Best Pruning Saws For Trees, Shrubs Etc. Compared 2022 - 2023

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Editor's Choice
Bosch Home and Garden EasyCut
Value for Money
Draper Folding Pruning Saw
Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw
Product Name
Product Name
Bosch Home and Garden EasyCut
Draper Folding Pruning Saw
Silverline Extendable Pruning Saw
Power Source
Power Source
Battery Powered
Batteries Included
Batteries Included
Special Features
Special Features
65mm Cutting depth, NanoBlade
230mm Blade length, 45 degrees Cutting angle, Rust-resistant blade
1500mm - 2500mm Blade length, 45 degrees Cutting angle,

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews & Buying Guide

Short On Time?

Our Recommended The Best Pruning Saw Is The Bosch Home and Garden EasyCut!

Editor's Choice
Bosch Home Garden EasyCut
  • Compact and handy cordless all-purpose saw for easy, vibration-free sawing indoor & outdoor
  • Sawing everywhere without preparation time and comes with built-in Bosch Electronic Cell Protection
  • New applications like freehand cuts (cutting W/O clamping)
  • Cutting in two directions: precise, straight cuts & fast, short cuts. Cutting depth in plastic: 30 mm
  • Sound pressure level 75 dB(A); Sound power level 86 dB(A)

Pruning saws are an essential garden tool for keeping thicker shrubs and small tree branches tidy, they can be used for keeping flower nurseries clean too and even promote growth in some plants. 

They often come with teeth for sawing lumber, but do differ when it comes to their cutting depth, blade and speed. 

So to make your search for the best pruning saw a little easier we have rounded up the top pruning saws out there on the market out there and reviewed them one by one in order to find the right pruning saw for you with the best specs.

Our Favourite Electric Pruning Saw -

The Bosch Home and Garden Pruning Saw (Editor's Pick)

The Bosch home and garden pruning saw features a 12V 2.5Ah battery for power and has a no-load stroke rate of 0-4100 rpm allowing you to cut thicker or thinner branches with ease. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Bosch Easy Cut Buying Guide 1

Top specs of the pruning saw by Bosch is its NanoBlade saw blade which has small 4mm saw teeth and a cutting depth of 65mm. The saw can cut in two directions making straight cuts and fast cuts on wood with ease. 

Design-wise the garden tools model has a syneon chip in it's battery which regulates the energy inside of the battery for best performance. It's soft grip housing helps to reduce vibrations when working and it has a soft-grip handle for better comfort. 

Total weight of the pruning saw is 900g and has a Bosch warranty for buyers protection. 


To conclude, this Bosch home and garden pruning saw is a great affordable pruning saw with an excellent blade for pruning branches. 

It is easy to use and clean thanks to it's lightweight and can be stored away easily due to its compact design. 

Negatives of the Bosch Home and garden pruning saw are it's small cutting teeth which has been said to stick to wood when cutting, the saw has also been said to have a weak cutting power and cannot cut thicker difficult branches due to the small size. 


  • 41000 rpm variable speed. 
  • Lightweight & compact. 
  • NanoBlade with sharp teeth. 
  • Reduced vibrations. 
  • Soft-grip handle. 
  • Warranty included.
  • For straight cuts and fast cuts.


  • Very weak power. 
  • Can stick to wood. 

Compact and handy cordless all-purpose saw

With built-in Bosch Electronic Cell Protection

Freehand cuts (cutting W/O clamping)

Cutting in two directions: precise, straight cuts & fast, short cuts

Our Top Non-Electric Pole Saw - Silverline 245077 Extendable Pruning Saw 

If your looking for an affordable pruning saw which doesn't operate with a motor power, then this Silverline model could be worth checking out. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 1

Main features of this pruning saw is its triple ground blade which extends between 1.5m and 2.5m allowing it to reach tall trees with ease. Total blade width of the pruning saw is 470mm and can be used in forward or reverse strokes. 

The design of this pruning saw has a comfortable handle with a soft grip to allow you to use the pruning saw for longer periods. 


Overall, this Silverline extendable pruning saw is a great choice if your looking for blades with firm handles, the triple ground teeth can handle all kinds of wood and is easy to use with it's lockable points. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 2

It's blade is also lightweight and flexible making it much easier to use for extended working hours. 

Downfalls of this Silverline pruning saw have to be its extendable pole length which is said to be shorter than stated, the blade is said to be of lower quality too and is too thin/flexible. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Triple ground blade. 
  • Extendable pole. 
  • Comfortable handle. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Use for forward or reverse cutting.
The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 3


  • Extended reach is shorter than expected. 
  • Too thin blade and low quality. 

