Best Petrol Chainsaw Homeowner Reviews 2022 - 2023

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Petrol Chainsaw Homeowner Is The McCulloch CS 35S!

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Dangerous, Yes. However, Very Useful Indeed.

These are the classic chainsaws, powered by, you guessed it, petrol. They are quite popular with those who have large amounts of trees to cut down due to their performance and ability to take on heavy duty jobs.

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Petrol chainsaws are more durable compared to other types of chainsaws, have longer cutting blades and the latest models boast an anti-vibration feature for more comfort.

Choosing the correct petrol chainsaw based on cutting needs may turn out to be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for.  This review is looking at out of all the petrol chainsaws, which one is the best model for home garden use.

Making Gardening Products Since 1943. The McCulloch CS 35s Petrol Chainsaw.

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The Mcculloch gardenappliances range doesn't really need any special introduction, with more than seventy years in the market, and with nearly one household or another owning at least one of their power tools over the years.

McCulloch’s new generation of petrol chainsaws are certainly powerful, smooth running and easy to use. The most versatille and easy to use, being firmly aimed at home use is the McCulloch CS 35s.

Having said that, the CS35S Chainsaw provides enough power for just any type of cutting work, making firewood, construction materials, cutting branches, etc being just a few examples

The unique feature that the McCulloch CS 35s possesses is the "Centrifugal Cleaning System"  (CCS) that simply pre-cleans the air before it enters the machine.

Actually, CCS removes any large particles or debris of any kind before it goes through the filter prolonging engine life and the overall longevity of the chainsaw itself.

A soft-grip handle, along with the soft start technology, makes the ignition significantly easier, reducing the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%.

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Furthermore, the mandatory chain brake lever protects the user from any serious injury in the case of a kickback occuring.

The CS35S has a soft start 35cc 2-stroke petrol engine which delivers 1.4kW of power to the 35cm (14”) bar and chain. The soft start makes the chainsaw start, and get to full power, smoothly.

The CS 35s with its 35cc "OxyPower" engine is one economical and eco-friendly solution. As it uses 20% less fuel than its leading competitors' chainsaws, as well as emitting 70% fewer emmissions.

The chain speed at maximum power is 22.8m/s which gives a smooth and powerful cut. The safety chain brake will activate in the event of unexpected kickback.

Whether It is a petrol or an electric chainsaw , it is vital to have a well lubricated cutting edge, and McCulloch has included automatic chain lubrication on this chain saw.

CS 35S has an easy access air filter, and a tool-less tensioner ensuring optimum chain tension

The McCulloch CS35S is covered by a 1 year domestic warranty.

The anti-vibration mechanism, easy to access controls and soft grip make this CS 35S chainsaw comfortable to use. The CS 35S has a weight 4 .6kg (without cutting bar)and makes it ideally suited for logging wood, felling and limbing small trees, and heavy pruning of large shrubs as well as hedge pruning .

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■ Soft start 35cc petrol 2-stroke engine

■ Power output 1.4kW

■ 35cm (14 inches) bar .

■ Safety chain brake to reduce the risk of "kickback" injury.

■ Maximum chain speed of 22.8m/s

■ Chain pitch of 3/8” (9.53 mm) and chain gauge of 0.05” (1.27 mm).

■ Tool-less chain tensioner

■ Automatic chain lubrication

■ Easy to access controls

■ Soft grip handle and anti-vibration mechanism

■ Handle vibration front and rear 6.7m/s2 and 5m/s2 respectively, reducing vibration fatigue and thereby increasing safety.

■ Weight 4 .6kg. Well balanced and as chain saws are concerned, easy to use.

■ McCulloch 1 year domestic warranty for added peace of mind.


■ Petrol tank volume 0.25l. Small size means multiple refueling.

■ Oil tank capacity: 0.15l. The tank is just a little too small.

■ Sound at operator’s ear 99dB. This is a loud chainsaw. Ear protection is strongly advised.

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With A Heritage Going Back to The Very First Petrol Chainsaw: The Makita EA3201S35B Chainsaw.

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Makita is probably best known for its range of electric power tools rather than for its petrol chainsaws. However, Makita has a heritage linking the japanese company back to the very first commercially produced petrol chainsaw.

The Makita EA3201S35B is a petrol chainsaw aimed at home use or first time users.

with this chainsaw model 's 35cm ( 14 inches) bar length and blade coupled to its environmentally friendly 32cc 2-Stroke engine with Catalytic muffler ( for it to comply with all current exhaust emission regulations), it is not only able to show off its green credentials but it makes for a formidable garden tool as well.

This chainsaw has an on/off choke combination switch with an automatic half throttle lock. Also included is an "intelligent" ignition coil which controls stable idling, and increases output power within a practicable RPM range. This petrol chainsaw also comes with engine overrun protection.

The accumulated electrical energy charge system allows easier re-starting. Instead of a rapid pull force required to start the machine, a drastically reduced effort pull start with spring-assisted recoil starts the motor.

