Ryobi One Plus Review - Are They Any Good?

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Ryobi was founded in 1943 but did not start producing tools until 1968. Their target audience is those that perform home DIYs, tool enthusiasts, and handymen. Most professionals do not use the brand as their productivity has a lot of room for improvement.

They, however, offer pretty decent quality tools at a low price hence value for your money. This is why they have been able to stay relevant. Many people are skeptical as to whether the tools live up to standard quality hence the idea for this article. Below is a detailed summary of the Ryobi one plus answering the question of whether they are worth your coins.

Pros of the Ryobi one plus
  • Very affordable per the market standards
  • Easy to maneuver for beginners
  • Have a detachable battery which can fit on any tool from the one plus family
  • Has a three-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Cons of Ryobi one plus
  • Has a low productivity rate and slow speeds on most of their tools
  • Bulky handles poor ergonomics, so it can get uncomfortable if you use them for long periods.
  • Has low torque power

Individual tool analysis

For you to get a clearer understanding of which tool kits samples they have and how exactly they faired, below is a tool to tool analysis. This will enable you to understand their workability and decide whether it is a rate you can work with.

Ryobi P704 18-Volt One+ Work light


The light from the one plus collection came with a 30% brightness ability with is an excellent improvement from previous models. The designers went all out as you can either sit it on a bench or hang it on a wall and still get a lit space. Also, it has a swivel that you can play with to position your light where you deem comfortable.

It comes with a detachable lens to allow you easy changing of the bulbs. Besides that, the battery discharges very quick for professionals on-site but is enough for an average handyman. It is also not as lightweight as many competing devices.

Ryobi RAD 1801M One+ Right Angle Drill


If you are working on a hard to reach the place, this angle drill will do you justice. It comes in a compact design, and it quite lightweight. The 180 degrees’ swivel base feature has been removed on this model hence making it hard to use the right angle drill in tricky places.

It comes with a longneck design that makes it ideal for plumbing jobs and setting up HVAC systems. To avoid accidents for those who use both hands, it has a fitted metal tray to hold screws and nails or whatever you are working with. The drill, however, doesn’t come with batteries or a charger making it expensive to maintain.

Advanced Ryobi + CCC-1801MG Green Corner Cat Sander


This Ryobi sander is an improvement from their normal orbital finishing sander .it comes with three separate sandpapers, all with different textures. The device is wireless hence less hustle when it comes to moving it from one place to another and helps give a clean finish on hard to reach areas.

The downside is id does not come with a disposal slot, but you can purchase it in any shop. The productivity is also pretty impressive, with speeds of up to 430 lbs; this will make your sanding experience short and bearable.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Hedge Trimmer - Skin Only

It comes with an impressive 2.8 meters long pole; Thus you do not need la adder to effectively chop tall overgrown. However, it only has an 18-inch blade, so making it cumbersome for thick bushes.

With an 18 lithium battery, you will have enough productivity and battery capacity to last you long enough to get tired. As per the norm in all their one plus products, it uses the standard battery size like all the rest. Make sure you use the necessary protective gear to prevent accidents and this hedge trimmer will serve you well.


Ryobi has a variety of tools from the one plus family but one of their main selling points is that they can all use one type of battery and charger. If you want to build your tool collection, be sure to consider their starter kits; if you are already a tool enthusiast who does not need fast production rates, then this is the brand for you.

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