Best Corded Hammer Drills In The UK 2022 - 2023

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The Best Corded Hammer Drills

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Corded Hammer Drill In The UK Is The TACKLIFE Corded Hammer Drill!

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DIY tools have been the focus of our posts lately, as many people have been putting thought into home renovation to pass time productively during the lockdown. Have a look at our site for articles and reviews on home DIY tools!

In this post, we will be comparing and reviewing six different corded hammer drills to enhance your DIY tools collection. We don't like to waste your reading time with a table of contents, so we've sectioned off everything neatly for you to easily jump to whichever parts of this post you'd like.

Read on for our recommendations on the best hammer drills in the UK for 2020.

1) TACKLIFE Corded Hammer Drill - Complete Set

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There's no other product we recommend more than the TACKLIFE complete drill set. You get everything you could ever need- all for under £100! TACKLIFE is also a brand that manufactures sturdy and reliable products, so this one purchase will last you a long time.

What We Love

Read below for our highlighted advantages on the TACKLIFE corded hammer drill and DIY set inclusive.

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145 Piece Set!

The main feature we need to talk about regarding this product is its amazing value for money- you manage to grab 145 quality tools for under £100. If that's not a bargain, we don't know what is.

Included in the set, we found a mighty, powerful, and energetic energetic hammer drill with its 145 comprehensive set of accessories and components. These components are essential for many tasks, including domestic repairs, kitchen and bathroom installations, home structural repairs, wood-related work, furniture repairs, and much more.

Concrete Blaster

This drill works a charm on concrete- all thanks to its sturdy build and safety locking system. The hammer drill is designed to be equipped with a handy chuck, which can be manually locked to safely lock the drill in place. This remained stationary throughout usage, no vibration, tilting, or parts coming loose.

You can also adjust the impact speed of the drill to suit different materials you choose to work on.

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Exchange Button for Hammer Drill

Another handy feature we noticed when trying out this product, was the exchange button which pushes both left and right. It is supplied with a side-support handle too, which enables you to tackle harder tasks with safety, support, and greater control.

The metal shaft included allows you to reach corners and cupboards too.

Ergonomically Designed

All of the 145 included tools within this set are specially designed to provide comfort when performing the intended tasks. For tasks as minute as tightening screws, there are built-in grooves for your fingers to help make the turning more comfortable. For other tasks like stripping, cutting, and measuring, there are also handy design features that help make the task more comfortable.

All tools are small enough to allow reach into small, compact, or awkward places. These are all storable into the carry case, which is convenient.

2 Year Product Warranty

TACKLIFE offer a warranty with most of their products. This hammer drill comes with a 2-year warranty.

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What Could Be Better

Although the 145 piece set is highly generous, it would be useful if TACKLIFE removed a plier and replaced it with a flat-end scraper for paint, wood chip, and other surface removal tasks.

It would be good if the drill had more power changing options too, as many other corded electric drill and hammer drills come with a wide range of power alteration options.

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Main Material: Steel

Weight: 6.8 Kg

Dimensions: 28.5 x 24.5 x 5.8 cm

Power: 800W

Power Type: Mains/Corded

Voltage: 120V

Warranty: 2 Years

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2) VonHaus Impact Drill Set with Carry Case - Budget Option

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This best hammer drill by VonHaus is a set, which comes with various drill bits, speed variations, a depth gauge, and more. All in a neat case, which is great for storage purposes.

We've reviewed many VonHaus products, and many have surfaced their way onto our Top-Lists, which is an indicator in itself of their quality- and value for money!

What We Love

Read below for our highlighted advantages on the VonHaus Hammer Drill Inclusive Set.

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Hammer and Drill Duo

This innovative hammer drill doubles up as a hammer, in addition to being a powerful impact hammer drill. There is a neat button switch at the top of the hammer drill body, which will function based on the task at hand.

