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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Belt Sander Is The Makita DBS180Z Cordless Belt Sander!

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The Best Belt Sander Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are a woodworker, then you probably know just how important it is to sand your work for the best finish, and you probably understand just how time-consuming this can be by hand too. 

That's where belt sanders come in, these motorised sanding belts allow you to sand quicker and with greater comfort thanks to the motor power and ergonomic holders, making them suitable for aggressive sanding applications. 

However, there is a huge range of sanding belts on the market to choose from, differing in power and size, so to make your search more simple, we have found some of the best electric belt sanders on the market and reviewed them below to help make your decision easier. 

Our Top Belt Sander -

The Makita DBS180Z Cordless Belt Sander (Editor's Choice)

The Makita cordless belt sander uses an 18V brushless motor for power and operates with a slide-type battery that needs to be brought separately. 

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Top specs of this cordless belt sander are its variable speed dial which can deliver up to 1,700 metres per minute and an adjustable sanding arm for extra comfort. The model can be used on both steel and wood materials and has a total belt size of 9mm x 533mm. 

Design-wise, the Makita sanding belts model has a lock-on button that allows you to operate the belt sander continuously and an anti-start up safety option for safety during storage. The whole design can pivot up to 160-degrees and an electric brake is included for further safety. 

Its design can additionally be connected to a dust extractor if needed. 


To conclude, this belt sander by Makita is great value for money and comes with exceptional features such as its variable speed control and powerful motor, the model is also made with high-quality parts, increasing its overall durability for repeated use. 

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Downfalls of this powerful belt sander have to be its price which is a little expensive compared to other belt sanders out there, it also has a lack of other sanding arms which might have to be purchased in addition. 


  • Maximum belt speed of 1,700 metres per minute. 
  • Powerful motor. 
  • Dust extraction option. 
  • Adjustable belt arm. 
  • Continuous sanding button. 
  • Electric brake. 

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  • Expensive. 
  • Lack of sanding arms. 

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Our Runner Up - The BLACK+DECKER 720 W Angled Belt Sander 

If you are looking for a belt sander with an angled belt design on a budget, it could be well worth checking out this model by the popular BLACK + DECKER. 

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Feature-wise, the heavy-duty belt sander comes with a 720-watt motor power for quick belt removal and has a manual belt tracking knob adjustment style which allows you to set and control the belt position how you want. The sander can reach max speeds of 250 metres per minute. 

For design, this BLACK + DECKER budget model has adjustable handles which can be set in three different positions and a retractable hood that allows you to get a professional finish delicate tasks in small areas. The model integrates a dust collector too for cleanliness and has a bump stop on the hood to stop you from scuffing areas during detailed tasks. 


For people who want a budget sander for heavy-duty tasks that has ease of control and can reach awkward angles, this BLACK + DECKER sander is an excellent choice. 

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We like this cheap model thanks to its adjustable handles which give comfort during crucial sanding tasks and high powered motor which allows it to compete with advanced models. It is one of the best sanders on our list for a professional finish to thanks to its anti-bump system. 

Drawbacks of this BLACK + DECKER corded electric sander belt are its dust box which is said to collect a little amount of debris, some users have also said the belt sander has died after a few years of use, so might not be the best choice for long term durability. 


  • Has dust extraction. 
  • High powered motor. 
  • Adjustable handles. 
  • Bump stop. 
  • Retractable hood for precision. 
  • Belt tracking adjustment. 
  • Affordable. 

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  • Poorly made dust box. 
  • Not very durable long term.

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Bosch 06032A1070 PBS 75 A Belt Sander

This Bosch belt sander is one of the most affordable cheaper options on our list and features a 710 watt motor with a corded electric design. 

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In terms of the belt size, it measures 75 x 533 mm and the model has a belt speed of up to 350 metres per minute for quick sanding jobs. The Bosch sander additionally has a low vibration design and an auxiliary soft-grip handle for edge sanding. 

Design-wise, the powerful belt sander can be disassembled easily too and it has a microfilter dust box inside of the device which absorbs dust and debris and stops it from affecting the machine. The automatic belt operation system in this device keeps the belt centred at all times for ease of function. 


Overall, this Bosch corded electric belt sander is an easy to use sander for getting in tight spaces and doesn't require too much elbow grease because of its simple belt change mechanism and high power which has an excellent removal rate time. 

