Best Telescopic Ladders – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Nordstrand 150kg safe working load – Multiple configurations – Lightweight Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Sotech Non-slip – 150kg load capacity – Lightweight Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Charles Bentley 150kg max load – Robust aluminium design – Lightweight Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders have taken the ladder industry by storm thanks to their space-saving designs and their ability to extend to the same length of a normal ladder with ease. No matter what your job entails or what you need a ladder for, you can be certain a telescopic ladder is going to provide you with the ultimate experience to get you where you need to be.

A lot of people turn their noses up at telescopic ladders because they don’t think they are that safe and provide the same robustness as a full size one but they are wrong, they were designed with the same durability in mind and with the space-saving features they provide makes them much more work friendly.

Even if you need a ladder at home, a telescopic ladder is always handy to have around because it can be stored in the garage and take up hardly any space, and they can be carried around the house with ease. If you are currently looking for a telescopic ladder to help you with your endeavours, have a look at the following three which are very popular in the current market.

Nordstrand Review – Our Number 1

nordstrand-telescopic-multipurpose-ladderThe robust Nordstrand Telescopic Ladder (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is all you need for your working at height needs. It provides users with an amazing space-saving design that is only 90cm in length and can extend up to 5 metres which is more than enough to get to get as high as you need to go. If you are interested in more of the features the Nordstrand Telescopic Ladder provides, have a look at the following:

  • Space saver – This space saving design only takes up 90cm and can extend to 5 metres which just goes to show how useful telescopic ladders are.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport – This telescopic ladder only weighs 18kg which makes it very lightweight and is very easy to transport when it’s not extended. This ladder also comes with a handy carry case which makes transportation even easier.
  • Different configurations – You will be able to use this ladder in a variety of situations thanks to its diversity. Users can simply change this from a fully extended ladder to a smaller step ladder within seconds.
  • 150kg safe working load – A massive 150kg in weight is what this telescopic ladder can cater for which just goes to show how durable this frame is.

If you are looking for a telescopic ladder that can cater for multiple uses thanks to its frame configurations you may look towards the Nordstrand Telescopic Ladder to suits your needs. It has many features that allow users to use the ladder in different environments and with the safe working load of 150kg means this ladder is reliable and robust to take on any job in front of it.


Features: 150kg safe working load – Multiple configurations – Lightweight

Pricing: Mid-Range



Sotech Review – Number 2

sotech-3-8m-telescopic-aluminium-foldable-extendable-ladderThis lightweight telescopic ladder by Sotech is perfect for those needing a ladder that is compact and can easily be transported around site with no problems thanks to its overall weight of just 11kg. This Sotech Telescopic Ladder offers users a safe and robust experience that can hold up to a maximum weight of 150kg – which is more than capable enough of holding one person with multiple tools and materials. If you are looking for a heavy duty telescopic ladder have a look at the following features this Sotech product offers:

  • 150kg load capacity – This telescopic ladder is very heavy duty but also lightweight and can hold up to 150kg of weight at any one time.
  • Lightweight design – This lightweight ladder only weighs 11kg which means it is one of the lightest telescopic ladders around.
  • Non slip – This ladder design provides non slip square rungs which provide even more safety for the user.
  • Multiple accessories – This affordable telescopic ladder also comes with a handy carry bag that makes transportation even easier and with the balance bar makes this one of the best telescopic products around.

If you are on the lookout for a top quality telescopic ladder that is not only going to provide a safe experience thanks to its maximum 150kg load capacity and non-slip square rungs then you will find the Sotech Telescopic Ladder will suit your needs nicely. It has all the features to make climbing up a ladder safe and simple and with the telescopic feature it provides makes it even easier to transport.


Features: Non-slip – 150kg load capacity – Lightweight

Pricing: Affordable



Charles Bentley Review – Number 3

charles-bentley-diy-3-8m-telescopic-extendable-ladderThis Telescopic ladder really is the Bentley of all ladders. This ladder was manufactured by Charles Bentley and they are well-known when it comes to their robust telescopic ladders. This ladder provides users with a robust and safe experience to make sure jobs at height get done easily. Have a look at some of the features this affordable telescopic ladder provides its users:

  • Safety locking mechanism – The safety lock integrated with this ladders design ensure users are safe when working at heights. It will lock into place and won’t go down without the user unlocking it.
  • Heavy duty – This product was designed with heavy duty workloads in mind which is why it was manufactured with an aluminium frame and PVC heavy duty sides. There aren’t many telescopic ladders out there that can provide such a heavy duty experience and still be one of the lightest ladders in the industry.
  • Lightweight – This ladder is one of the lightest around weighing only 11kg so you can be sure you are going to get a ladder that is easy to transport around site.
  • 150kg max load – This ladder is able to cater for up to 150kg of weight on it at any one time which proves it’s reliable and robust.

With regards to this Charles Bentley’s ladders structure you can be sure that working at height is safe thanks to its locking feature and many other features it provides. If you are currently on the lookout for a reliable ladder that can be transported with ease thanks to its lightweight structure then they do not come much better than this Charles Bentley Telescopic ladder.


Features: 150kg max load – Robust aluminium design – Lightweight

Pricing: Affordable




There are plenty of telescopic ladder on the market today and they all claim to be able to provide a safe working environment for their users. If you are looking for something much more than that then the above 3 ladders will provide you with many features and configurations that make working at heights much easier.

The Charles Bentley and SOTECH telescopic ladders above provide users with a great and safe experience but the Nordstrand offers much more in terms of different configurations and being able to adjust the ladder to suit the needs of the job in hand.

If you are looking for a reliable telescopic ladder that is going to provide you with a safe experience then you should definitely consider the Nordstrand and all of the features it provides its users.