We recommend the hammer function for drilling into concrete and other tough materials, and the generic drilling function for other materials such as steel plates and wooden materials.

We tried this product out with every material, and it doesn't work well on certain types of concrete such as reinforced concrete walls.

360° Rotary Handle with Speed Adjustment

We love how easy it is to work with the VonHaus best drill with cord. It has a clever 360° rotation capability which allows you to access angles easily with greater comfort. This is especially useful for inside cupboards, we found.

There is also a handy speed-adjustment function which is accessible via a button, and it changes operational speed to best suit the task you're working on.

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Chuck and Depth Gauge Included

The VonHaus best hammer drill comes with a 13 millimetre keyed chuck, for ease of use, as well as a depth gauge. These are all key tools needed for many DIY tasks, so it's great to have these included in the purchase. The maximum 13 millimetre value is specially designed to tackle challenging drilling tasks, such as concrete.

Warranty Included

The VonHaus Corded Hammer Drill set comes with a useful 2-year manufacturer warranty, which is a great protection factor when making your purchase. Just contact the customer service when you need any help with the machine.

What Could Be Better

We would love it if this hammer drill came with a cordless hammer drill option. This would suit many people who have storage restrictions or want to cut down energy bills and extra costs.

Additionally, we would appreciate it if VonHaus had increased the range of included accessories, as many users may not be aware of what components are needed for certain tasks- if you're new to DIY, for example.

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Brand: VonHaus

Weight: 1.8 Kg

Speed: 2600rpm

Cord Length: 2 metres

Power: 710W

Power Type: Mains/Corded

Warranty: 2 Years

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3) Dewalt D25033K-GB Hammer Drills

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Next on our list of the best drill (corded) options on the market for 2020 is the Dewalt D25033K. This best hammer drill comes at an affordable price under £200, and offer various adaptive features to suit tougher materials like concrete!

The Dewalt D25033K also comes in a vibrant yellow accent colour, which makes it an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your DIY collection.

What We Love

Read below for our highlighted advantages on the Dewalt D25033K Hammer Drill.

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Deep Penetration

The Dewalt D25033K is designed to penetrate into materials from as thin as 4 millimetres to around 22 millimetres in diameter. This allows you to comfortably and easily drill into walls, anchor furnishings, and fix holes into the walls regardless of their thickness.

Suitable for Chiselling

Many impact hammer drills (corded hammer drill options) are too powerful and direct to be able to handle subtle tasks like gentle, shallow chiseling.

This is performed via the rotation-stop mode of the machine, which is designed for brick, concrete, and soft masonry chiseling. The other mode, impact-stop, is designed for vigorous drilling in materials such as steel, ceramic, and wood. It can also be used for screw driving.

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Comfortable Feel

Aside from the clean, rounded and ergonomic body design of this hammer drill, the item uses a mechanical clutch system which is designed to eliminate any sudden high-torque reactions, thus providing a smoother and more comfortable feel.

There is also variable speed (electronic), to allow the user to have total control over the hammer drill.

What Could Be Better

An included chuck would have made this best corded hammer drill a great item. You'll have to arrange this separately.

In addition, the weight of this best corded hammer drill is extremely light, a mere 2.5 kilograms in fact. If you're after a lightweight and easy to use drill, then this is perfect for you. We personally prefer drilling tool items and drills in general to be heavier and more robust-feeling.

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Brand: Dewalt

Weight: 2.5 Kg

Dimensions: 33 x 7.5 x 21 cm

Power: 710W

Voltage: 240V

Power Type: Corded-Electric

Speed: 1550rpm

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4)Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill

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Next on our list of the best hammer drill options in the UK for 2020 is the Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill. Not only is this one super-funky from the outside, but it also packs a series punch of power and can get the job done in seconds.

With a powerful 550 watt motor and a versatile selection switch, the 2100 RE is excellent for all tasks from drilling wood to concrete.

What We Love

Read below for our highlighted advantages on the Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill.

