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Editor's Choice
Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw
Value for Money
Einhell TC-SB 200 Band Saw
Charnwood B350 Premium Bandsaw
Product Name
Product Name
Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw
Einhell TC-SB 200 Band Saw
Charnwood B350 Premium Bandsaw
Power Source
Power Source
Corded Electric
Corded Electric
Corded Electric
240 Volts
240 Volts
250 watts
‎1100 watts
Blade Length
Blade Length
1400 mm
200 mm
345 mm
Special Features
Special Features
Welded steel chassis, Direct drive motor, Phosphor bronze blade,
Parallel stop bar, Ball-bearing guide, Narrow kerf
Quick release bandsaw blade tensioner, Two speed pulley, With LED work light
Product Dimension
Product Dimension
45 x 60.5 x 68 cm
90 x 72 x 172 cm
Product Weight
Product Weight
23 kg
‎17.4 kg
75 kg
Number of Saw Teeth
Number of Saw Teeth

The Best Bandsaw Reviews & Buying Guide

Bandsaws are a must in any woodworking shop they help you make straight and curved cuts with ease, accuracy and give a great finish. 

Short On Time?

Our Recommended The Best Bandsaw In The UK Is The Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw!

Editor's Choice
Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw
  • It features a new style welded steel chassis with a cast iron table.
  • With a direct drive motor and balanced cast alloy wheels. 
  • Blade width capacities range from 6-13mm.
  • It has phosphor bronze blade guides and ball bearing thrust guides.
  • A single dust outlet port provides efficient dust removal.

Not all bandsaws are created the same however, they differ in the width they cut, the depth they cut, table size and price, making it an overwhelming task to find the best bandsaws on the market. 

So to help you out, we have narrowed down the best spec bandsaws out there and reviewed them below one by one, to find the top bandsaw for your woodwork within your budget. 

Let's get into the reviews!

The Best Bandsaw Under £500 In The UK - 

The Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw (Editor's Pick!)

The Axminster Craft bandsaw comes with a blade length of 1400mm and has 6 teeth for cutting a variety of materials. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Axminster Craft 1

Feature-wise the affordable bandsaw uses a direct drive motor for power and has a blade width capacity ranging between 6-13mm, it also has blade guides and a ball bearing guide for accurate bevel cutting. The cast iron table for the saw has a rip fence for rip cuts. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Axminster Craft 2

The blade itself comes with a cutting depth of 80mm and a dust extraction outlet as well as a keyless curved style door to reduce vibrations from the machine during use. There is also an optional mitre fence available to buy for the saw. 


Overall, this Axminister saw is one of the lowest price bandsaws on our list and is perfect for smaller workshops and woodworking projects thanks to its compact size.

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Axminster Craft 3

Its design is simple to function and set up, making it perfect for beginner woodworkers who are using a bandsaw for the first time. 

Downfalls of the bandsaw by Axminister are the adjustments that can be said to take a while to get set up accurately when you first get the machine.

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Axminster Craft 5


  • Direct drive motor. 
  • Dust extraction outlet. 
  • Blade guides. 
  • Rip fence. 
  • Optional mitre fence. 
  • Reduced vibrations. 
  • Affordable.


  • Needs a lot of adjustments. 

Bench mounted

Cast iron table

Direct drive motor

Blade width capacities range from 6-13mm

The Best Bandsaw Under £1000 In UK - 

The Charnwood B350 14'' Premium Woodworking Bandsaw 

This Charnwood woodworking bandsaw features a 345mm blade length and uses a 1100W induction motor for power when cutting. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Charnwood 1

Important specs of this Charnwood bandsaw brands model is the maximum cutting depth of 9-inches, a width of 1/4 - 1-inch and table tilt of 0-45-degrees for delicate cuttings. The model operates with a two-speed pulley that controls the cutting speeds, as well as bearings on the blade and blade guard to help with accurate, angled cutting. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Charnwood 2

For the design, this stationary bandsaws model has a table size of 545mm x 515mm and a blade guard. It additionally has a quick-release blade tensioner and an LED work light included for even better accuracy when bevel cutting. 

A one-year warranty is further included with the stationary bandsaws model for buyers confidence.


To conclude, this woodworking bandsaw from Charnwood is a good choice if you are looking for premium bandsaw types with top quality features and an easy set-up. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 charnwood 4

The bandsaw itself comes already mostly assembled and its extra features such as the tensioner and LED light make it great value for money. 

