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Best Reciprocating Saws - Our Top 5 Reviewed

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Reciprocating Saw Is The Bosch Professional GSA Cordless Saber Saw!

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If you are looking to cut through hard materials quickly or demolish old projects, a reciprocating saw will be your best friend.

No more tirelessly pushing and pulling up with a handsaw, these reciprocating saws use a powerful two and fro action from their motor to increase cutting speed. Helping you cut and rip out materials with little to no effort, allowing you to save you time and dedicate it toward other DIY tasks.

There are lots of different reciprocating saws on the market, however, with different motor power and variable speed control, making it challenging to know which is the best reciprocating saw.

We have decided to round up the best reciprocating saws on the market and compare them to help find you the best reciprocating saw for your DIY jobs.

So without further ado, let's take a look!

Our Top Pick! -

The Bosch Professional 060164J007 System GSA 18 V-LI Cordless Reciprocating Saw

This Bosch professional reciprocating saw comes with an 18V lithium-ion battery that can be charged once and cut up to 100 spruce beams with dimensions of 100mm x 100mm off a single charge.

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Feature-wise the Bosch reciprocating saw has a blade clamp and an EMP that protects the motor in case of burnout. It also has a two-stroke variable speed with a maximum cutting length of 250mm.

The design of this reciprocating saw has an ergonomic finish with an easy-grip system; the model is very lightweight too.

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It can do speeds of up to 2,400 strokes per minute when cutting metal and 2,700 strokes per minute for wood.

Extra acessories of this reciprocating saw are its; carry case, one-hour charger, two saw blade options and ECP protection for its battery.

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The Bosch reciprocating saw is one of the best saws on our list thanks to its relilable battery design and powerful cutting action.

Its saw additionally comes with two blades included for its price if you want to cut metal or wood and can be used on heavy-duty branches easily. Its ability to be used with any same voltage Bosch battery is also very handy.

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Some downfalls of the Bosch model have to be its battery life which is said to be low if doing heavy-duty continuous work. However, this can be easily fixed if you have other charged Bosch batteries on hand.


  • Relilable Bosch branded.
  • EMP protection.
  • Changeable Bosch batteries.
  • Comes with one wood saw and one metal saw.
  • ECP protection for batteries.
  • Can perform 2,700 strokers per minute when cutting wood.

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  • Short battery life when running continuously.

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Our Runner up - VonHaus Cordless Reciprocating Saw with 3.0Ah Li-ion 20V MAX Battery

If you are looking for a very low-priced reciprocating saw that comes with a battery and is highly rated, it could be worth checking out the VonHaud cordless reciprocating saw.

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Feature-wise the reciprocating saw comes with a 20V battery and has a speed of 2800 rpm per minute. It can cut through wood, plastic and thin metals too with its 22mm stroke length.

Additionally, the reciprocating saws model includes a tool-less blade changing system and comes with two blades of its own. It has a rubber grip handle and ergonomic design for comfort also, and the battery can be charged within 75 minutes.

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Design-wise the saw has a variable speed trigger, lock-on switch and electric brake. Its model comes with a storage bag too and has a two-year warranty for increased buyers confidence.

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Overall, this VonHaus reciprocating saw is one of the best models on our list in terms of its stroke length and variable speed, which gives you more control over the powerful tool and allows you to cut numerous kinds of materials easily.

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This VonHaus model is additionally very relilable thanks to its high-powered battery which has a quick charging time and high output power.

Negatives of this reciprocating saws model have to be its low battery life which is reported to die quickly, a few models of this saw have also been said to burn out and become un-useable after a short period.

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  • High stroke length and variable speed trigger.
  • 20V battery.
  • 2,800 rpm strokes per minute.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Comes with two blades.
  • Quick battery charging time.
  • Affordable price.

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  • Some models have been reported to burn out quickly.
  • Poor battery life.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Makita DJR183Z Reciprocating Saw!

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Makita DJR185Z 18V Cordless Mini Reciprocating Saw

Makita is very well-known in the power tool industry for producing relilable products. This reciprocating saw, in particular, features a speed of 3000 strokes per minute and has a two switch variable speed control that can be used to speed up or slow down cutting action when needed.

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Main specifications of this reciprocal saw are its 18V battery and LED job light which has a pre-glow function. The saw additionally uses a cordless design with no power supply required.

Design-wise the reciprosaw features a soft rubber grip and has a shoe adjustment. The model also has a blade changing option of either reciprocating saw blades or jigsaw blades.


Overall this reciprocating saw by Makita is very affordable and has changing blades which are useful for cutting different types of material.

The model additionally has an LED light which is very useful when you might be making cuts in poorly lit places.

Some downfalls of this reciprocating saw have to be its overall power of the motor which is a little weak and may not be able to cut heavy-duty material.


  • Easy to use design with fast amount of strokes per minute.
  • Two switches variable speed.
  • Blade switching option.
  • LED job light.
  • Affordable.
  • Safety blade clamp.