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Extremely Powerful Motor

The main thing that Bosch products boast in their products is high power output, and this hammer drill packs some serious power.

It has a mighty 550-watt motor, which is designed to quickly, smoothly, and easily penetrate materials such as wood, to tougher materials such as concrete - and everything in between, such as steel. As a matter of fact, the Bosch 2100 RE is more than capable of penetrating concrete- as we experience greater ease with this hammer drill compared to other models.

Switchable Functions

The Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill is capable of switching between different tasks, to give you the best and most efficient output from the hammer drill.

There is a selection switch integrated, which can change between chiseling, hammering, screw-driving, and drilling. To make the switching easy, Bosch uses a keyless chuck.

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There are two modes that are used on this hammer drill: Impact Stop and Rotation Stop.

The switch between wood-drilling (or metal-drilling) and screw driving is enabled when the impact stop seizes the hammer mechanism.

The switch between other functions and chiseling is facilitated when the rotation stop mode turns off the rotary motion.

These modes help make the transition between different tasks easy and smooth.

Bosch SDS-Plus 

This best hammer drill uses the Bosch SDS-Plus system, which allows for bit fitting at a rapid rate.

The hammer drill uses item-specific drill bits, which are used in conjunction with the system to allow for optimal and efficient power transfer.

Additionally, the SDS-Plus system is a great way of tool switching. allows for rapid bit fitting. The chuck enables tool-free changing and a standard chuck allows for ordinary straight-shank drill or screwdriver bits.

[amazon fields="B006P06Z9Y" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

Lightweight and Ergonomic

One of the best things about the Bosch PBH 2100 RE Rotary Hammer Drill is that it is surprisingly lightweight and ergonomically designed for all the power it outputs.

The entire hammer drill weighs around 2 kilograms, and the design is designed in a slim, ergonomic fashion to make it near undetectable when using it. This is thanks to the Softgrip handle, which is imperative in providing the user with grip and maximum control over the hammer drill.

Speed Control

Lastly, we'd like to mention the speed control functionality offered by the Bosch PBH 2100 RE.

The hammer drill features a speed controlling trigger, which is designed to allow speed variation from zero to MAX. This is enabled via the trigger switch.

Speed control is very useful in a number of DIY projects, especially when screw driving.

What Could Be Better

It would be nice if this corded hammer drill had a bit more weight- this would make these hammer drills a lot sturdier. Bosch products are generally designed for heavy-duty DIY work, so it's odd for them to have developed a corded hammer drill with a weight as like as only 2 kilograms.

Additionally, or to follow on from this point, the inclusion of a metal body would be great for this best corded drill (UK).

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Brand: Bosch

Main Material: Plastic

Weight: 2.2 Kg

Dimensions: 37.5 x 37 x 11.5 cm

Power: 550W

Power Type: Corded-Electric

Speed: 2300rpm

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5) Makita HR2631F Rotary Hammer Drill

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Next on our list of the best corded drill options in the UK for 2020 is this unusually pleasing to the eye, robust Makita HR2631F. This corded hammer drill is tri-modal and includes an AVT with a carry case.

These hammer drills have a beautiful, aqua accent colour on the body- which looks great in your DIY tools collection; it's almost too good to put away in a cupboard!

What We Love

Read below for our highlighted advantages on the Makita Hr2631F Rotary Hammer Drill.

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Adjustable Controls

The Makita HR2631F is a highly adjustable hammer drill option. There are a number of different settings that can be liberally adjusted, including the following.

Firstly, this hammer drill offers variable speed. The variable speed can be easily controlled via a trigger, hence making adjustments as easy and accessible as possible. In addition to variable speed, the rotational direction can be altered too- you can choose between forward rotation, as well as reverse rotation. Forward rotation paired with the highest variable speed will output insane drilling to perform tasks efficiently.

In addition, you get to benefit from 40 different bit angle settings- which is an excellent variety for a reasonably priced product.