Negatives of this Charnwood bandsaw are its guide roller which is said to be very hard to adjust and tighten upon set-up, some have also reported to the table to come tilting in the wrong way so may need extra adjustments upon arrival.

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Charnwood 5


  • Powerful motor. 
  • Decent table tilt range. 
  • 9-inch maximum cutting depth capacity.
  • LED work light. 
  • Blade guard. 
  • One-year warranty. 
  • 345mm blade length. 
Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Charnwood 6


  • The guide roller is hard to adjust. 
  • Table tilt may need more adjusting upon arrival.

Powerful Induction Motor

Quick Release Bandsaw Blade Tensioner

Fitted With A British Made Blade

Heavy Duty Bearing Bandsaw Blade Guides

Einhell TC-SB 200/1 4308018 200 mm Band Saw

The Einhell TC-SB 200/1 4308018 bandsaw comes with a blade length of 200mm and has a tilting saw table that varies between -4 and 46-degrees. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Einhell 1

Top specs of this stationary type of bandsaw are its 250W motor power which can cut wood, metal or plastic up to 305 x 305mm in size. The idle speed of the band saw is 14000 per minute and it has adjustable deep cutting depth with a height cutting capacity of 90-degrees at 80mm and 45 degrees and 40mm. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Einhell 2

In terms of the design, the band saw ensure accurate cutting with its ball-bearing guide and rip fence, the saw blade itself has 6 teeth and a saw band size of 1400 x 7 mm. The corded electric model has a dust collection port included too. 


To conclude, this Einhell band saw is an excellent quality bandsaw to choose from if you are on a budget and want an affordable bandsaw that can be used on small DIY projects. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Einhell 3

We also like these bandsaw blades as they can be switched out to even plain or pin end blades making the portable bandsaw very versatile. It also has a variable speed which is useful for handling different kinds of projects. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Einhell 4

Downfalls of this portable bandsaw are its high vibration during use, the band saw is also quite a small compact tabletop bandsaw so will not be able to handle larger woodworking projects. 


  • Affordable machine. 
  • Powerful motor. 
  • Variable cutting speeds. 
  • Adjustable cutting height. 
  • Guide fence for accurate cutting conditions. 
  • Dust collection port. 
  • Table tilt for mitre cutting.
Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 EInhell 5


  • High vibration. 
  • Very small table.

Smooth tilting saw table from -4 to 46 degree

Parallel stop bar and jig for dust exhaust devices

Height adjustment for precise cuts.

Ball-bearing guide for precise cuts

Lumberjack 254mm Band Saw 500

Lumberjack is a well-known tool brand in the woodworking industry for creating reliable products. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack 1

This Lumberjack band saw in particular features a 150mm blade cutting tool length with a throat size of 254mm (width) and a throat depth of 6-inches. Its 375W powerful motor powers the floor-standing models blade up to 400amp in speed and it uses blade guides plus bearings on the blade to keep a variety of cuts accurate. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack2

Design-wise the Lumberjack bandsaw has a ground aluminium table that tilts between 90-45 degrees with positive stops on each side and total table size of 360mm x 320mm.

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack 3

It further has an adjustable guide fence for rip cutting plus a dust extraction port that accepts dust port hose sizes of 50mm, 75mm & 100mm or uses a dust collection tray if not in use. 


For people who want a compact floor-standing woodworking bandsaw that has a deep cutting depth for small woodworking projects and extra features such as roller guides for delicate cuttings, this Lumberjack model is a good choice. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack 4

All the angles and tilts are true to size on this bandsaw and its dust extractor port helps to leave your woodworking space clean. 

Some notable drawbacks of the Lumberjack bandsaw model are its LED light which has been reported by a few different users to fail after a couple of days of usage, it is also not a vertical bandsaw for larger workpieces. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack 5


  • 6-inch cutting height. 
  • Reliable brands of band saw. 
  • Dust collection outlet. 
  • Beefy motor. 
  • Guide fence. 
  • Tiltable work surface. 
  • Compact. 
  • 254mm throat capacity. 
Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Lumberjack 6


  • Not for cutting vertical larger pieces of wood. 
  • LED light is of poor quality. 

Huge 6''/150mm cutting depth capacity

Precision ground cast iron work table

With LED work light

Integral dust collection tray

Record Power BS250 Benchtop Bandsaw 500

The Record Power benchtop band saws model comes with a 70.5-inch blade length and has a maximum cutting depth capacity of 120mm. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Record Power 1

Important specs of this band saw are its throat depth of 240mm and table tilt which ranges from 0-45 degrees. Total size of this solid cast iron table measures 315 x 350mm and it has a motor output of 1/3 HP. 

