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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Cordless Circular Saw Is The VonHaus E-Series Circular Saw!

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Cordless circular saws: which is the best?

Seen by many as a "big boy's toy", the cordless circular saw is far from it. With a comparatively powerful motor the average cordless circular saw can now have larger cutting blades fitted, giving greater cutting depth.

The ability to make bevels and joint cuts. All these features make the modern circular saw an important part of a big boy's (or girl's) tool kit, whether they be a weekend DIYer or full time professional artisan.

Cutting out the dead wood.

Six of the best rated cordless circular saw models have been selected from various other reviews and have been tested and assessed to really find out which is the best in terms of value for money cutting ability and of course, quality.

So let's get started.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The VonHaus E-Series Circular Saw!

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Exactly what it says it is: The VonHaus Circular Saw.

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Part of the VonHaus "20V Max Lithium-Ion D " Range or system, this tool is simply the saw element of that system, and therefore doesn't carry any lengthy "hi-tech" sounding name or model number.

However, it being part of a power tool system, doesn't stop this circular saw from being bought individually; VonHaus have made sure of that!

The bright orange, and very hard to miss VonHaus cordless circular saw comes with a 20V 3Ah lithium-ion battery, battery charger, cutting guide, a 165 tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) cutting blade, dust extractor nozzle and tough tool bag. In fact everything needed to get started.

Firstly, the 20V 3Ah battery can be used with any of the other tools in the VonHaus "lithium-ion D" system. This particular battery model has a quick charging time of only 75 minutes for a complete charge.

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According to VonHaus, a fully charged battery has a charge life of 30 minutes, but many users disagree and have commented on how very longer the battery life actually is, commonly saying the charge life is long enough to allow them to complete the cutting part of a medium to large job with no need to take a break from work to go off and recharge. Despite this though, VonHaus fitted a battery power indicator, so that none of those "little surprises" that seem to happen right in the middle of an important job doesn't occur.

The VonHaus cordless circular saw's motor is rated as 3800 revs per minute, powerful enough to turn the 165mm diameter TCT blade to cut to a maximum cutting depth of 54mm when at 90 degrees, making short work of a 25mm piece of scaffold board without ripping the wood.

As with any circular saw, danger is never really far away, and VanHaus not only has installed the mandatory electric brake which will stop the blade within a couple of seconds, but also a unique 2 stage safety catch preventing the saw from starting up accidentally in the first place.

Suffice it to say the VonHaus circular saw has the legally required reinforced plastic blade guard.

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One thing that cordless circular saws can now do is cut a bevel, thanks again to much increased battery power. While the VonHaus circular saw has a cutting depth at 90° is 54mm, because of the required sideways tilt of the saw, at a bevel angle of 45 degrees the depth of cut is 40mm, which when making bevel cuts, is more than adequate.

It must be said that the actual tilt angle adjustment is simplicity itself to use.

The VonHaus cordless circular saw also has a dust extractor and nozzle so that saw dust can be cleared away and most importantly, the cut line is made more visible.

As required by law this saw is fitted with a reinforced plastic blade cover.

Should this cordless circular saw stop working or is defective, it carrys a one year warranty, so peace of mind is assured.

While the VonHaus cordless circular saw is one of the best circular saws on the market, the cutting blade diameter was maybe a little too small for the performance of the brushless motor, giving a disappointing depth of cut of 54mm, but what it lacked in cutting depth at 90° it certainly made up in its bevel capacity, thanks to its efficient brushless high speed motor.

There were quite a few reports of this saw suddenly cutting out when hitting resistance. While not it experienced on this review, the number of reported occurances does raise some concern.

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■ Comes "complete". Making the saw ready to use. No need to purchase any additional items, not even a storage bag.

■ Quick battery charging time. The battery is fully charged after 75 minutes.

■ Long battery life. The battery life rating was at 30 minutes, which was very understated, it was found to be totally inaccurate! Many users reported tahat a fully charged battery was able to provide prolonged cutting, much to the pleasure of quite a few owners!

■ Battery power indicater. Easily visible, this little feature indicates when battery charging is due. Very easy to view and extremely clear.

■ Easy bevel adjustments possible.

■ Comes with a tungsten carbide tipped blade. Long lasting, none ripping. A smooth cutting action for many types of wood, including hard woods.

■2 stage safety catch release. One of the best additional features of this circular saw. In fact of any of the circular saws being assessed in this review.

■ The price. Exceptional value for what is included.

