Makita DSP601ZJU Plunge Cut Saw Review 2022 - 2023

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Makita DSP601ZJU Plunge Saw

The plunge saw is becoming a staple power tool for both professional users and amateur users. A plunge saw is different to a mitre saw or a circular saw in the sense that its design removes the need for a retractable blade guard due to the blade being enclosed in the machine. This not only increases the safety of the saw but also increases dust extraction in an efficient way.

The biggest difference is that it runs along a rail track. These tracks can be purchased in many different lengths depending on the length of cut you want to make. These rails can be purchased anywhere that sells plunge saws and has a non-slip material on the underside to prevent the saw's guide from moving around during cutting. If you use these correctly then you can be guaranteed a smooth, professional finish. All you need to do it line up the rails on the material you are cutting and place the saw on the rail.

  • Makita DSP601ZJU (36V) Twin 18V Li-ion LXT Brushless 165mm Plunge Cut Saw

What To Look For When Buying A Plunge Saw?

Just like any other type of power tool, a plunge saw is an investment. Since there are so many other types of saws on the market, it is important to evaluate if a plunge saw is a right choice for you. If you do decide on this saw then you need to know what makes a good plunge saw.

  • Depth of cut - This can be set accurately before placing your saw on the rails. Each make of plunge saw will have a various amount of settings for you to choose from. Therefore you need to keep an eye out for a saw that offers you the depth of cut you are most likely to use, if you buy a saw that doesn't reaches the depth that you want then there are very few ways around that.
  • Voltage - Since plunge saws mostly come with either 230 volts or 110 volts, they are typically safe for site work which is ideal as it is the perfect tool to use on construction sites. However, this can not be guaranteed for every make of plunge saw, so if you are planning on using the tool for site work then double-check the voltage.
  • Bevel capacity - While most would assume that you need a mitre saw in order to cut a bevel joint, this is not true. Due to a recent advancement with plunge saws you can now use them to make accurate bevel, mitre and compound cuts. Therefore you need to be aware of the saw's ability to perform bevel cuts and check the maximum angle.
  • Safety features - While a plunge saw may be considered safer than other saws, it is still important to note the dangers that come with using saws. Therefore you need to look at what safety features the manufacturer has added to the saw. They include but are not limited to:
    • Electric breaks - This will make the plunge saw stop a lot quicker than regular saws.
    • Anti-kickback - Not only will the implementation of this help you achieve a smooth cut, but it will also stop you from accidentally losing control of the saw.
    • Dust extraction - Sawdust is a dangerous hazard that comes into play whenever a saw is involved, so make sure to check if there are any preventions to sawdust getting everywhere or if there are any vacuums you could buy to aid this.
  • Motor power - A powerful motor results in a quicker cut. If you buy a plunge saw with a low power motor then it will lead to the saw not cutting as well as it should so save yourself money in the long run and get a high powered motor. A motor of 9 amps or higher is where to aim. The power of the motos affect the speed of the blade. Really you want to be looking at a saw with a speed of 2000 rpms to ensure the best results but it is best to get a saw with various speeds.

Is The Makita Cordless Plunge Saw Worth The Money?

Makita is a well-established brand, running in the same league as Dewalt and Bosch, the difference being that they have more experience with more than 100 years of manufacturing power tools. This means that they have had plenty of time to test, research and judge what works best for what power tool. For them to be around for such a long time, it shows how their customers keep coming back for more, further showing how well built their products are.

With various speed accessible by a simple dial, this product is very diverse and can be used on various materials while still providing a world-class performance. This is only aided by bevels of -1 to 48 degrees. This is a wide variety of angles that you could use making it perfect for professional use.

One of Makita's characteristics that they put into their products is their innovative drive, which this saw didn't miss out on. This plunge saw comes equipped with automatic torque drive technology, meaning that the cutting speed automatically adjusts according to the load condition. This makes the whole cutting experience easier and more enjoyable.

So in short, yes. This saw is more than worth the money due to the advanced technology that Makita decided to include making it a must-have for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Makita DSP601ZJU (36V) Twin 18V Li-ion LXT Brushless 165mm Plunge Cut Saw


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