Other notable features of this wheel bandsaw are its 58mm dust extraction port, the design can be used as a benchtop model or positioned on a stand. The blade speed of the saw is around 740 metres per minute. 


Overall, this Record power benchtop band saw is one of the most affordable machine types on our list, the bandsaw is smooth to operate and easy to set up, plus it has an impressive cutting depth for its price. 

The blade included with the bandsaw is also very good quality for money. 

Downfalls of the bandsaw are the overall design which has been reported to arrive broken by numerous customers, some have also said it comes with missing parts. 


  • Tiltable work surface. 
  • Dust extraction facility. 
  • Blade speed of 740m per minute. 
  • Huge cutting depth of 120mm. 
  • 1/3HP induction motor.
Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Record Power 1


  • Design is reported to come damaged.

Dynamically balanced bandwheels

Cast iron tables and an induction motor

120mm depth of cut

Bench or floor mountable

Which Is The Best Bandsaw In The UK?

To round up our reviews of our top-quality bandsaws, our favourite bandsaw of all has to be the Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw for under £500. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Axminster Craft 1

This bandsaw has excellent features for its price and is highly accurate too, coming with an optional mitre fence if you are interested in making more angled cutting, we also rate this model due to it being simple to function which is great for woodworking beginners. 

For our top pick bandsaw under £1000, we would suggest checking out the more premium Charnwood B350 14'' Premium Woodworking Bandsaw. This expensive bandsaw is certainly worth its price with huge table size and generous cutting depth 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Charnwood 1

What To Look For In The Best Bandsaw (Our Buying Guide)

Now we have reviewed and compared the top bandsaws in the UK and found our favourite models for under £1000 and £500, it's important to know what you should be looking for in your bandsaw, to begin with before you invest. 

We have composed an extensive buying guide below which will take you through the different types of bandsaws which are available on the market, what features to consider in your favourite bandsaw and how these woodworking tools match up to a good old Jigsaw. 

Towards the end of the guide, we will also cover how to use your new bandsaw properly and some safety tips for using one too. 

What Are The Different Types Of Bandsaws? 

When choosing your bandsaw you need to consider the type you are looking for. 

For example, bandsaws come in a horizontal or vertical type as well as stationary or portable. 

We will cover all four types of bandsaws below. 

Horizontal Bandsaws 

A horizontal bandsaw has its blade positioned with its teeth in the direction that the wood is being cut, it depends on the weight of the blade holder for sawing with gravity applying the needed pressure to saw through any material such as plastic or wood. 

Vertical Bandsaws 

These vertical bandsaws are perfect for working with smaller woodworking projects due to the upright blade, they come as either benchtop models or can be floor standing for more heavy-duty woodworking. 

Stationary Bandsaws 

These types of bandsaws come without a table, they are not portable and take up a fair amount of space, so you should make sure you have a big enough workshop to house one. 

Portable Bandsaws 

Portable bandsaws are perfect for small and detailed cuts, they can be taken anywhere and typically come with two handles for better control over the saw. These models will often be 0.5-horsepower models, they are not as powerful as stationary models.

Features To Consider In Your Best Bandsaw 

Bandsaws have a huge amount of features to consider, from the blade length, to blade depth and width as well as the table size, you have to make sure that your quality bandsaw has what you need for it to give the best finish for your woodwork. 

We have listed the essentials to watch out for in your bandsaw below. 