■ One year warranty for peace of mind.


■ Small saw blade diameter of 165mm. A disappointing depth of cut of 54mm at 90°.

■ Reports of the motor suddenly cutting out when hitting the slightest resistance.

■ 3800 rpm motor. Possibly a little under powered. If, perhaps the power was increased by 500 rpm this machine would be optimaley powered.

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The "Naked" DeWalt DCS 570N Cordless XR Brushless Circular Saw.

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When it comes to circular saws DeWalt is a household name nearly all over the world.

This particular DeWalt circular saw, the DCS 570N is a "naked" or bare tool (the N in its model number stands for "naked") meaning that batteries, charger, case or bag and other bits and bobs are not included.

However, with the DCS 570N circular saw DeWalt have supplied a very large 184mm diameter blade and cutting guide. The battery and charger are needed to bought seperately.

The DCS 570N boasts a 5500rpm brushless motor, with a very high power to weight ratio, making this high powered De Walt circular saw weigh in at 2kg.

Its lightness belies the fact that the brushless motor is big enough and bad enough to turn such a large saw blade which with its 24 teeth can rip saw through a fairly hefty chunk ĺ of wood.

With an impressive maximum cutting depth of 65mm at 90 degrees, its bevel capacity is impressive with a bevel angle of 45 degrees the DCS 570N has a cutting depth of 48mm.

As it is so light, the DCS 570N 's bevel adjustments are extremely easy to use.

With such a large blade, it's comforting to know that the electric brake is able to stop the blade in its tracks. In addition to the brake, the DCS 570N is also fitted with the mandatory re-inforced plastic blade guard for extra safety.

However it would have a good idea to have had a more sophisticated safety catch fitted for a cordless circular saw with such cutting power.

Sometimes regardless of light levels, seeing the cut line can be extremely difficult to see especially from middle age onwards, De walt have taken note of that fact and come up with a novel but simple solution, an led light.

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While simple in concept this led light is possibly one of the best solutions for this very common problem. It sits on the base plate and shines onto the the cut line. Problem solved!

The DCS 570N is covered by the usual 1 year warranty. However, if it is registered with DeWalt within 4 weeks of purchase, the DCS 570N will be covered by a 2 year warranty.

This is something to seriously consider for that extra peace of mind.

There are however, some disappointing aspects to the DS 570N, and one which is a real concern.

The disappointment was the lack of a more sophisticated safety catch. This has been touched upon earlier, but given its powerful motor (5, 500 rpm) and the size and nature of its saw blade (184mm diameter blade, 24 tooth), DeWalt should incorporate a 2 step safety catch as soon as it can.

Sometimes there is nothing more frustrating than trying to saw a straight line only to find that the cut is "off", no matter how many times of trying. There seems to be a design flaw in the DCS 570N cordless circular saw and a big concern as well as a disappointment.

The base plate cutting line is 5mm out compared to the blade. While the more ingenius of us would have found a way of adjusting the alignment, by either compensation or adding a couple of large washers, the sad fact of the matter is DeWalt messed up, and that should never have happened.

A very common complaint about the DS 570N cordless saw was that it seemed to stop dead in its tracks when even the slightest resistance when cutting was felt.

The price of this cordless saw is certainly a little on the high side.


■ Weighs only 2kg. Extremely easy to handle and portable.

■ 5500 rpm brushless motor. The DCS 570N has the power to saw through most hard woods.

■ Supplied with a large 184mm diameter 24 tooth saw blade.

■ Comes with cutting guide.

■ Use of an led light to light up the cut line.

■ Quick acting electric brake

■ Good bevel capacity. Ensuring quality bevel cuts and joint cuts.

■ Depth of cut of 65mm at 90° and 48mm at 45° bevel angle.

■ comes with a 1 year warranty but with the option of upgrading to 2 years coverage when registering within 4 weeks of purchase. Excellent for peace of mind.


■ The price. It is just way too expensive for what is offered.

■ Alignment of the saw blade and base plate is out by exactly 5mm. Frustrating and could cost money in wasted material.

■ Inclination to stop dead when slightest resistance is felt.

■ Battery and charger is bought seperately. An additional cost to an already expensive cordless circular saw.

■Lack of sophisticated safety catch. Considering the power of the motor and nature and size of the blade, at least a 2 step safety catch could be featured.

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The Makita DSS 6112.

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As far as cordless circular saws go theMakita DSS 6112 is a pretty ordinary looking cordless saw. Having said that, it quietly impresses.