Limiting Controls

The Makita HR2631 hammer drills offer a variety of limiting controls to help you gain greater control over the corded hammer drill.

Firstly, you get a torque limiter. These are a type of fuse which is designed to seize the function of the machine, shut it down, and dissipate any rotational energy into the surroundings without causing any extra wear and tear to the product itself. This is necessary for low-impact/low-speed work.

This hammer drill comes with handy depth stops too. Depth stops are special fixtures that have caps, usually made of plastic, that rotate with the drill bit. When they come into contact with a surface, the rotation stops. This is very useful when drilling equal holes of the desired depth you choose. The cap assists in preventing indentations and friction marks on the surface.

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Tri-Modal Functionality

One great thing about these corded hammer drills is that they feature 3-in-1 functionality. The Makita HR2631 corded hammer drill has three modes of usage to suit every task.

The first mode is rotation only, which is often used for screwing and unscrewing screws. This is much easier than using a manual screwdriver, and it saves a lot of space. You only need the drill, and tiny drill bit racks- this takes up less space than ALL those screwdrivers- one for every drill bit head, one for every drill bit size, it's a lifesaver.

The second mode is rotation with hammer drilling. This is a very versatile mode, but must be used carefully. The final mode is hammer drilling only.

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What Could Be Better

We would love it if this hammer drill had a kick of more power- with all those cool additions of functions such as tai-modal functionality, it would be great if these easy bit corded hammer drills had an extra kick of power. At least having a more powerful motor version would be a good start, if not a complete product revision completely.

It would also be good if this drill were slightly more compact and lightweight, as it does feel quite heavy.

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Brand: Makita

Main Material: Metal, Plastic

Weight: 5.2 Kg

Dimensions: 33 x 11 x 43 cm

Power: 800W

Power Type: Electric

Voltage: 240V

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6) Sealey SD1000 Hammer Drill

[amazon fields="B000RO17B0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="1"]

Lastly on our list of the best corded (not cordless hammer drill) options is the Sealey SD1000. Sealey products are universally acknowledged for quality and value for money- the products last you a lifetime due to the excellent build quality.

Read on to learn about our recommendations for these drills.

What We Love

[amazon fields="B000RO17B0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Professional Standard

The main thing about the Sealey SD1000 hammer drill is that it's really heavy-duty, and it includes a host of useful functions.

The motor of this drill is 1050-watt power, and it also features handy adjustable speed and rotational direction controls. You can both drive-in and unscrew screws from any surface with ease and speed too.

In addition, the Sealey SD1000 has a dual-speed mechanical gearbox, which provides extra versatility as well as hammering functionality.

Ergonomic and Convenient

The SD1000 has both a qualitative chuck, as well as a depth stop to help control your drill during usage.

One of our favourite things is the soft-grip body and handle, which makes it a pleasure to hold and allows for a more comfortable and extended period of runtime.

In addition, you receive a convenient 2 metre long cable for plug it in, along with a paired BS-approved mains plug. All of these accessories are easily stored within a handy, included carry-case.

[amazon fields="B000RO17B0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


The main thing which we associate with the Sealey SD1000 is power- which is why it's so great for professional use. Besides the hefty 1050W motor, the Sealey SD1000 features a blade rotation frequency of 3000rpm!

The SD1000W uses 230 volts of electricity via the mains, accessible from the included 2-metre cable.

What Could Be Better

The Sealey SD1000 is very large. This correlates rightfully to the amount of power it takes in and outputs, so it's understandable.

The quality of this product is so great though, so it would be great if there were another version that is better suited to less heavier-duty tasks.

[amazon fields="B000RO17B0" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]


Brand: Sealey

Main Material: Metal, Plastic

Weight: 4.9 Kg

Dimensions: 33 x 11 x 43 cm

Power: 1050W

Speed: 3000rpm

Power Type: Corded-Electric

Voltage: 230V

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