  • Low power which may not be able to make cuts on heavy-duty material.

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AEG BUS18BL-0 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The AEG BUS18BL cordless reciprocating saw comes with a brushless motor and has a 3,200 GPM. The reciprocating saw also has a stroke length of 28mm for high cutting speed.

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Notable features of this reciprocating saws model are its quick tool-free blade changing system and clamping system. It additionally has an LED light to illuminate your workspace.

Extra specifications of the model are its onboard fuel gauge, adjustable shoe and orbital function which allows you to cut without pushing.


Overall, this reciprocating saw by AEG is excellent in terms of its fast strokes per minute and 28mm cutting measurements.

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It's tool-less blade switching design and orbital function additionally make the tool-less model very easy to use.

Negatives of the reciprocating saw have to be its lack of battery which will be an additional cost to consider.


  • Fast strokes per minute.
  • 28mm cutting.
  • Tool-less blade switching.
  • Orbital function means no pushing when cutting.
  • Durable design.

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  • No battery included, which will be an extra cost to consider.

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Einhell TE-AP 18 Li Solo Power X-Change 18 V Reciprocating Saw

This Einhell reciprocating saw kit is very affordable and includes an 18V battery kit with a saw that has 2,600 strokes per minute.

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Main features of the reciprocating saw are it's ergonomic design and grip, along with its tool-less blade and adjustable soleplate for easy blade use.

The cordless saws model is additionally very compact and features a 3 step LED light system on its battery to indicate the level of power and if the temperature of the battery is too high.


This Einhell reciprocating saw is a great budget option, especially if you are looking for a beginner model, and you are new to power tools.

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It has a robust battery system that has an LED indicator too, allowing your powerful tool to never run out of charge.

Some negatives of this reciprocating saw have to be its battery which is reported to be relatively weak. The model of the saw additionally can come without a battery, so it is essential to choose the right package with the inclusion of the battery, this will add to the overall price of the product, however.


  • LED light system for a battery pack.
  • Affordable.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Tool-less blade change.
  • 2,600 strokes per minute.
  • Blade clamp.

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  • Weak battery power.

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Our Verdict - Which Is The Best Reciprocating Saw?

To conclude, the best reciprocating saw on our list has to be the Bosch Professional 060164J007 System GSA 18 V-LI Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

This top pick reciprocating saw has all the features you need in a relilable model thanks to its Bosch high-performance batteries and fast strokes which can allow you to cut metals or woods fast and accurately.

The best reciprocating saws model additionally has an ergonomic finish which allows you to use this saw for longs periods without getting fatigued.

As a top second choice, we would also recommend the VonHaus Cordless Reciprocating Saw. This is thanks to its very low price yet high powered battery which has a variable speed trigger control and a quick battery charging time, allowing you to do heavy-duty DIY effortlessly.

What To Look For In a Best Reciprocating Saw (Buyer Guide)

It's an excellent idea to familarise yourself with some more knowledge about reciprocating saws before purchasing your best model.

There are some best features to look out for in your saws models such as variable speed control and stroke length. You should also consider if you are looking for a best reciprocating saw or a jigsaw model.

We've put together our best buying guide below to help you out and take a look at.

Best Features To Look For In a Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws all come with different stroke lengths, strokes per minute and various motor/battery power, there are even corded reciprocating models on the market.

You need to consider what power you will need your saw to be for the type of materials you need to cut; you also want to look for a model with good battery life.

We've listed out some of the key features to consider in your top pick saw below -

  • Stroke length & speed - This is one of the essential components to consider in your reciprocating saw as it determines how quickly you can cut your materials. You should look for at least around 2,500-3000 strokes and a stroke length of around 25mm or close.
  • Battery - The battery in your reciprocating saw should be either 18V or 20V; however, battery life differs depending on the model. Some of the best reciprocating saws allow you to change batteries with other models in their power tool brand as long as they have the same voltage.
  • Blade changing system - A tool-less blade changing system makes switching out the blade in your model quick and easy and allows you to use a variety of different blades depending on what type of material you are cutting.
  • Variable speed control - This is a useful feature to have on your push and pull saw as it allows you to set the speed of your model with a variable speed trigger and have more control over your cuts.
  • Safety features - Your model should come with some safety features such as protection for the motor and battery. It will help if its design is additionally ergonomic for better holding and comfortable grip on the saw.
  • Adjustable shoe - A flexible shoe allows you to avoid kickback and reduce vibration when cutting; this can be adjusted depending on the cutting motion you are performing with your blade.
  • Extra features - Some essential additional features to consider are an LED light for working in low-lit spaces and a carry bag to store your reciprocating saws model after use.
  • Warranty - Your reciprocating saw should come with a guarantee of at least one year or more to protect you in case your power tool arrives faulty.