Rather strangely, the DSS 6112 saw comes with an 18V 5ah lithium-ion battery, but without a charger. So there is the added expense of buying an additional requisite item.

The 3700 rpm brushless motor is powerful enough to turn a 165mm diameter blade.

It saws quietly away with no sudden stops or dramas. With a maximum cutting depth of 57mm at 90°, this cordless saw will cope with most things asked of it.

The DSS 6112 a good bevel capacity with a depth of cut of 40mm at 45° and 36mm at 50 degrees, ideal for a bevel cut or joint cut.

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As required by law the DSS 6112 circular saw is fitted with a blade brake, safety catch and reinforced plastic blade guard.

A dust extraction nozzle is also provided to clear away saw dust.

There are just a couple of disadvantages to this cordless circular saw. Although there is no visible misalignment between blade and base plate, an eagle eye must be kept on the cut line as no cut guide is supplied.

The price asked is a little hefty for what is offered.

While a little too pricey, this unassuming circular is a real contender for best circular saw.

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■ 3700 rpm brushless motor. Able to tackle most things asked of it without complaint.

■ Supplied with 165mm diameter blade, with a depth of cut of 57mm at 90°.

■ Provides excellent bevel cuts of 40mm at 45° and 36mm at 50°.

■ Comes with 18V 5Ah battery. So almost ready to go.

■ Covered by 1 year warranty for peace of mind.


■ Doesn't come with battery charger.

■ No cut guide is supplied with this saw. Added vigilance is needed to cut a straight line.

■ The price.

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The circular saw with the catchy name: The Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo power Xchange Cordless Circular Saw.

[amazon fields="B00ID86YVK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

This is another "naked" or bare tool , in that it is not supplied with battery or charger, neither does it come with any additional extras except the blade.

The TE-CS is one of this review's lightweight cordless saws, weighing in at compact 2.72kg, making it comparatively easy to handle.

This cordless circular saw has a 4200 rpm brushless motor ( hence this saw being so light) turning a 165mm diameter blade, making short work of most cutting jobs.

While having a very respectable depth of cut of 54mm at 90°, its bevel facility was rather disappointing with a bevel cut of just 35mm at 45° which limits the TE-CS in its use for a bevel as well as a joint cut, which was a great pity as one of its best features is the tooless blade bevel angle adjustment.

[amazon fields="B00ID86YVK" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

The TE-CS cordless circular saw has, like the DeWalt DCS 570N an ingenious little led light which shines onto the cut line, making it easier to see.

As with all the cordless circular saws on this review the Einhell TE-CS is fitted with a fast acting blade brake, safety catch and blade guard.

For piece of mind this saw comes with a 1 year warranty.

While the Einhell TE-CS is not really a strong contender for best cordless saw, it is on the whole, a good solid performer.

One of the biggest disappointments of the whole review was this circular saw has a serious design flaw. The cut depth adjustment lever was situated right behind the battery port making it almost impossible to change the cut depth without uninstalling the battery.

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■ The TE-CS cordless circular saw has a high power to weight ratio making it easily portable and easy to handle.

■ Fitted with a 4200 rpm brushless motor, powerful enough to saw through most types of wood.

■Depth of cut of 54mm at 90°. A good respectable cut depth.

■ Comes with a relatively large 165mm diameter blade.

■ Fitted with an led light to illuminate the cutting line.

■ The bevel angular adjustment is tooless. Easy and very quick adjustments can be made to the saw blade angle.

■ 1 year warranty for peace of mind.


■ No battery or charger is supplied with this cordless circular saw. each item must be bought seperately thereby adding cost to the purchase.

■ Disappointing bevel cut of just 35mm at 45°. This was the shallowest cut at 45° for any machine on test

■ Cut depth adjustment lever situated right behind the battery portal. Adjustment is nigh on impossible unless the battery is uninstalled first.

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If this corded circular saw was painted green it would have have been called "The Hulk": The Makita DHS 710Z 36V Cordless li-ion Circular Saw

[amazon fields="B017BTP7PA" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

For a cordless circular saw, the Makita DHS 710Z is absolutely huge. Weighing in at 4kg this circular saw is a little cumbersome to handle and not quite as portable as the other cordless saws in this review.

Again, this is a "naked" or bare tool with no extras included in the price. The battery pack and charger will be an extra purchase.

The DHS 710Z requires 2 x 18V Lithium-ion batteries to function and its cutting power is claimed to be exactly the same power as its corded equivalent, making very easy work of everything that was asked of it.