  • Motor - One of the first and most important features to consider in your bandsaw is the motor. A higher power motor will be able to cut more heavy-duty pieces of wood while a lower power motor is meant for small projects. Most compact bandsaws have around 1/3HP while larger models can house up to 1.5HP which is perfect for 2-inch materials, for anything bigger look at a bigger motor.
  • Power - Consider whether your bandsaw is corded or cordless, cordless bandsaws have the upper hand with portability while corded models are often more powerful.
  • Blade - The blade of your bandsaw is very important. It should be durable and be able to cut a variety of materials like metal, you should check the number of teeth, blade length plus width and height. You can always switch the blade of your machine out when you buy it, however. 
  • Cutting height & depth - For depth, your bandsaw could cut anything between 6-inches and 36-inches, some models even have an adjustable depth which is great. You should consider the throat capacity of your saw too, this determines how wide a piece of material that you can cut this could be anything between 12-14 inches on most models. 
  • Frame material - The frame material of your band saw is super important for durability and vibration. Welded steel is the best you can look for in your model as it reduces vibrations dramatically, same goes for cast iron, aluminum frames are growing more popular on portable bandsaws thanks to their lightweight.
  • Adjustability - You should ideally look for a good range of adjustments on your saw, you should be able to adjust the sealed bearings, blade tension and guides with ease to ensure accuracy. Also look for a variety of cuts, from mitre, angled, bevelled, circular and straight.
  • Table - The table that comes with your wheel bandsaw is super important, as it determines the size of the materials it can support, most are 16 x 16 inches. You should additionally ensure that the tabletop machines can be tilted at least 0-45 degrees for the better cutting control.
  • Speed - Ideally your blade should be able to cut at least 3,500 feet per minute, your model will have this listed in either ft or meters and you should check the horsepower too as this is a good indicator as to how fast your model will cut. 
  • Accessories - Some essential accessories to look for on your bandsaw are an LED working light, mitre fences and rip gauges. For safety, your tool should have a blade guard and dust collection port too. Wheels are great features to look for with stationary bandsaws. 
  • Warranty - Always make sure your budget bandsaw or expensive bandsaw has a warranty, this is to protect your purchase against any faulty components.
Value for Money
Einhell TC-SB 200/1 4308018 200 mm Band Saw
  • High performance Band saw with smooth tilting saw table from -4 to 46 degree
  • Parallel stop bar and jig for dust exhaust devices
  • Height adjustment for precise cuts.
  • Rip fence for the execution of straight cuts
  • Ball-bearing guide for precise cuts

Bandsaws Vs Jigsaws - Which One Is Better?

Jigsaws are a go-to tool for most woodworkers who want to make circular and straight cuts on a variety of materials, they are similar to bandsaws in the sense that they have thin blades and are great for making delicate cuts on woodwork. 

Which begs the question, which tool is better? 

We have compared the difference and similarities of both a bandsaw and a jigsaw below to help with your decision. 


Jigsaws in comparison to bandsaws are small and portable, they can do plunge cuts and work by you moving the tool across the workpiece to cut material. 

These tools have the upper hand over bandsaws when it comes to making curved cuts, and can make a variety of cuts on different materials thanks to their thin saw and portable design which allows you to bring the saw to material, unlike a bandsaw. 

Drawbacks of a Jigsaw in comparison to a bandsaw is that it cannot be used for re-sawing, it also has less accuracy as it is controlled via your hands rather than you pushing material into the blade. Bandsaws can also make cuts of a greater depth and handle lots of pieces of stock at once.


Bandsaws when compared to jigsaws use a thicker and larger blade, they are better than jigsaws for cutting deep and accurately into material thanks to their stationery design and are often more accurate when it comes to making straight cuts. 

Downfalls of a bandsaw in comparison to a jigsaw are that they are not as portable or as good when it comes to making versatile curved cuts. Although you can make a variety of cuts with a bandsaw, the jigsaws have the advantage of being smaller and handheld. 

Conclusion - Which Saw Should I Choose?

Overall, for small woodworking projects or when you want to make plunge cuts or bevel cuts, a portable jigsaw is an affordable choice for a novice DIY'er, but for sawing accurate cuts on larger pieces of wood, or re swing/rip cuts, a bandsaw is a winner.

Tips To Use a Bandsaw 

Bandsaws are pretty straightforward woodworking tools once you get the hang of them and can cut through any type of material as long as you use the right blade. 

We have listed a few tips for using this piece of equipment down below. 

  • Use the right blade - For a delicate cut in a piece of wood, you should ensure the blade is narrow enough, and that the blade has enough teeth. Resawing would require the thickest blade possible.
  • Measure twice - Always follow the woodworking sawing rule of measure twice cut once, mark your wood where you want to cut with a pencil and ruler or guide and always double-check it for accuracy, you can't reverse a cut!
  • Set the speed - Most high-quality bandsaws come with variable speed options now, for wood cutting you want to keep your speed range around 2000 – 3000 FPM. If you want to cut metal then you will need a slower speed from the saw.
  • Go slow - Never force the blade of your bandsaw into the wood that you are cutting, always keep it hands-free and allow the saw to do its job. Use the push stick to get rid of any pieces of wood which are stuck in the saw. 

Safety Tips For Using a Bandsaw 

Although a bandsaw is one of the safest woodworking tools you can use, this does not mean that you shouldn't take the necessary safety precautions when operating this power tool. 