Reciprocating Saw VS Jigsaw

If you've been looking into purchasing a best reciprocating, saw it's likely you may have come across a Jigsaw model too.

These saws both perform very similarly but have their different disadvantages and advantages over on another, we have explained there uses and differences below to help you out with your decision.

Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws are used for rough work and can destroy and demolish materials quickly due to their push and pull motor power system, which allows you to accomplish projects rapidly.

They are additionally excellent for cutting trees such as low-hanging branches and are very portable if you decide to use a cordless model and not a corded reciprocating option.

However, these saws are not suitable for cuts in tight spaces due to their wide-tooth blade types and bulky power system.


  • Can demolish materials quickly and easily.
  • Durable and robust motor.
  • Blades can be switched and replaced easily.


  • Not suitable for cuts in tight spaces.
  • Can be bulky and heavy to handle.


Jigsaws are said to be a type of reciprocating saw due to their movement but are much smaller and more compact with their blade-style than a reciprocating saw.

You can buy special Jigsaws for specific materials and additionally use them for cutting patterns and designs into materials.

However, these models are not as powerful for making large depth cuts on rough materials; the blades also tend to be much weaker than reciprocating saws.


  • Can be used for cutting small patterns due to their blades.
  • Smaller and lighter in weight.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not suitable for rougher work.
  • A weaker blade that can snap easily.
  • Can't be used for cutting materials such as tree branches.

Overall, as you can see, these two types of reciprocating saws work very similarly, however, for cutting smaller designs with patterns its best to go for a Jigsaw as they give you much more control due to their shorter blade and compact design.

If you want to cut more challenging materials and are looking for a saw that can help you demolish projects, then its best to go for the original reciprocating saw.


Can you use a reciprocating saw to cut trees?

Yes, if your reciprocating saw is powerful enough you can use it for cutting branches and small trees, however, if your model is too small, you might struggle to cut larger trees and will shake the tree rather than saw through it.

If you're looking to use your model mainly for cutting trees, then you should keep its power in mind.

What is the orbital action?

An orbital action is an option on a reciprocating saw that allows you to set the blade to follow a circular movement when cutting; this helps you saw faster. Still, it does mean you will also saw less accurately.

Can I use a reciprocating saw for delicate cutting?

No, these bulky models are meant for rough cutting only, you would struggle to make patterns or make small cuts due to there more considerable stroke length and high power.

For delicate cutting, it might be better to consider using a jigsaw.

How much do these saw models typically cost?

These reciprocating saw models can cost anything from £100-£200 and above depending on what power you buy your saw with.

Are there corded reciprocating saws?

Yes, there are corded reciprocating models on the market; these models often deliver a much broader stroke length and a faster speed but are also less portable.

How long do these reciprocating saw models last for?

This depends on how often you use the tool and how well you maintain it. They can on average last five years or more, or maybe even less depending on the quality of your model.

How do I maintain the blades on my saw?

You can maintain the blades on your saw by lubricating them often and checking them for any wear and tear.

It's also essential to check the blades are correctly installed after replacing them and never touch them right after use as they tend to be still hot.

What is a variable speed trigger, and do I need one?

Variable speed trigger on your saw allows you to adjust the speed of your stroke length per minute; you can generally set these to either high, medium or low.

Can I change the blades?

Yes, you can change the blades easily, especially if they have a tool-less changing system.

How does a reciprocating saw work?

These power tools work by using a simple system that has; a battery, motor, speed and control system. The motor simply powers the blade to move back and forth quickly to cut strong materials with ease.

What's the right blade to use for cutting metal?

For cutting thin metal with your saw, you should choose a blade which has 20-24 teeth per inch of the edge, for thicker metal you can decrease the number of teeth on the blade.

Are they safer than a circular saw?

Both models are considered safe as long as you use the correct safety precautions and only use your model for what its meant to do.

One essential safety tips are always to wear goggles when using one of these saws to prevent flying material from the blade or dust getting into your eyes while working.

What can I use a reciprocating saw for?

You can use your tool for several uses such as; pruning trees, cutting in straight lines, demolition, framework and even plumbing.

What does reciprocating mean?

Reciprocating simply means the act of moving forward and back, except these motions are made much more powerful by the tool's motor and blade.

Can you cut plywood with a reciprocating saw?

Yes, you can cut plywood or even lumber with nails and studs, these can all be done with a general-purpose blade attached to your model.

Does the stroke length of the blade on a model matter?

The stroke length refers to the depth of the cut it will make, so if your planning to cut much more thick kinds of materials, then you need a model with a high stroke length to help you trim faster with your blade.

Our #1 Top Reciprocating Saw

Our number one best reciprocating saw on our list is the Bosch Professional 060164J007 System GSA 18 V-LI Cordless Reciprocating Saw due to its high reliability and considerable stroke length. This model additionally can be used with any of Bosch's batteries.

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We also recommended the VonHaus Cordless Reciprocating Saw because of its variable speed trigger control and very low price.

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