have their Power hand Planer and Belt Sander (PD-75/900) which worked fine for the last 15 years until last month when the belt sander's driving belt was teared up and now I can't find any data or replacement for it (any help on this will be more then welcomed and appreciated)
    So my opinion and conclusion from my own experience is that WOLF's products are very good and high quality that built to last for many years especially for DIY world in a very affordable price

  8. Hi Roger.....if you purchase a pair of 12V gel cells. of about 8 - 12 amp. hr rating, connected in series and duck taped together, along with a 6 or 8 M of awg # 12 or 10 wire cord you can get years of service from your cordless tools......on some of the tools I reused the existing battery end ........I have done this with 12, 14 & 18 volt tools .....the gel cells can be re-charged using an off the shelf automotive battery charger.....to switich 12 & 14 V tools I used only 1 gel cell and 2 for higher voltage.......contact me if I can offer any further advise on this ve3wgr@gmail.com........wayne

  9. Thank you for the post, it is indeed very informative and I must say that I agree with every word.
    I own few of WOLF tools (Jig-Saw, Planer, Sander, Drill) for much more then 10 years and although they are not high-end power tools, they are long lasting, deliver what is expected to (as DIY person, I run around 4-5 wood projects a year) and work perfect with very good results and still running.
    I do agree that their support/spare parts is much fare from their tools performance. Recently the driving belt (timing) of the sander (PD-75/900) was broke and up until today I couldn't find a replacement one - I will appreciate any help/lead to it

  10. Hi Have a Wolf Plunge Saw looking for an exploded view of parts and the functionality of the saw in particular the purpose of the spring loaded pin behind the blade, any help would help spoke with the UK company but they admitted they did not know what I was talking about sent a picture so hope to hear something back

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