Milwaukee HD18HIWF402 Cordless Compact Wrench

The Milwaukee brand is quickly becoming a popular one in the construction industry thanks to the powerful and robust tools it provides its consumers. Milwaukee has produced multiple products in the cordless impact wrench category and the Milwaukee HD18HIWF402 Cordless Impact Wrench (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is proving to be one of the best in its range. No matter what sort of wrench job you are looking to undertake whether it be quick and easy or something a little tougher, you will find this Milwaukee impact wrench does the trick effortlessly thanks to its 610 Nm torque power provided by its 4-pole frameless motor.

Milwaukee Cordless Compact Wrench Review 2015 - 2016This compact wrench will be able to undertake the toughest of jobs in places where space is limited and thanks to its ergonomic design it will still provide comfort to the user. New features implemented into this design such as the redlink overload protection will ensure the product is prevented from overheating even when using for prolonged periods. If you are looking for a compact but powerful impact wrench then you may look towards the Milwaukee brand for your needs. Here are a few of the features this impact wrench provides its users:

  • Friction ring – The friction ring around the ½” connection will allow for quick release with any wrench attachments. You will be able to release and attach any attachments with ease and with only one hand thanks to the friction ring technology.
  • Redlink overload protection – This impact wrench is expected to last a long life thanks to its redlink overload protection that will prevent it from overheating during prolonged use. Many other impact wrenches out there do not have this technology and end up overheating and later are deemed unusable.
  • Lightweight design – Its lightweight design will ensure users aren’t fatigued during prolonged use. It’s important for impact wrenches to be lightweight these days because a lot of the time consumers are using them for overhead application which can get tiring throughout the day. This lightweight design is also robust and perfect for site use when tools get knocked around a lot.
  • Battery gauge – Users will be able to see how much battery they have left with that particular battery pack thanks to this impact wrenches battery gauge. You will be able to put another battery pack on charge if there isn’t a lot of battery remaining so you can quickly swap and get on with your work when the battery eventually needs recharging.
  • 4-pole frameless motor – You will be able to use this impact wrench on the toughest of applications thanks to the 4-pole frameless motor it possesses. You will get torque of up to 610 Nm thanks to this motors design.
  • Free accessories – This product comes with 2 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery packs which will keep you working for hours upon hours. The charger that comes with this impact wrench quickly charges the battery packs so you can use one battery pack for a few hours and the other one will be ready and waiting for you. This impact wrench also comes with a handy kit box that will keep all of the accessories in one place.
  • Suitable for tough applications – You will be able to use this wrench on the toughest of applications thanks to its robust design and 610Nm of torque the motor provides. You will be able to use the wrench for long durations in some of the most extreme circumstances thanks to its 4-pole frameless motor technology.

The Milwaukee HD18HIWF402 Cordless Impact Wrench is far from cheap, but with the reliability and overheating protection this wrench comes with makes it a strong contender for one of the best current impact wrenches available on the market. There aren’t many other wrenches out there that can provide a robust service but at the same time be lightweight and comfortable to use during any application. This impact wrench also comes with 2 battery packs and a charger so upon purchasing you it will be ready to do the job as and when required. If you are serious about tools, you should definitely consider adding this handy little impact wrench to your toolset.


Features: Heavy duty – Friction ring – Redlink overload protection

Pricing: High-End