Coming with a tungsten carbide tipped saw blade of a large blade diameter of 190mm the Makita DHS 710Z has a maximum cutting depth of 67 mm at 90 degrees.

Its bevel capacity was more than respectable with a bevel cut of 48.5mm at 45 degrees and 43.5mm at 50 degrees. The Makita DHS 710Z circular saw is an excellent choice for bevel cuts as well as joint cuts.

The saw blade brake was extremely quick acting, stopping the blade within seconds.

In addition, the Makita DHS 710Z is fitted with a reinforced plastic blade guard as required by law.

What was disappointing is that there is no extra safety measures like a 2 step safety catch, taking into account the size and nature of the saw blade and the power of the brushless motor.

[amazon fields="B017BTP7PA" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

To remove saw dust away from the working area of the saw blade, the DHS 710Z has a rear dust exhaust with nozzle attachment as well as a small innovative blower that clears saw dust away from the cutting line itself , making it instantly more visible.

In addition to making the cutting line more visible, the Makita DHS 710Z comes with a ripfence or cutting guide which fits onto the front portion of the base plate, allowing the saw to cut along a parrallel line.

To complete this bare tool ensemble Makita has included a hex wrench for any adjustments that may be needed.

As with all Makita products the, DHS 710Z is covered by a 1 year warranty, just for that extra peace of mind.

The Makita DHS 710Z has many strong points, as do all the cordless circular saws in this review, but it has to be admitted that this goliath among power tools has just one or two irksome points.

One major point is that the battery pack as well as the charger have to be bought seperately, this could prove to be a costly excercise as the batteries have to be of the same Ah rating, otherwise this cordless circular saw will stop cutting once the smaller Ah rated battery has no charge left.


■ Brushless DC motor for greater efficiency.

■ Very large 190mm diameter tungsten carbide tipped cutting blade included.

■ Maximum depth of cut of 67mm at 90°.

■ Rear saw dust exhaust with nozzle. This ensures the moving parts and working area of the Makita DHS 710Z are clear of dust and visibilty is kept to a maximum for safety and performance purposes.

■ Excellent bevel capacity with cut depths of 48.5mm at 45° and 43.5mm at 50°. Ideal for bevelling and joint cuts.

■ A ripping fence or cut guide is supplied. fitted to the base plate of the circular saw, so it saws a parrallel straight line.

■ An innovative mini fan fitted on the base plate blows sawdust away from the cutting line ensuring its visibility

■ A hex wrench or alan key is included so cutting depth and tilt angle can be properly adjusted with the right tool.

■ The Makita DHS 710Z is covered by a 1 year warranty for peace of mind.


■ Its weight. The Makita DHS 710Z weighs 4kg, by far the heaviest of all the saws in this review. The DHS 710Z is somewhat cumbersome to use and not as portable as some of the other cordless circular saws featured in this review.

■ The two batteries required and their charger must be bought seperately fđrom the DHS 710Z. This could be very costly.

■ The DHS 710Z is fitted with a very quick acting blade brake and the legally required reinforced plastic blade guard

■ As the Makhita DHS 710Z is has an extremely powerful brushless motor as well as a very large cutting blade, the absence of a 2 step safety catch raised an eyebrow or two.

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The evergreen colour of Bosch: The Bosch PKS 18 Li Cordless Circular Saw

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When a Bosch product is selected for a review, the general feeling is that a couple of other products will be having a lesson or two in quaity and reliability.

Again this is a "nude" or bare product meaning that just the basic product with perhaps one or two very minor accessories included, but very little else.

The Bosch PKS 18Li has a modern highly efficient 3800 rpm brushless DC motor controlled by Bosch's patented "Syneon" chip which apparently matches up the gears with the motor. Which results in being to able to turn a 155mm diameter saw blade.

The PKS 18Li cordless circular saw has a maximum cutting depth of 48mm at 90° and 36mm at a bevel angle of 45°. Both depths are both adequate for bevelling and joint cuts.

Considering that size of the saw blade is just 155mm in diameter both test results are quite respectable indeed.

One simple solution to the age old problem of making the cutting line as visible as possible is to magnify the cutting line and put a red cursor on the magnifier in alignment with the blade. The Bosch PKS 18Li has exactly that but in flip up form on the base plate assembly.

However if there is a straight edge close to the line of cut the rip fence can be attached to the base plate and used up against it while the cordless circular saw saws in parrallel to it.

