Best Cordless Impact Drivers – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Makita DTD146 LXT Battery level indicator – Variable speed settings – Lightweight & Compact Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Milwaukee M18BID-0 REDLINK Overload Protection – Flexible Battery System – Full Metal Gearbox Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Bosch GDX18VLIN 18V Bosch cooling technology – Easy grip – Longer lasting battery life Mid range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Cordless Impact Drivers On The Market Compared

Cordless impact drivers are great for those needing a lot more power when compared with normal hand drills, they have a much smaller design and the torque power is often 2-3 times as much as a normal hand drill. Impact drivers are often used when needing to screw into thick density wood where hand drills may not possess enough power/torque to do so. Impact drivers are also great if you are looking to screw nuts to already existing bolt threads – they are able to do this with great ease in a matter of seconds. Here are a few of the best cordless impact drills on the market today.

Makita DTD146 LXT Review – Our Number 1

Makita DTD146 LXT ReviewThe Makita DTD146 LXT Impact Driver (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is renowned for its torque power, and buying an impact driver with the Makita brand will ensure you get the power and the experience you need. These drivers are known to last for years and if you are looking for a new Makita Impact Driver to add to your kit, you may want to consider this one because of the following features it provides:

  • Lightweight & Compact – A lightweight and compact design that only weighs 1.5kg will save your wrists from aching even when using for long periods of time. You will be provided with an easy grip that will ensure operation is comfortable and you are in full control of the application.
  • Forward & Reverse rotation – A common feature among all drills these days, this one also has forward and reverse options to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to screw into a material or take a screw out, the torque power this cordless impact driver provides will make sure you are able to do that with ease.
  • Battery level indicator – A very handy feature integrated into this impact driver is the light indicator on this model which will tell you when you need to charge the current battery attached to the body of the drill. It will provide you with a level indicator of how much battery you currently have left in that specific battery pack.
  • Adjustable speed – This compact drill has a trigger that will let you adjust the speed dependant on your needs and what material you are screwing into.

This impact driver from Makita doesn’t come with the battery or the battery charger so that will need to be purchased separately, but with the power this small driver possesses means drilling into the toughest of materials is done with ease. This Makita product has a lot of features that will make drilling a great experience and this impact driver should definitely be considered thanks to its price.


Features: Battery level indicator – Variable speed settings – Lightweight & Compact

Pricing: Affordable



Milwaukee M18BID-0 Review – Number 2

Milwaukee M18BID-0 ReviewThe Milwaukee M18BID-0 Compact Driver is a very handy tool for those looking for a small drill that is able to work in confined spaces. This powerful compact driver is able to penetrate wooden materials consisting of the thickest of density. Have a look at the following features this compact driver is able to provide:

  • Full metal gear box – This compact driver is built around a full metal gear box that will ensure maximum torque and also product durability.
  • REDLITHIUM-ION Battery Pack – This compact driver is fitted with a REDLITHIUM-ION battery pack that will provide up to 20% more power and will double the batteries life. It will also operate at a lower temperature to ensure the product doesn’t overheat during extreme use.
  • Flexible batteries – If you already have a Milwaukee product with an M18 battery you will be happy to know that this product is flexible and will fit with any M18 battery pack from other Milwaukee products.
  • REDLINK Overload protection – The REDLINK overload protection will ensure the compact driver isn’t overworked even during its toughest assignments.

This compact driver by Milwaukee is the perfect option for anyone whose job involves working in tight spaces that normal hand drills can’t cater for. The price of this product is very affordable and with all the features it provides such as the REDLINK overload protection you can be sure you are getting good value for money.


Features: REDLINK Overload Protection – Flexible Battery System – Full Metal Gearbox

Pricing: Affordable



Bosch GDX18VLIN 18V Review – Number 3

Bosch GDX18VLIN 18V ReviewBosch has always been able to supply great tools to the construction industry and this impact wrench driver is no different. It has a great grip and is small in size so it can do all of the work a lot of the bigger products can’t. If you are looking for an impact wrench driver you should definitely consider this one. Take a look at some of the features this Bosch product offers:

  • Compact design – A very small compact design that will handle any jobs in all of the tight spaces.
  • Efficient battery – You will find that the battery life of this Bosch product will last a lot longer than many of its competitors’ products.
  • Easy grip – You will find this compact impact wrench driver is very easy to hold thanks to its grip and soft pads.
  • Bosch cooling technology – The technology implemented into this driver will ensure up to 65% longer runtime and 100% longer lifetime.

If you are looking for an impact driver that can provide you with the ability to use both ½” square and ¼” hex bits this is the product for you. It has many other features and extras that will make your life a lot easier, especially if you are using this impact driver overhead or in hard to reach places. All in all it’s a very good product and as it’s a Bosch product, you can be sure of a long lasting relationship with this impact driver.


Features: Bosch cooling technology – Easy grip – Longer lasting battery life

Pricing: Mid-Range




You will find that the above 3 impact drivers are nice and compact and all do the same job in terms being able to use them in hard to reach places but the Makita DTD 146 LXT Cordless 18V Impact Driver is definitely the best value for money which is why it is recommended as the number one choice out of these 3 products.

All three products offer the power and torque that will better your experience but the Makita products have always offered their users a bit more reliability. Seeing as the Makita impact driver is very cheap and good value for money it will definitely be money well spent for anyone looking for a new impact driver that is going to do what it says it will and last a long time in the process.