470mm Blade width

1500mm - 2500mm Pole extension

Tri-cut blade

Draper 43860 FPS210 Folding Pruning Saw

This Draper pruning saw comes with a sharp blade size of 230mm which is rust-resistant for long life and has sharp teeth for cutting branches. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Draper Buying Guide

In terms of the design this Draper pruning saw has a soft grip handle with a plastic guard to protect the blade when not in use. The blade itself has 6 teeth and has a cutting angle of 45-degrees. 


Overall, the Draper pruning saw is the one of the most affordable tool types on our list and is a solid pruning saw for cutting through small branches with ease. 

We also like this folding pruning saw as it's folding mechanism helps with easy storage. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Draper Buying Guide 2

Downfalls of the Draper folding pruning saw plastic grip of the saw which is said to be uncomfortable to use, some users have also reported the blade to get stuck and loose grip on wood. 


  • Soft grip handle. 
  • Plastic guard. 
  • 230mm sharp blade. 
  • Plastic guard for safety. 
  • Folding design.


  • Uncomfortable to hold. 
  • Gets stuck and can loose grip on wood. 

Size: 230mm

Soft grip handle with plastic guard

Rust-resistant blade

Super sharp teeth


Which Is The Best Pruning Saw For Keeping Your Trees Tidy?

To round up our best reviews, our favourite pruning saw for keeping your bushes and tress trimmed has to be the Bosch Home and Garden Pruning Saw in comparison to the other pruning saws on our list. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Bosch Easy Cut Buying Guide 1

We rate this pruning saw as our number one model down to the fact it comes with an electric power, this allows you to cut through thicker branches and bushes than the handheld models and is easy to use. 

As a non-electric runner up we would suggest checking out the Silverline 245077 Extendable Pruning Saw instead. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 1

This extendable pruning saw is a handy tool for average pruning work and has a durable diamond ground blade for smooth cutting. 

We didn't place it as our number one however due to the fact is lacks the same electrical system as the Bosch, making it slightly weaker.

What To Look For In a Pruning Saw (Our Best Buying Guide)

Now we have reviewed and compared the top three pruning saws on the market, it's a good idea to learn more about this tools and how they work before your purchase one. 

In our extensive buying guide below we will cover exactly what a pruning saw is, the types out there, what you need to be looking for in your best pruning saw and how these garden tools match up to bow saws. 

We also go over how to use your pruning saw for the first time as a pruning beginners and some tips for using the equipment. 

So without further chat, let's get into it!

What Is a Pruning Saw? 

First off, let's get clear on what a pruning saw actually is and how they function. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 1

Pruning saws are durable garden tools which come with a blade and sharp teeth for cutting lumber, typically for any branches which are thicker than 1.5-inches you will need a pruning saw rather than a traditional small hand pruner. 

Most pruning saws will come with different blades and teeth for trimming live shrubs and trees and are heat-treated for extra durability. 

Benefits Of a Pruning Saw 

Pruning saws are mainly used for sawing lumber but they have an endless list of other benefits  to explore for garden work, we've bullet-pointed a few below. 

  • Promoting growth of trees - When trees get too many branches this can block sunlight from reaching the middle of the tree for growth, pruning helps remove excessive branches. 
  • Keeps it tidy - Pruning branches and bushes helps keep things tidy and in control, it makes plants look more beautiful and keeps everything balanced.
  • Stops diseases - Using a pruning tool can help the health of your plants and trees as you are removing the diseased parts of the tree regularly.
  • Helps with fruiting - Regularly pruned plants are always shown to create more fruits as it promotes their health.

Types Of Pruning Saws 

When looking for a pruning saw, these tools do come in different types, so you have to make sure you are choosing the right type of pruning saw for the garden work you want to do. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Draper Buying Guide

We have listed the types of pruning saws below.

  • Curved blade pruner - Great for pruning small garden plants and nurseries but not as durable as straight blades for sawing heavy-duty work.
  • Straight double edges pruner - For cutting lumber such as green wood these are the types of pruner to buy, they will often have a slightly curved handle.
  • Hand pruners - These types of pruners allow you to use the pruner for more detailed cutting and work.
  • Electric pruners - Pruning saws can indeed come with an electrical system for extra power to cut thicker lumber with ease, this power can be in the form of battery and might even be cordless with variable speed. They are the better choice for heavy duty pruning tasks. 
  • Pole saw - Pole saws are a type of pruner which come on a very long pole for extended reach, they can come in a electric form too.