It has a tool-less tension system for adjusting the tension of the saw chain for optimal use.

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Makita EA3201S35B weighs in at 4.1kg, which for petrol chainsaws is actually quite light. It is well balanced and together with its relative lightness allows for easy handling.

The adjustable oil pump allows for automatic chain lubrication, vital to reduce unnecessary wear on the chain.

The fleece air filter allows for a higher resistance to dust ingress into the caburettor and engine.

The stop switch works very simply: just by making a light touch on the switch stops the engine, and the switch returns automatically to the start position, which prevents the carburettor from flooding.

The Makita EA3201S35B comes with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind.

While a good solid performer, the rather slower speed of the cutting speed on the chainsaw itself was a disappointment.

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■ Chain pitch of 3/8" (9.53 mm) chain gauge of 0.050" (1.27 mm).

■ Bar length of 35 cms (14 inches)

■ A very large fuel tank with a capacity of 400 ml.

■ Automatic chain lubrication with oil tank capacity of 280 ml.

■ Relatively lightweight. Weighing 4.1kg , makes this model easy to handle.

■ An inertia activated chain brake to reduce the risk of serious injuries, one of this Makita model's best safety features.

■ Innovative air filter pro longing engine life.


■ 32cc 2-Stroke Petrol Engine delivering only 1.0hp.

■ Chain Speed: 14.5m/sec. Relatively slow speed affects cutting ability.

■ Vibration reduction not really that effective with vibration fatigue stting in relatively quickly.

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The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I chainsaw

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The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I chainsaw is specifically aimed at private users who want to use the machine for green areas, general maintenance of shrubs and hedges, as well as the cutting of firewood.

The GC-PC 2040 I comes with a recoil start 50.4cc 2 stroke engine which delivers 2.hp, and a 540ml fuel tank.

The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I chainsaw is provided with a "primer" and automatic choke for easy cold starts. The digital starter allows a fast speed as well as stable idling.

The GC-PC 2040 I cutting tool is fitted with both ergonmically designed handles and an anti-vibration feature to reduce vibration fatigue.

The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I chainsaw is a comparatively heavy machine, especially as it is aimed for the home user and hobbyist. Weighing in at 6.8kg, even though being well balanced and with anti-vibration features this petrol chainsaw becomes cumbersome and unwieldy quite quickly.

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The chain and bar for The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I is supplied by "Oregon". The chainsaw's bar length of 400 mm combined with a chain speed of 21m/s is probably the ideal length for home use.

To maintain a healthy cutting chain, the GC-PC 2040 I 's chain is automatically lubricated, from its 240ml oil tank

The GC-PC 2040 I is fitted wih the mandatory brake to reduce the risk of any injuries in the case of a "kickback"

In addition to the brake, Einhall has included a chain locking facility to minimize sudden chain disengagement.

The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I is an extremely loud machine at 115dB. Ear protection is strongly advised.

The Einhell GC-PC 2040 I is covered by a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

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■ Powerful 50.4 cc 2 stroke engine delivering 2Hp, with a large 540ml fuel tank.

■ "Oregon" 400mm (15.74 inches) bar included.

■ Self lubricating with 240ml lubricating oil tank.

■ Chain pitch of 3/8" (9.53 mm) and guage of 0.05" (1.27 mm).


■ Weight of 6.8kg makes this chainsaw unwieldy and cumbersome after a short while.

■ Ineffective anti-vibration feature allows vibration fatigue to set in quickly.

■ Despite a 50.4cc motor the cutting speed is only 21m/s.

■ Extremely loud at 115dB. Ear potection is strongly advised.

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The Ever Recognisable Orange of Husqvarna . The Husqvarna 135 Chainsaw.

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The Husqvarna 135 chainsaw is powered by a 40.9cc 2 stroke engine delivering 2Hp. With a maximum of 9000 rpm and idle of 2900 rpm

Using its patented "X-torq" technology, Husqvarna claims to have developed one of the most, or perhaps the most environmentally friendly 2 stroke engine, by reducing fuel consumptionby up to 20 per cent, increasing torqueby up to 18 per cent and emitting up to 75 per cent fewer emissions.

Whether it is because of the 20% fuel efficiency, but the petrol tank is only 370ml, so be prepared to have to refuel part way through a big job.

It also features a smart start technology that reduces the resistance in the start cord by 40% and reduces stress and and makes the 135 easy to start, thereby increasing productivity.

This Husqvarna petrol chainsaw uses a centrifugal air cleaning system to offer reduced wearand a longer operating time between filter cleanings.

The Choke and stop are combinedin one location to facilitate easier starting and help reduce the risk of floodingthe engine.

Another clever feature is the quick-release air filter, making it far simpler to clean and replace, as well as the snap-lock cylinder cover, saving time when changing spark plugs and cleaning

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The anti-vibration technology seems to be more than strategically placed rubber damping pads and does actually delay vibration fatigue setting into hands and arms

The Husqvarna 135 chainsaw's bar length is 14 inches (35 cms) in length and has a speed of 22.9 m/s, making cutting that much quicker.