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Negatives of the Bosch corded electric belt sander have to be the lack of variable belt speed which means you have less control over the power of the sander, the model is additionally reported to come without clamps despite it being stated in the specifications. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Low vibration design. 
  • Dust collector inside. 
  • Ergonomic handle design. 
  • Easy belt changing system. 
  • Centring system.

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  • Comes with no clamps despite stated. 
  • No variable belt speed.

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Silverstorm 972660 350W Disc Sander

The Silverstorm disc sander is one of the only small bench mounted sander models on our list and features a 350 watt powered motor with an 80 grit rated sanding belt. 

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Top specs of this sander are its 390mm belt sander length and 150mm diameter disc sander length, it also has an adjustable position table with a mitre guide for difficult angles which measures 390 x 125 mm. 

For accessing hard to reach areas, the belt sander can be tilted between 0-90 degrees and it has a no-load belt speed of 5 metres per second along with a disc belt speed of 1450 rpm. The table has rubber feet for no scratch mounting and both the belt and disc have easy changing mechanisms. 

All switches on the machine are dust protected for durability. 


To conclude, this Silverstorm disc sander and belt sander machine is great value for money when compared to other belt sanders on our list as it includes a disc sander as well as a belt sander with a table mounting, making it easy to sand any kind of material. 

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This model also has a decent amount of power for sanding heavy-duty tasks and providing a smooth finish to your projects. 

Negatives of this disc sander and belt sander have to be accuracy which is said to be very hard to square up, the build quality of the machine is also reported to be poor and needs the screws and bolts switching out for use. 


  • High power. 
  • Disc sander and mounting table included. 
  • Mitre guide. 
  • Tilting option. 
  • Rubber feet. 
  • Dust protected. 

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  • Poor accuracy. 
  • Bad build quality. 

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Blaupunkt Electric Belt Sander BS3000

This corded electric belt sander by Blaupunkt comes with a power of 800 watts from its motor and can cover a speed of 380 metres per minute for quick removal. 

Important specs of this electric belt sander are its 76x457mm 120 grit sanding belts which can be easily changed via the lever on the machine and belt alignment adjuster which allows you to move the belt horizontally to the position required. 

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Design-wise, the sander by Blaupunkt has a trigger lock included which allows you to keep the sander powered without the need of your hands and has an ergonomic design for comfort when holding the device. 

Extra features of this belt sander included its dust extraction port and 2-metre power cable, the model further has a three-year warranty included for buyers. 


Overall, this electric corded belt sander is the most affordable sander on our list and has all the essential features needed for sanding such as its automatic belt tracking mechanism and coarse grit belt included for the price. 

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What we didn't like about this belt sander is its drive belt which is said to wander off the device despite the model having an auto-tracking belt, the belt sander is also said to get very hot during use which can be concerning. 


  • Dust extraction port. 
  • Speed of 380 metres per minute.
  • Auto belt tracking mechanism. 
  • Trigger lock-on. 
  • Ergonomic design. 
  • 3-year warranty. 

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  • Drive belt does not stay on the device causing damage. 
  • Gets hot during use. 

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Which Is The Best Belt Sander For The Smoothest Finish?

To conclude and round up our favourite belt sander for your DIY projects, the top model on our list for sanding effortlessly has to be the Makita DBS180Z Cordless Belt Sander. 

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Although this Makita belt sander is one of the most expensive sanders on our list, it does have the best quality features and power making it worth the investment if you are after a heavy-duty belt sander you can use for a wide range of applications. 

We rate this model as our top pick also because of its speed which can cover a huge amount of space in a short time, minimising the time spent sanding so as you can get on with other DIY tasks. 

As a second choice, we would recommend the affordable BLACK+DECKER 720 W Angled Belt Sander too, this BLACK + DECKER sander is a perfect choice if your after more control during operation thanks to its retractable hood which allows you to sand at any angle and bump stopper which stops you from scuffing areas around walls. 

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The only reason we didn't place this BLACK + DECKER sander as our number one is down to its lack of power which does not sand as fast as the Makita sander, the sander additionally might not be the best choice for long term durability. 

What To Look For In The Best Belt Sander (Our Buying Guide) 

After reviewing and comparing the best belt sanders on the market for your money, it's a great idea to get to know more about these devices such as the advantages to using them, features to look for in the best model and how to use one safely as a beginner. 

We have put all this information down in our buying guide below to help you out. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Belt Sander

First off, you might be wondering whether or not an electric belt sander is seriously worth the investment when you could stick with good old coarse sandpaper instead, so we have listed some of the main benefits of using and investing in a belt sander below to help make up your mind. 

