Black & Decker Cordless Drill Review - 2020 - 2021

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Black & Decker EPC18CA Cordless Drill

Black & Decker has been around the construction industry for what feels like hundreds of years and they have established themselves as one of the best brands around thanks to their knowledge in the power tools market. The great thing about Black & Decker is that they always provide top quality products for an affordable price and other competitors find it very hard to compete against them for this reason. The Black & Decker EPC18CA Cordless Drill (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is one of the most affordable drills you will find on the market and with the many different features it provides makes it one of the best value drills money can buy.

Black & Decker Cordless Drill Review - 2015 - 2016With a powerful 18V motor you can be sure you are going to be able to tackle some of the toughest drilling tasks with ease and thanks to the 24 different torque settings this drill makes it much more versatile when compared with other drills in the market. Many consumers look towards the Black & Decker brand because they know they are going to get the reliability and performance from power tools they deserve and with the affordability that goes with the products make Black & Decker very competitive. If you are looking for a top quality cordless drill that is not only affordable but comes with many features that is going to make your life easier when drilling, you may want to consider the EPC18CA Cordless drill. Have a look at some of the features this drill provides:

  • 24 torque settings – This drill is provided with 24 different torque settings so no matter what job it is set to undertake it can be done with its well suited torque settings.
  • Spring loaded battery pack system – The spring loaded battery pack system will ensure users are able to change batteries quickly and easily. Simply push the button and the battery pack will pop out ready for the charged one to be inserted.
  • Reverse switch – A reverse switch is always in reach to quickly reverse any application. It’s located at the back of the drill so it can be switched on anytime needed.
  • Keyless chuck – Changing drill bits is done with ease thanks to the keyless chuck feature this product provides. Simply put the chosen drill bit in the drill end hole and tighten the head and that is all that is needed.
  • Powerful motor – A powerful 18V motor will ensure drilling and screwing is done effortlessly all in a compact and lightweight design. Most consumers think this affordable drill isn’t going to have the power to do a lot but the 18V powered battery will show them otherwise.
  • Lightweight – This product weighs a fantastic 2kg which is perfect for anyone that needs a drill to use on a daily basis for long periods at a time.
  • On-board bit storage – There is a handy storage compartment just above the battery pack can that store drill bits that are not currently being used.
  • Rubber grip – The rubber grip provided with this design ensures maximum control and comfort during any application. You can be sure that the drill is very easy to grip and is always comfortable even during tougher applications.
  • Multiple accessories – Even though this drill is already one of the cheapest in the market it still comes with a battery pack and the charging adaptor so you can get on with the job as soon as it is delivered.
  • Different speeds – You will be able to adjust the speed of this drill with ease to suit the needs of the application.

In conclusion this Black & Decker EPC18CA Cordless Drill has all the features and the power to get any drilling job done quickly and efficiently. There isn’t a lot else you need in a drill and this one has everything from a 18V motor that can provide enough power to tackle the toughest of jobs to 24 different torques settings that will help it on its way. There are plenty of cordless drills on the market today and they all promise to be able to provide the best experience but not many of them can match up to this one especially in terms of features and price.


Features: 24 torque settings – Lightweight – Keyless chuck

Pricing: Affordable





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