Top Features To Consider In a Pruning Saw 

From the size of the blade, to the handle of the pruning saw, there are a few essential specs and key features you should be making sure your excellent tool has for easy cutting of branches. 

We will list the most important features to look for in your pruning saw below. 

  • The Blade - Always make sure the blade of your pruning saw is good enough for the type of pruning you will be taking on. Consider first the blade length, longer pruning saw blades will be better for tougher and larger branches while shorter pruning saw blades are more compact and easier to handle. You also need to consider whether the blade shape is curved or straight.
  • Teeth - It is essential that you check how many teeth your pruning saw comes with, for softer wood you might want to choose a blade teeth design which has more medium teeth, but for hardwood choose a saw blade with finer teeth.
  • Speed - If you decide to buy a pruning saw which is electric then you will need to consider the RPM that it comes with, a bigger range of variable speed allows you to cut even thicker branches while having control to slow it down for more delicate pruning tasks. 
  • Battery - For electric pruning saws you need to make sure that your model has a decent battery which can be charged quickly and provide adequate power to the blade design.
  • Design - The design of your pruning saw needs to have a rust-resistant blade for long term use, you should additionally ensure that the model has blade locking mechanisms, a button for blade changing and a ergonomic handle for longer periods of usage. Some pruning saws even fold up for more compact storage.
  • Weight - Pruning saws should always be light in weight for extended use, especially if you are using your pruning saw at heights as your arms will get tired no matter how comfortable the actual handle is. Try to look for a pruning saw which has a weight under 1kg.
  • Reach - If you are looking for an extendable pole pruning saw then you should consider the length this saw can extend too, make sure the design is balanced enough to distribute weight at both ends. 

Pruning Saw Vs Bow Saw - Which Is Better?

You can prune and cut tree branches with a variety of garden tools, another popular tool which has a similar blade design to a pruning saw is a bow saw. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Bosch Easy Cut Buying Guide 2

Both have metal blades with teeth and are used for pruning and cutting lumber, so which one should you invest in? 

Well, we have compared the similarities and differences of both kinds of saws below to help you make the right decision. 

Bow Saws 

Bow saws imitate the shape of a bow on a H shaped frame, this shape of the frame allows for a firm grip when holding the saw and is an excellent choice for cutting very heavy duty branches. 

The bow saw wins over the pruning saw when it comes to rough cutting or cross cutting lumber, the blade is not as flexible as pruning saws so is less likely to bend and snap too. 

Downfalls of a bow saw in comparison to a pruning saw are it's portability, due to H shape design of this tool it can't fold up, so is not as easy to carry around during garden work. We wouldn't use a bow saw for smaller pruning tasks too due to it's larger size. 

Bow saws also not have extendable reach like some pruning saws do so is much harder to reach branches at a distance with. 


  • Very durable. 
  • Great for pruning larger branches. 
  • Non-slip grip.


  • Not portable. 
  • Harder to use for delicate pruning. 
  • Do not have extendable reach. 

Pruning Saws

Pruning saws as we already know tend to have a curved blade with a soft grips handle, they are great for both delicate pruning and long range pruning if they have extendable tools. 

These types of saws for pruning are the better option if you want to be able to reach long distance trees and are perfect for cutting smaller branches.

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Bosch Easy Cut Buying Guide 3

They tend to be the better choice over bow saws if you want a saw which is portable too or for taking care of nurseries due to their smaller size.

Drawbacks of pruning saws in comparison to bow saws are they they are not as durable due to the lack of frame to grip, this makes the blade more flexible on pruning saws so is not as efficient for heavy duty lumber. 


  • Extendable reach for long distance pruning. 
  • Portable. 
  • Best for delicate pruning. 


  • Not as durable. 
  • Blade is more flexible. 

Conclusion - Which Saw Should I Choose For Pruning? 

Overall, we would always choose the bow saw over a curved saw blade on a pruning saw if you want to be able to prune heavy duty branches and need extra power. However for delicate pruning and cutting smaller branches a pruning saw would be preferable. 

How To Use a Pruning Saw 

If you have decided the branches in your garden at home need pruning or you are transitioning from a handheld pruning saw to a larger one, then it's important to learn the right technique to using one so as you can achieve the best pruning results. 

The Best Pruning Saws Reviews Silverline Buying Guide 2

We have listed a step by step below which will give you guide to using your pruning saw for the first time. 

