Best Impact Wrench Cordless – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Dewalt DCF899P2 GB Battery included – Powerful breakaway – 3 speed settings High end VIEW PRICE HERE!

Makita 10.8V Ergonomic Grip – Variable speed – LED light Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Bosch GDS18V-LI Belt clip – High power – Electronic cell protection Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Cordless Impact Wrenches On The Market Compared

Cordless impact wrenches are used for those who regularly have the need to tighten nuts and bolts; these are perfect for that job because the torque power they provide makes it seem effortless and they save the user a lot of time messing around with manual wrenches. Most of the designs are compact and lightweight so they can be used in the places where space is very limited.

There are many wrench bits that can be interchanged so nuts and bolts of different sizes can still be tightened with ease, and with the reverse function all impact wrenches provide means they are easy to undo as well. Many people keep an impact wrench in their tool-sets even if they don’t have a regular need for them; they are always handy to have around because of all the parts that can be attached that provide many different uses.

If you are currently on the lookout for a new impact wrench you may want to consider the following three, which are currently very popular among a variety of trades in today’s market.

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB Review – Our Number 1

Dewalt DCF899P2-GB ReviewThe Dewalt brand has been around for years and has always provided reliable products for the working tradesman. Dewalt have manufactured a variety of tools and products that range from robust onsite stereos to electric circular saws. If you are looking for a reliable impact wrench, the Dewalt DCF899P2-GB 18 V Cordless Impact Wrench (VIEW PRICE HERE!) could be what you are looking for. Have a look at the many features this product provides:

  • Comfortable grip – The rubber XR grip will ensure users are in complete control of this impact wrench and will provide a comfortable grip during long uses.
  • 3 speed settings – You will be able to choose from up to 3 different speeds depending on your specific needs and you will also be able to change the torque to suit.
  • Powerful breakaway – This impact wrench was designed to unseat even the most stubborn of bolts with the 1625Nm of torque it provides.
  • ½” square drive – The ½” square drive and detent pin will seat any attachment comfortably and will provide amazing socket retention.

This Dewalt impact wrench is all you need for your socket wrench needs. It will fit nicely in all of the hard to reach places thanks to its size and you will find that the torque power it provides will remove bolts with ease. The price of this product is in the high-range market, so it’s only suitable for those who are going to be able to get use out of it every day, but with the features it provides and the robust design it possesses makes it a great buy for any serious contractor.


Features: Battery included – Powerful breakaway – 3 speed settings

Pricing: High-End



Makita 10.8V Review – Number 2

makita-10-8v-3-8-inch-lithium-ion-cordless-impact-wrenchThe Lithium-Ion based impact wrench from Makita will ensure much more power for users and less overheating. Makita understands that there are always bolts that aren’t easy to remove but with the 10.8V power this product provides will make sure it has a very good go and succeed in the process. Here are a few of the features this impact driver provides:

  • Variable speed trigger – The variable speed trigger will allow users to change the speed depending on their application needs.
  • Compact design – A very small design that is lightweight and can be used in all the hard to reach places.
  • LED light – This impact wrench comes equipped with a nice LED light so you can see what you are doing in dim lit areas.
  • Ergonomic grip – A special ergonomic grip makes the wrench a lot easier to hold and is also much more comfortable than a lot of the other impact wrenches out there.

This impact wrench wouldn’t necessarily be beneficial to scaffolders who would require at least 18V of power for them to do their job but it would suit someone putting together kitchen furniture and other flat packs as it will bolt anything together with ease.  This product should definitely be considered if you are looking for a reliable tool that is ready to go when you are.


Features: Ergonomic Grip – Variable speed – LED light

Pricing: Mid-Range



Bosch Professional GDS18V-LI Review – Number 3

bosch-professional-gds18v-li-18v-li-ion-naked-impact-wrenchThis Bosch Professional GDS18V-LI Impact Wrench is well-known among the scaffolding community because of its compact and lightweight design, along with the power it holds to make undoing tough scaffolding clips effortless. If you are on the lookout for a good impact wrench that is very affordable, then this Bosch impact wrench should definitely be considered. Have a look at some of the features this Bosch product provides:

  • Newly engineered gearbox – A newly generated gearbox that can generate up to 180Nm of torque will make undoing the toughest bolts effortless, and screwing on to the tightest of threads can be done with ease.
  • Gearbox cover – There is a soft gearbox cover that will prevent any of the inner components from getting damaged, which prolongs its life even further.
  • Electronic cell protection – The electronic cell protection technology is able to prevent overload, overheating and deep discharge even when using for prolonged periods.
  • Belt clip – Scaffolders love the belt clip that is attached to this design which they can clip to their belt with ease when they are in certain situations and aren’t able to hold any tools.

If you are just starting out in the scaffolding trade you will quickly learn that this product is very useful in terms of the belt clip it provides and the electronic cell protection technology it has to prevent overheating. It’s very affordable and is able to compete with all the other impact wrenches thanks to its features and powerful 18V motor.


Features: Belt clip – High power – Electronic cell protection

Pricing: Mid-Range




The Dewalt DCF899P2-GB 18V Cordless Impact Wrench gets the nod over the other two in this list because its power and efficiency is second to none. With the powerful breakaway technology this impact wrench provides will make sure it is able to undo even the toughest of bolts and has received numerous positive reviews because of that exact feature. The product is very high-end but if you are looking for an impact wrench that is able to do everything you need it to and because of the fact it is a Dewalt product, then this one should definitely be considered ahead of the rest.