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The Best Plastering Trowels Reviews & Buying Guide

Having a well-made plastering trowel is very important for professional plasterers if you want to get the perfect finish on your wall. 

Unlike the basic plastic trowels on the market, you can now get plastering stainless steel trowels, finishing trowels and types of trowels that are flexible when you need to get smooth edges on the thickness of plaster. 

But with so many different plastering trowel types now on the market, finding the best type out there and narrowing down what you need can be an overwhelming task. 

So to make your search a little more simple, we have rounded up and reviewed the best plastering trowel models on the market for your plastering jobs to give you the best finish possible on your walls. 

Let's get reviewing!


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Marshalltown Gold Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel!

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Our Favourite Plastering Trowel -

The Marshalltown M/TMPB13SSD MPB13SSD Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel (Editor's Pick)

If you are looking for a high-quality durable mid-priced trowel then this Marshalltown stainless steel trowel is a great choice. 

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Main specs of this high-end trowels model are its hardened and tempered stainless steel 13-inch blade which has a broken-in design to eliminate any unevenness in the trowel and take out any lines. The plastering trowel flat design additionally has heat-treated aluminium alloy mountings for a better handle to post fit. 

In terms of durability, the stainless steel trowel is not welded which reduces the chances of it snapping, it is also paired with a Durasoft handle to reduce fatigue when using the tool for long periods.


Overall, the high-end trowels model by Marshalltown is plasterers dream if you are after a durable basic plastering trowel that can get the job done with an excellent finish. 

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This type of trowel will last a long time thanks to its heat-treated design which reduces the chances of the blade and handle snapping or bending with long term use. 


  • High-quality durable design. 
  • Heat-treated stainless steel blade. 
  • Durasoft handle. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Aluminium alloy mountings.
  • Broken in shape. 

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Our Budget Runner Up - Spear & Jackson 13458ERTG Tyzack Enhanced Ready to Go Finishing Trowel

For people who are on a very low budget, this Spear & Jackson finishing trowel is one of the most affordable options on our list. 

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Feature-wise, the finishing trowel is equipped with a stainless steel blade to resist rust and has rounded edges to stop the corner trowels from digging into the plaster. The well-designed trowels model has steel rivets for extra strength and a soft handle for comfort. 


To conclude, this Spear & Jackson finishing trowel is certainly one of the lowest-priced options if you are after a well-designed budget trowel, the durable hand tool has lightweight and rounded edges making it easy to use for beginners and does not rust like premium tools. 

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  • Ultra-low-priced plastering trowel.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Rounded edges. 
  • Steel rivets for strength. 
  • Comfortable soft handle. 

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The OX Tools P262618 Pro Open Tool Tote!

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OX Exclusive PLASTERERS Bag 

The OX Exclusive plasterers bag comes in a tote bag design and contains all the kinds of plastering accessories needed for a flat wall

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Included with this model are stainless steel trowels, a semi-flex finishing trowel of 14-inches, a bucket trowel, a small trowel and a margin trowel, the OX exclusive bag has a taping and joint tool too included for straight edge use. 


Overall, if you are a beginner plasterer and you are looking for the ultimate plastering trowel kit, this OX Exclusive model is excellent value for money as it includes all the trowels you could need for plastering and sharp edges with its finishing trowel and stainless steel trowels. 

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Negatives of this kit have to be its content which some buyers have said to not be complete once delivered with the big-sized high-end plastering trowel missing. 


  • Comes in a carry bag. 
  • Nearly every kind of trowel you need. 
  • Fairly priced. 
  • Taping & joint tool included. 

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  • Some buyers have reported not all the trowels to be included.

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OX Pro OX-P530116 Ultra Flex Finishing Trowel

This OX Pro finishing flexible trowel uses twin blade technology for smoothing coats of plaster flat with ease and has a 0.3mm ultra-thin stainless steel blade for the job. 

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Top specs of this finish trowels model are its lightweight fully fastened shank which makes the trowel easy to use for longer periods, the trowel additionally has an ergonomic soft-grip handle too. 


To conclude, this flexible lovely trowel for finishing by OX Pro is a near-perfect plastering trowel if you are looking to smooth over fresh plaster after using a basic plastering trowel. 

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We like this finishing trowel in particular too as it is very beginner-friendly allowing you to achieve a professional finish with no lines or dips, the model also does not rust due to its stainless steel design. 

Drawbacks of this trowel by OX Pro are its build quality which although great, has been reported to have been delivered with dents a few times to different customers. 


  • Ultra-thin stainless steel blade. 
  • Twin blade technology. 
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle. 
  • Lightweight fastened shank. 
  • Flexible design.

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  • Has been reported to arrive with dents on occasions. 

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Refina Superflex Finishing Trowel 16" 

This Refina Superflex finishing trowel features a flexible stainless steel blade that measures 0.4mm. 

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Main specs of the finishing trowel are its 16-inch size with rounded corners and finished blade edges, it has a soft composite handle for comfort and has a lightweight of around half a kg. 


Overall, this budget trowel by Refina for finishing is an excellent ultra-light trowel for finishing plaster with, allowing you to smooth a patch of plaster over with ease without too much flexibility ruining the flat finish. 

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Downfalls of this finishing trowel have to be its build quality, with some buyers reporting the trowel to start separating from the handle after a couple of months of use, the blade is also reported to be quite stiff, to begin with so might need some breaking in. 


  • Flexible stainless steel blade. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Soft composite handle. 
  • 0.4mm thickness. 
  • Easy to use.

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  • Needs breaking in. 
  • Handle separates from the blade after some months of usage. 

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Which Is The Best Plastering Trowel For a Smooth Finish? 

To conclude our best plastering trowel reviews, our favourite plastering trowel for helping you achieve the best finish on your plaster is the Marshalltown M/TMPB13SSD MPB13SSD Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel. 

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We rate this plastering trowel as our number one thanks to its highly durable design and hardened steel blade which does not break easily, making it excellent for an accurate finish and long term use. 

As a second choice, we would also suggest checking out the Spear & Jackson 13458ERTG Tyzack Enhanced Ready to Go Finishing Trowel thanks to its extremely low price and high-quality design which allows you to get a smooth finish on your plaster.

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FAQs About The Best Plastering Trowel

How much does a typically plastering trowel cost? 

A decent plastering trowel so only set you back about £30-£50 depending on the quality of the trowel you get and its dimensions. 

Are there different types of plastering trowels on the market? 

Yes, there are a few different types of plastering trowels on the market to choose from depending on the job such as; flexible trowels for finishing, medium flex trowels that have a stiffer blade, and standard plastic trowels which are used for putting the plaster at the beginning.

What is the best trowel size? 

There are plenty of different sized trowels to choose from on the market, but you need to ensure your high-end tool is the right size if you want to have control over your speed when plastering.

The bigger your functional tool is for plastering, then the quicker you can work, but the smaller your worn-in trowel is, the more control you will have over the device.

How do I use a plastering trowel? 

Using a specialised trowel for plastering gets easier with practice, but plastering with a poor technique can ruin the finish of your wall, so it's important to learn the right wrist-based technique.

You should always be using your trowel at an angle of 10-15mm upwards for the best finish to flatten each time you put a layer of plaster. Regularly apply a small amount of pressure and go slowly to not leave dig marks on the plaster.

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