  • Step one - First of all, do a quick can to see where you want to make your cut, make note of any wood which you want to leave and preserve as you will have to be careful not to accidentally cut it. 
  • Step two - Now choose your cutting technique, it is best to position yourself so as you will be making the cut from top to lower to allow gravity to help you pull down through the lumber. 
  • Step three - To stop any premature breaks to tears in the branch or plant you have to be careful with how you are pruning. Some thicker branches have an unbalanced weight so you should make preliminary cuts before hand to prevent snapping.
  • Step four - Start to make your cut with a groove, this will help to avoid your saw from slipping while you are cutting. Work into your groove slowly when cutting, putting more pressure when pulling the saw as this is where it cuts, always push back lightly. 
  • Step five - Keep with this motion until you have completed your cut, take away any rough edges left lightly with your blade for the best finish.

Tips For Using a Pruning Saw 

As we now know, using a pruning saw is pretty simple once you get the hang of it and make your first couple of cuts. 

There are some tips however which can help you out when using your saw for the first time, we've bullet-pointed a few below for you to check out. 

  • Wear protective clothing - Wear full length clothing and some goggles to prevent yourself from debris falling when cutting that could potentially scratch your skin or get into your eyes. 
  • Keep the blade sharp - Your pruning saw blade locking mechanisms should be tight for safety and the blade steel itself needs to be sharp. Trying to cut with dull blade bends and teeth can be dangerous.
  • Wear a hard hat - Overhead branches can seriously injure you during pruning if you don't see them coming, one way to protect yourself is by wearing a durable and hard hat.
  • Choose the right body position - Always stand as close as you can to the branch you are cutting for better control and do not overreach, especially if you are on a ladder as this can cause you to lose your balance. Think about where you want the blade to go before making a cutting pull stroke. 
  • Never force the blade - Forcing the saw through stuck wood could potentially make it snap or jump out the kerf. Never force the blade when making cuts on pull stroke and instead pull gently or reassess. 
  • Make the cut outside the branch collar - Just outside the branch collar is a swollen part of the tree where the branch meets the trunk, when you cut here the branch will then naturally form a protective layer where you have cut to heal itself. 

FAQs About The Best Pruning Saws 

How much do electric models pruning saws cost? 

Electric prune saws are the most expensive models of these saws, they will tend to cost around £100-£200 depending on the power of the model that you buy.

What safety features should my pruning saw come with?

Your pruning saw should have a non-slip grip, a blade safety lock and a blade guard safety feature to keep it covered when not in use. 

What type of pruning saw do I need for cutting tall branches?

Always choose a straight edge pruning saw with and extendable pole for reaching taller branches, this is safer than using a ladder and will give you more control when cutting.

How much does a non-electric pruning saw cost? 

A non electric pruning saw can be very affordable and will cost between £15-£80 depending on the quality of the blade that it comes with and its features. 

How many teeth should by pruning saw blade have? 

This is down to what you will be cutting, thicker wood will often need more teeth for better grips while soft wood less. You should consider the blade length too, a longer blade length will have more teeth and is better for heavy duty work.

What type of pruning saw do I need to cut green wood? 

For cutting lumber such as green wood or sap you should always choose a pruning saw which has a straight blade rather than a curved blade as this is more durable for heavy-duty work.

Should I buy straight or curved blade pruning saws? 

Curved blade pruning saws are smaller and best for very light pruning work on shrubs or flowers, straight blade pruning saws are what you need for cutting branches. 

When should I replace the curved cutting blades on my saw? 

As soon as you notice your pruning saws blades have become damaged or they are becoming dull quickly even after sharpening then your blades might need to be replaced. 

Should my saw have a blade coating? 

Your pruning saw blades should have a steel or chrome plated coating for extra durability.

How do I maintain my pruning saw? 

To maintain your pruning saw you need to make sure that you are cleaning it often and sharpening the blade.

Our #1 Pruning Saw For Keeping You Garden Tidy 

Our number one pruning saw for ease of use and power is the Bosch Home and Garden Pruning Saw, this electric pruning saw provided extra power for cutting through thicker lumber but still stays light and compact too. 

We also suggested for a more affordable non-electric model, the Silverline 245077 Extendable Pruning Saw due to it's diamond ground blades and long reach.

Editor's Choice
Bosch Home Garden EasyCut
  • Compact and handy cordless all-purpose saw for easy, vibration-free sawing indoor & outdoor
  • Sawing everywhere without preparation time and comes with built-in Bosch Electronic Cell Protection
  • New applications like freehand cuts (cutting W/O clamping)
  • Cutting in two directions: precise, straight cuts & fast, short cuts. Cutting depth in plastic: 30 mm
  • Sound pressure level 75 dB(A); Sound power level 86 dB(A)


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