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  • They are fast - The main advantage to belt sanders is that they are very fast and effective, allowing you to sand a flat surface or vertical surfaces in minutes, unlike a conventional belt sander which takes ages to do by hand. This allows you to do the difficult task of removing a large surface area in just minutes. 
  • Range of applications - Belt sanders can be used for a huge variety of tasks such as finishing touches on floor boards, removing burrs, removing paint on beginner projects or rounding the edge of tables. 
  • Easy to use - Electric belt sanders are very aggressive and powerful, requiring you to put little manual effort into holding downward pressure as you would have to do with coarse sandpaper, this is great for people who find sanding manually time-consuming and hard.
  • For use on soft metals - Belt sanders unlike conventional pedestals do not get clogged easily and can be used for polishing soft metals with ease.

Top Features To Consider In a Belt Sander 

From the power of your belt sander to its comfortable grip and weight, there are some essential specs you need to be considering in your best belt sander so as you can be confident you are getting the best device for your money and use. 

We have listed the most important features to be considering in your model below. 

  • Power - The higher the amp motor on your sander then the better it will be able to sand on hard heavy-duty surfaces, for little jobs, anything around a 6-amp motor power will be sufficient but for heavy tasks, look for 13-amp motor power. 
  • Variable speed options - Having adjustable speed on your variable speed belt sanders is an excellent option if you want to be able to change the power of your sander according to the material you are sanding, for example, if you are sanding delicate material you might want to use lower power.
  • Size - It's important to check the size of the belt on your sander, the longer and wider the belt, then the quicker it will get the job done as you will have to make fewer passes with the belt, always checking how easy the changing mechanism is for the belt too.
  • Dust collection - Belt sanders create a large amount of sawdust which can potentially be dangerous when breathed in so your device must come with some kind of dust extraction port or a dust collection box to minimise the amount in the air created. 
  • Auto belt tracking - The best belt sanders have a system called the auto-tracking feature which ensures that the belt of the sander stays centre aligned constantly and eliminates the possibility of the belt running off the device. 
  • Design - The best sanders will have an ergonomic design for better comfort and an auto switch on system which allows the device to stay powered without you having to have downward pressure on it constantly, also ensure that it has an adjustable handle for even more comfort. 
  • Weight - If you are planning to use your sander for extended periods or sand vertically then you need to make sure that the device does not weigh too much otherwise it will cause fatigue after a short period.
  • Warranty - Always make sure that your best belt sander comes with a one-year warranty or more for buyers protection. 

Safety Tips For Using a Belt Sander 

Belt sander power tools are very safe to use when operated correctly, but this doesn't mean that there aren't some essential safety precautions you should be taken when using the device. 

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We have listed our top safety tips for using your belt sander below.

  • Wear a dust mask and goggles - Although the best belt sanders have a dust collection box or extractors, this does not mean all the sawdust is removed from the area, so you should ensure you protect your eyes and face, as well as your ears if your belt sander is noisy.
  • Remove dust before working on metal - Remove all contents from your durable dust container before using the sander on metal to prevent sparks from becoming alight when sanding the metal.
  • Turn off when changing the belt - If it is time for you to change the belt tensions or the belt itself then ensure that the device is always turned off when changing the belt. 

FAQs About The Best Belt Sanders

How much does the best belt sander typically cost? 

On average, belt sander designs can cost between £50-£150 depending on the power your belt sander comes with and its features.

Should I get a corded belt sander or a cordless belt sander? 

Corded models are great as they give consistent power without the risk of your sander running out of charge halfway through use, however, cordless tools give you more freedom without having to use an extension cord, allowing you to reach faraway angles with ease.

Can I use a belt sander on metal? 

Yes but double-check your variable speed sander belt has a high enough performance and grit or check with the manufacture as it is not unheard of for normal belt sanders to start fires when used on metal surfaces.

What do you use a belt sander for? 

Variable speed sanders are very versatile tools and can be used for levelling wood floor surfaces, floor boards, trimming materials, shaping or rounding harsher edges.

Our #1 Belt Sander For Helping You Smooth Down Your DIY Projects

Our number one heavy-duty belt sander device for ease of use and a professional finish is the Makita DBS180Z Cordless Belt Sander thanks to its fast sanding speed, great additional features and high-quality build design which makes it an excellent option for long term use. 

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We also suggested checking out the BLACK+DECKER 720 W Angled Variable Speed Sander as an alternative for more detailed sanding use as the balanced tool has great features such as a bump system and adjustable hood to get in tight corners.

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