To ensure easy and safe blade changing uniquely the PKS 18Li has a spindle lock , preventing the blade from moving when its being removed.

[amazon fields="B00E5Z0DX0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]

As is the norm, the Bosch PKS 18Li has a very quick acting blade brake, a safety catch and the mandatory blade guard.

With all its products, Bosch automatically offers a 2 year warranty.

If registered at within 28 days of purchase, any newly purchased Bosch product's existing warranty is automatically upgraded to 3 years.

This is something to seriously consider for that real extra piece of mind.

Unfortunately the Bosch PKS 18Li has some disappointments, some a little more serious than others.

This being a nude or bare tool ensemble means that the battery and the charger are bought seperately, which is an added expense.

Surprisingly, the Bosch PKS 18Li is very noisey, more so than the vast majority of the saws in this review, with some users suggesting ear plugs!

By far the biggest disappointment and a very major concern is the 2mm misalignment of base plate and blade. It was firstly taken as a rare mistake, like the "Friday afternoon car" at the car plant. The base plate is misaligned from the blade by exactly 2mm.

So any guide such as the cursor or the rip fence will not be useable, and ultimately,it may be ruinously expensive in terms of wasted material.

This phenomenon was reported remarkabley frequently, enough for it to be considered a design flaw.

In one report an enterprising user showed how he solved the problem by putting 2 x1mm washers on the spindle between the gearbox and the blade, and hey presto! It saws in line. Yes, the problem was solved, but Bosch should never have let it slip through the net.

This is a serious problem that Bosch must fix as soon as possible.

[amazon fields="B00E5Z0DX0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]


■ Fitted with 3800 rpm brushless DC motor and "Syneon" for optimum power use.

■ Cut depths of 48mm at 90° and 36mm at 45° . Ideal for bevelling and joints.

■ Flip-up cutting line controller/ magnifier. One method to ensure the PKS 18Li saws in a straight line.

■ Incorporation of a spindle lock. Locking the spindle, therefore making blade removal easier.

■ Supplied with a rip fence, alternative method to ensure the Bosch PKS 18Li saws in a straight line.

■ Safety features such as blade brake, safety catch and reinforced plastic blade guard all coming as standard.

■ Bosch's standard 2 year warranty giving peace of mind. Plus how to make it a 3 year warranty for free.


■ Really quite loud. Some users reccommend earplugs.

■ Battery and charger not included. These items to be bought seperately. An additional expense.

■ The misalignment of the base plate and the blade by 2mm. This is a very serious design fault and very common complaint. Could be very costly in terms of writing off materials

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Which is the best cordless circular saw?

[amazon fields="B00P9DQU6G" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

There are so many makes of circular saws available on the market today.

While it's always best to have a look around, it can be extremely confusing and an excellent way to make the right choice is to read a review that compares and assesses each product on its good points and not so good points.

Each of the cordless circular saws had their strong points and their weak points, even design flaws.

What has been quite clearly seen is how these machines have gone from near useless, to absolutely essential in a space of 30 to 40 years.

What has really shaped tool technology has been mainly lithium-ion and DC research and how manufacturers have designed their products around these developments at the right price.

Once in a while a manufacturer suddenly finds they've got it right as far as functions, features, and price is concerned, so it has to be released along with its competitors, who are all quality players of course, there can only be one though.

Our choice the best cordless circular saw is the VonHaus Cordless Circular Saw.

A Potted History

[amazon fields="B00E5Z0DX0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]

Cordless circular saws first came onto the scene way back in the 1980s. Just like the first cellphones, they were more of a status symbol than anything else.

You had really arrived if you had one of these! The average battery powered (the term "cordless" had yet to be invented) power tool was very limited in what it could do.

Back then, battery technology was really very much in its infancy, unable to retain very little charge and not for very long, meaning that battery life was short, and power was very low resulting in only being able to have a small traditional DC electric motor.

Now putting that into terms of a circular saw, it meant that only a small cutting blade could be used, which in turn, meant apart from cutting things like thin plywood, that very expensive, brand new piece of "high tech" kit could be used for very little else. In fact cordless circular saws were so limited many experts of the time posed the question "why on earth make a circular saw cordless?"

With battery life greatly extended, and brushless DC motors being far more efficient, their actual power output was increased to 80% of their corded cousins,with the power gap between them ever dwindling by the day, cordless power tools like circular saws have gone from a novelty to a highly portable necessity.


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