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Is It Possible To Use a Mitre Saw To Cut Brick?

If you have a mitre saw at home and you don't want to invest in a fancy brick cutting machine for your type of brick, you might be wondering if this is possible to do with a mitre saw? 

You can indeed use a mitre saw to cut brick, although it might be more challenging than using a chop saw for bricks or a table saw. To cut through soft bricks with your mitre saw you have to use a quality diamond blade however as your standard metal cutting blade will snap.

In our small guide below we will cover in more detail how to cut brick with your mitre saw and which type of stone cutting blades you should use for the job.

Should I Use a Mitre Saw For Cutting Brick?

A mitre saw can be used for cutting brick as long as it is fitted with a diamond masonry blade for the heavy-duty job, but for cutting loads of bricks we recommend a circular saw, chop saw or angle grinder for the job as this is what they are designed for. 

If you use a mitre saw to cut bricks the biggest disadvantage will be the brick dust created, meaning you have to wear appropriate PPE to protect your lungs from the dust and do the cutting process in a very ventilated area.

How To Cut Through Brick With a Mitre Saw 

To cut through the brick with your mitre saw you must make sure the saw you are using is long enough to handle the brick material you are cutting, make sure you fit your masonry saw blade and follow our steps below. 

  • Step one - Position your brick or pavers on the fence of the mitre saw and clamp it down with the cutting line showing. 
  • Step two - Turn on the mitre saw wearing your PPE and allow the saw to reach full speed before lowering it down slowly into the brick. 
  • Step three - Blow the dust of the brick with an air hose to see the progression of your cut and hold the saw steady until it reaches the other side.

Safety Tips For Cutting Brick With a Mitre Saw

As mitre saws are not the most ideal power tool on the market to choose for cutting bricks, you should ensure you are operating one with caution to protect yourself and the quality of the machine.

  • Wear protective equipment - When cutting brick you must protect yourself from the dust and noise by wearing safety goggles and ear protection during the cutting process.
  • Keep your hands six inches from the blade - Always keep your hands far from the path of the blade during use, by rule this should be six inches and no less.
  • Never raise the blade until it stops - Before you finish your cut and raise the blade, allow the blade to stop spinning, this stops debris from flying around and improves the quality of your cut. Always keep the blade lowered with the guard on after use too.

Final Words

Overall, to conclude our guide, although a mitre saw is not the best tool for cutting brick, it can be done if you use a diamond masonry blade of high quality. During the cutting process always wear the correct safety equipment and operate at a slow speed for better control. 

Make sure to do this in a ventilated space and have an assistant to help you blow the dust off so as you can ensure you are sticking to your accurate cutting line.


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