Metabo KGS216M Sliding Mitre Saw Review 2022 - 2023

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Metabo KGS216M Sliding Mitre Saw

Owning and using a mitre saw is sure to increase the standard and finish of your work significantly. They are specifically designed to make crosscuts and mitre cuts quickly and efficiently. They are commonly used for cutting moulds and trims but they can be used for a wide range of jobs and can cut various materials, although they are best at cutting wood. Mitre saws are the perfect power tool for anyone with a passion for carpentry or want to hone in on their cutting skills.

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Why Buy A Sliding Mitre Saw?

A sliding mitre saw has all the advantages of a standard mitre saw while also allowing the user to slide the saw forward and backwards. This increases the length of material you are able to cut allowing you to make the most of your mitre saw. A sliding mitre saw is tended to be used more buy contractors of any sort due to the number of jobs it can do and the standard it can do it to.

What To Consider When Buying A Sliding Mitre Saw?

As more and more people enter the construction and labour trade, the more popular that mitre saws become. While you may not find a sliding mitre saw in a standard home workshop, you will almost always find on in a big industrial workplace, due to the nature and ability of them. This demand for mitre saws is met by power tool companies, leading to a heap load of products to choose from. This is a basic list of features to look out for to ensure that you find the best sliding mitre saw to suit your needs:

  • Blades - A good blade is what makes an exceptional mitre saw. If your blade is not up to scratch then it has the possibility of ruining your work or breaking all together causing a dangerous hazard, something that should be avoided. The size and material of a blade will determine the finish of your cut and the reliability of it so keep an eye out for what blade comes with / is required for your mitre saw.
  • Motor power - Another factor that will affect the cut of your saw is the power of the motor that is used. This will affect your blades rotation speed which means that you want a high powered motor as the faster the blade, the more accurate the cut. Typical sliding mitre saws will range between 1400 and 2000 watts, but the higher the better.
  • Safety features - While it is most probable that you are buying a sliding mitre saw having experience using/being around one, built-in safety features are not something you should quickly overlook. With the incorrect precautions taken, a mitre saw can become a very hazardous tool so look into what the manufacturing company have done in order to put your safety first.
  • The finish and build - The finish and build of your mitre saw determines the reliability and accuracy of the product. You may find that some companies products lack reliability as they are cheaply made and quickly sold. We would recommend buying from a company that is well known and specialises in power tools as they will know what is required to make a good ad safe tool.

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What Are The Key Features Of This Saw?

When buying a sliding mitre saw, a big question that you will have is how accurate is the cut? You will be pleased to know that Metabo's KGS216M sliding mitre saw has exceptional accuracy due to the solid and reliable build of the saw. The product comes with a turntable for precise angling and has a locking fast and easy to use locking feature that allows you to make repeated cuts identical to each other.

Although the saw's motor has a fairly low power of 1500 watts, this lack of power is made up for in every other area of the product. It does what it is intended to do and does it with ease and accuracy. Although the blade provided is adequate, it is advisable that you switch out the blade for a better-built one as to amplify the mitre saw's potential. 10" size blades are the only size compatible with this product but these are the most common and so are easier to find for a decent price.

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Is The Brand Reliable?

With Metabo's really do pull through on their products, keeping true to their tag line of 'when it matters'. With high and innovative performances every time, Metabo's power tools do not disappoint. The tools they produce are designed by professionals for professionals meaning they know exactly what is expected and required of a tool due to their own experiences. Unlike other brands, they are not scared to question what has been successful in the past and how they can improve on this, delivering a constantly improving hight end performance every time.

Are There Any Common Problems With The Product?

With many people who order this product being experienced professionals, they tend to remove and replace the blade with one of their choice anyway. But for those of you who are looking to invest in their first sliding mitre saw, then the lack of quality from the blade provided may be an issue. While it may be good for a few runs, it doesn't seem to last long. We would recommend buying your own blade for this one.

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