The pitch of the chain is 3/8" (9.53 mm), with a guage of 0.050" (1.27 mm). Maintaining tension is tool-less and simple to do. The chain tensioner dial is side mounted on the casing and simply turning it by hand will adjust the tension. Always ensuring optimum settings.

The 135's oil tank has a generous 250 ml capacity.

The 135 petrol chainsaw has a mandatory inertia activated chainbrake fitted to reduce the risk of serious injuries in the event the chainsaw operator experiences a "kickback".

The chain brake stops the chain instantly.

The Husqvarna 135 is covered by a 1 year warranty for that peace of mind.

This is by no means a quiet chainsaw and at 114dB, ear protection is very strongly advised.

The Husqvarna 135 is by the most expensive of the chainsaws under review.

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■ 40.9cc 2stroke engine delivering 2hp. Enough power to do what it is designed to do.

■ Cutting chain speed of 22.9m/s making for extremely fast and effective cutting.

■ "X-torq" technology reducing emmisdions and increases fuel efficiency by 20%.

■ easy to start.

■ cutting chain is self lubricating

■ Tool-less chain tensioner. Easy to use and situated convenienly on the side.

■ Bar length is 14" (35 cms) ideal for home use.

■ Novel air cleaning system to reduce particles entering carburettor, prolonging life of the airfilter as well as the the engine.


■ The Price! Admittedly Husqvarna is a leading manufacturer of petrol chainsaws, but there is a limit to how much a name is worth paying for.

■ At 114dB, the Husqvarna 135 is not the quietest of chainsaws. Ear protection is strongly advised.

■ The petrol tank has a capacity of 370 ml. Refueling is probably a reality, especially if undertaking a relatively large job.

■ A warranty of one year. The minimum warranty period required by law in the UK.

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The KUDA CN-52 Petrol Chainsaw 2 Stroke Red Sword 50cm 3HP 52cc

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The Kuda CN-52 comes to this party with some very noticeable features that the other chainsaws in this review simply do not have.

The 52cc two stroke engine with its "CDI" easy start feature, delivered an impressive 3hp that has enough power to turn the chain on its bar of 500 mm. In addition, the 550 ml fuel tank will be more than adequate to handle any large job.

The carburettor was a normal membrane type without any cleaning system at the intake area. The air filter was a bulk standard filter, again with no real scrubbing technology.

Kuda claim that its model CN-52 is ideally suited for pruning, stemming and general home use. So their 500 mm bar seems to be a little bit of "overkill", as a home-use bar is usually no more than 350 mm( 14 inches) in length.

The cutting chain is self oiling from a very generous 250 ml oil tank. The chain tensioner is easily adjustable making for optimum cutting tension with the least amount of trouble.

Anti- vibration was included into the Kuda CN-52's design so that vibration fatigue was reduced, however, their use was very limited, and as such, the damping was minimal.

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Matters were not made any better by the chainsaw's handles were neither ergonomically designed nor soft grip inlaid.

Needless to say that vibration fatigue set in relatively quickly and the CN-52's 6.4kg soon made itself known, making this Kuda chainsaw unwieldy and difficult to handle. Something to take note of, especially with the 50 cm bar on this chainsaw.

The Kuda CN-52 is fitted as by EU law with a chain brake, which prevents any serious injury in the event of a "kickback" occuring.

For peace of mind the Kuda CN-52 is covered by a 3 year warranty.

A spare chain, a cutting bar cover and a complete tool set are included along with an instruction manual. It must be said that there was no English section to the instruction manual.

The Kuda CN-52 was initially, the most intriguing chainsaw under review. However, it soon became clear that despite its features and offers, the quality was just not there.

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■ The Price. If a cheap, occasionally used chainsaw is what is needed, this could be ideal. (Given with caveats).

■ A 52cc 2 stroke engine producing 3hp of power.

■ Large 550 ml fuel tank.

■ Self oiling cutting edge.

■ Covered by a 3 year warranty.

■ Relatively easy to start.

■ A spare chain, tool set and bar cover are included.


■ 500 mm guide bar. This guide bar is just too long for home use.

■ Despite "CDI" technology for easy starting, little green technology has been used.

■ Very little anti-vibration features. Vibration fatigue set in relatively quickly.

■ The handles not very ergonomically designed.

■ There is no English version of the instruction manual. Something that is very important for such a potentially dangerous piece of equipment.

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Which is the best out of these petrol chainsaws?

Petrol chainsaws can be extremely dangerous, infact potentially lethal. So quite a bit of consideration must be given to the right model to buy.

Such factors such as: bar length, power and weight amongst other things should be considered on the machine side.

This may sound strange but personal health and physical strength must also be taken into account, as the power and vibration from these machines are physically draining.

In the petrol chainsaw category this reviews choice for best chainsaw is the McCulloch CS 35S


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