Best Bandsaw In The UK - Professional & Hobby - Reviews 2021 Einhell 3

We've listed out top safety tips for using the bandsaw down below. 

  • Use the push stick - If the cut line is closer than three inches always avoid using your hands to push your wood closer, instead use a push stick.
  • Adjust the blade guard - The blade guard of the tool should be as low as possible when using the machine to minimise how much blade is exposed. 
  • Use supports - For extra-long pieces of wood you should make sure there are infeed and outfeed supports to help with stability and accuracy as well as safety.
  • Wear protective gear - It is essential to wear some safety equipment such as goggles to protect your eyes from flying pieces of wood when sawing. 
  • Pull the board from the back - When working with a long piece of stock for re-sawing always pull the material from the back rather than pushing it through from the front.
  • Use the right blade - Always know that a thick blade size is better for straight cuts and thin blades are better for curved cuts, using the correct blade for what you are cutting is very important.
  • Do not force - If wood gets stuck or it is not cutting properly, never try and push the material through, instead turn off the machine and identify the issue.
  • Avoid loose clothing - Although unlikely, there is a chance of loose clothing getting stuck in the blade of your bandsaw.
  • Lay stock flat - Laying your stock uneven on the bandsaw can be a safety hazard, always make sure it is flat before you feed it in.
  • Allow the motor to reach speed - When cutting with your bandsaw make sure you allow the motor to reach its full speed before you feed your stock in.

FAQs About The Best Bandsaws

How much do bandsaws cost? 

Bandsaws vary a lot in price, they can cost anything between £300-£800 depending on the quality of the features that you buy and the size of the saw. Stationary models will always be more expensive than portable ones as they often house more power and are larger for professional woodworking use.

What are bandsaws used for? 

These tools are very versatile, they can be used for making detailed cuts to rip cuts in material. They are also great for cutting metal or resawing.

Are bandsaws beginner friendly? 

Yes, bandsaws are easy to use once you get the hang of them and are beginner-friendly since the saw does most of the work for you.

Does the motor power matter on a bandsaw? 

Motor power does matter on a bandsaw as it will determine the kind of wood or materials that your saw will be able to cut as the motor influences the speed. Higher motor horsepower means a higher speed which will be able to cut thicker stock with ease. 

What does the throat capacity mean on a bandsaw? 

Throat capacity on a bandsaw means the width of the cut that can be completed, or in other terms, the distance between the blade of the bandsaw and the column. 

Is a dust collector essential on a bandsaw? 

Yes, your bandsaw should always have a dust collector, sawdust from wood can be dangerous to your health when it starts to circulate the machine when cutting, an extractor is needed to remove the volume of it from your workspace.

Are stationary models more powerful than portable ones? 

Stationary bandsaws are often more powerful than handheld ones as they are larger so can house a bigger motor power.

What are the differences between £500 and £1000 bandsaws?

Since all bandsaws operate with the same function you might be wondering what the difference is between cheap bandsaws and expensive ones. 

Well, expensive bandsaws tend to be more accurate, have a higher cutting speed/power and have a larger cutting depth and table which allow you to take on more professional woodworking projects.

Bandsaws under the £500 mark are best for at-home use on small projects.

What horsepower motor should I look for on my saw?

For most woodworking projects a bandsaw motor with a horsepower of 1.5HP should be more than enough for standard woodworking projects. Horsepower ultimately depends on the budget you have and the size of your bandsaw, always get a higher-powered motor for heavy-duty tasks.

What do ball bearing thrust guides do? 

These add stability and accuracy to your work as they act as guides when cutting.

What type of bandsaw do I need for heavy-duty tasks? 

For the heavy-duty task, you need a bandsaw that has high motor power, cutting speed and a durable thick blade. You should also consider supports if you will be taking on the long stock.

Our #1 Bandsaw For DIY Woodworking Projects 

Our number one bandsaw for woodworking projects is the Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw due to its affordable price and high-quality features which is suitable for small DIY woodworking projects and excellent for beginner woodworkers. 

If you have a higher budget we also recommended the Charnwood B350 14'' Premium Woodworking Bandsaw, this bandsaw is the perfect choice for heavy-duty wood cutting and has a larger table to accommodate larger stock.

Editor's Choice
Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw
  • It features a new style welded steel chassis with a cast iron table.
  • With a direct drive motor and balanced cast alloy wheels. 
  • Blade width capacities range from 6-13mm.
  • It has phosphor bronze blade guides and ball bearing thrust guides.
  • A single dust outlet port provides efficient dust removal.


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